Hot Or Not Hot: Eddie Nartey & John Dumelo Showing Some Body, Who Are You Feeling?

Eddie Nartey & John Dumelo

Eddie Nartey & John Dumelo

Where my girls girls at? Let’s pick who has the adorable and s*xy body among these two Ghanaian Actors “Eddie Nartey & John Dumelo”…

Who are you feeling?  Click on photo below to enlarge for proper viewing …

Eddie Nartey & John Dumelo

Eddie Nartey & John Dumelo

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Perry says:

is just John has a decent body structure but for body showing like this show is all for Nartey ccant u pupil see dat he has been chopping our kenkey always. if they are trying to do doeas things Mr Afica is pending now pls let them go now

beka says:

i will go 4 eddie cos he has been a big boy since senior high.he was my senior den but he looks fyn now dan den.damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jweezy says:

am feeling john,he is just too much and yvonne okoro even said in an interview that she thinks john is cute

miself says:

honestly none of the above

AKUAJ says:

they both need hit the gym!

Caro-Baby says:

Gosh can´t you use your brain.I made a writing mistake I actually wanted to write banku.For your information banku is the same like kenke.Banku ghanaian word and kenke english.Don´t tell tell me to make up my mind !!!

Miyagi says:

Who is talking about spelling mistake and please don’t come and educate me like I don’t know the different cause reading from your comment sound more like your confused and didn’t know what word to you Have I harmed you if j write that you should make up your mind 

Caro says:

Great for ya.Well it is difference not different Ms I don´t need to be educated or corrected !!!
Madam no time for people like you…

Opanin says:

easy girl…..are u Ghanaian???? who told u banku is the same as kenkey.???? Kenkey my dear is not the English name for Banku. contrary to what u wrote, i think u need a lot of education cos u are very very very lost.

Caro says:

Well I am born and I live in Germany,but my parents are from Ghana.
Just because I do mistakes or don´t know something doesn´t mean I am uneducated !!!
I used the word Banku,because it mistakes fat.For your info I thought is Kenke,because some Ghanaians say it,when the speak English,so I thought it was.Well for your info I am still a teenager and will still learn a lot!!!

Miyagi says:

@Carlo sinds your german to make it clear sinds Ihr ein Teenager und ein Deutsch geboren fragen, bevor Sie einen großen Mund verursachen ich das nächste Mal nicht gehen einfach auf dich gibt es einen großen Unterschied zwischen diesen beiden Wörtern Also mein Rat ist zwei, die Sie Schwein nächsten Start Beleidigung von Menschen zu tun geben Sie Ihrem Hausaufgaben

Opanin says:

i didn’t say u’re uneducated, i said u need education on certain things. when u come here and make comments as if u live here(Ghana), it’ll show. u’re a Ghanaian living abroad so make it clear. ders nothing wrong wit dat.

Miyagi says:

Lol Opanin take it easy I spotted that and your right about she is Lost

Caro says:

Abba wat kind of quest is dat.None of dem r s*xy dey got banu body n no s*xy attractive muscle.Apart deir face u can forget dem like a f*ckin player.dis dude should move deir asses to de gym istead of showin deir kenke body !!!

Miyagi says:

first is banu body than you end up with kenke body make up your mind cause your confusing yourself 

Flawless x3 says:

@ Miyagi lmaoo yu funnyy

MIND says:


Miyagi says:

@mind dont worryabout that naija sherk looking like just a d*ckhead 

jojo says:

You said who is Psquare I think you knew about that lasT mtv base music award did you hear or saw any Ghana artist received any award ?

Miyagi says:

Take your ashawo gay boys some where else those waka boys oloshi do you think I got time to be watching them on MTV useless group boyi boys take your big grammar somewhere else bonga fish  tell your baba to use you as his house sigh area boy 

Opanin says:

and u can’t even speak gud english. “did u hear or saw any Ghanaian artist received any award”, i guess dats what your Naija teacher taught u ryt?……. idiot

jojo says:

Ghanaians are so ungly .I don’t know if there is any good soap in that country to clean up this ungly darker colour of yours.Ghana women flock arround Nigeria men why because we are too handsome.

Miyagi says:

All of your ancestors must number in the millions it’s hard to believe that many people are to blame for producing you you Arshole your father looks like a assgoblin gave birth to a assmunch like you f*cking assbandit When you pass away and people ask what the cause of your death was I’ll say your stupidity man what in the f*ck are you doing here anyway useless goat f*ck You’re so ugly when you walk into taco bell, EVERYONE runs for the border!

jojo says:

When will these ugliest creatures in Africa called Ghanaians will wake up, you are too far behind.How could you call fat guys s*xy where the world is preaching fitness shame on you all.If you want to know who is s*xy and what doctors mean when they say a man look s*xy and healthy you should check out photos of Dbanj or Psquare ok.Idiots.

Opanin says:

oh no u didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!! u are very stupid and senseless.u insult us yet u have the guts to comment on our website??u must be on some wrong pills u fake ass Tupac wannabe.don’t even start on dat GH -Naija bullshit cos dats so immature.whiles everyone has moved on and grown up u’re still in your diapers tryin to impress. and who told u your definition of s*xy means shit to anybody??

as u said it’s Ghanaians judging their own and all i wanna let u know is dat we have the right to consider whatever we want as s*xy.if we decide dat your monkey ass,brainless,silly self is s*xy den so be it. if we say chubbiness is s*xy den so be it. nobody wants your opinion. stay in your mums kitchen coiled under the cabinet.fool

Miyagi says:

another foolish person so wtf are you doing on a ghanian website in the first place than i guess your really feeling this website you lets look at statistics girls from naija especially the older ones when they travel abroad what business do they do prostitution i mean go to amsterdam and visit the red light district and you will find 45% of al those said monkeys down there lets talk about the male they end up doing f*ck all apart from ripping people of damaging peoples life with the 419 who is p sqaure the so called fakes ass T.O.K looking like apart from their music what are they to me they look more like gay band the backstreet boys look at your so called celebrities especially the ladies full of spots on their face trying to cover it with make up lol the man all fat belly’s hanging like and think like every man in your country who has got a fat belly is a rich man your a Joker you know 

kenkey body.they need some ass whooping

Sunshyn says:

bsp……….LOL…JUST CANT STOP LAUGHING! at those comments.think they are all right,Eddie aint muscular,John…..hmmmmmmhe aint neither,hes got just flesh.all ya’ all need to do is to start visiting the gym.

Slapstone says:

@ Sunshyn, u can say that again! can’t stop laughing either. but seriously they both need to hit the gym ASAP. LOL

nana aba says:

wat they both have is flesh and not muscles!!!

missjames says:

they both look like chubbies,apart from their faces,the look very very unattractive.this is wack.

queenie says:

eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww its aba time yall start wrkin out dang!!!!!!!!!!! very nasty especially john…he luks too gay in the pic

miss dior says:

Neither, both of them need to get their asses in the gym.

kofi says:

hahaha funny pic.what do they think they are doing,shd i show u my body there you will know who is hot 

Kin says:

Once again, Eddie Nartey be MINE OHHH MINE, firstly I like his name cause it sounds oceanicly s*xy but gosh, I can’t wait for him to Muscle up, yum!!!!

Jon, stop working out so hard, ya needs to become a vegetarian cause i can see them pigeon boobies still dey……

Opanin says:

two unattractive, uns*xy, unappealing bodies. John is so f*ckin girlish. look at how he’s cockin up em muscles….geez

yaa yaa says:

i aint feeling none

stacey says:

obolo vro men

Folks, i will go for john dumelo because he is my mentor.john more grease to your elbows!!

B.B says:

not feeling any of them.

from london says:

i like to ask where can i buy designer clothing in ghana as im going there soon please reply asap

gemAfrican says:

Dansoman, only there will you find quality designer clothing(any of the boutiqueses there)

gemAfrican says:

;o in fact this ….im speechless

akosua says:

neither ewww

Miyagi says:

Lol dino & Roxy 

Flawless x3 says:

NONE !!! They both got “banku” bodies….. its bout time some ppl visit the gym . lol

B.B says:

oh miss flawless, so u can call somone “banku body” but u didnt want me to call your friend “ananta” right ?

Miyagi says:


Flawless x3 says:

@ B.B Oh shutup lols dats why i put quotation marks around it hunnyy..& yours was diiferentt like i said there was no need for the “ms. ananta” .

abi says:

ahahaahahaha banku bodies?

Flawless x3 says:

@ abi lols yeahh

maame says:

lol both aint got nothingg

brown eyes says:

are they serious ? they got nothing just flab that needs tonning. hit the gym guys. this is not s*xy

Naa T says:

what they showing? flesh n round pack?. C’mon give us some 6pack guys pls.

cici says:

John looks like he just woke up 2 take de pix..anyway John doesn ve muscles ba rather adipose tissues..Eddie kinda ve a lil bit muscle..both shd hit de gym asap..

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

I think Eddie’s body looks more masculine than that of John, so then I think his is hot.

Chalupa says:

haha they have no muscle.

rita says:

all i can say is SMH LMAO

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