Love & Relationship: I Met A USA Based Ghanaian Guy On Facebook, We Started A Relationship & Now I Do Not Even Hear From Him…I Am Confused!

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Dear GC,

I met this Ghanaian guy on facebook and he is in USA. We started dating after couple of conversations and we seemed in love, but for some time now, he does not call or send me messages.

I do the calling which I really do not mind. My problem is, when he misses my calls he does not return them claiming he is busy. I have my doubts because how could he be so busy that he can not even spend a minute to inbox me.

I want to forget about him. Is it the right thing to do. I have discussed this severally with him but there is still no change. Should I forget about him or should I hope for a change?


Dear Erica,

I am very certain of the advise I’m about to give you and the straight and simple answer to your question is no, you should not hope for a change.

No matter how much your desire encourage you to think this can or may happen, it won’t. As you stated you have brought this to his attention more than once and he has not changed so it won’t just suddenly happen.

He will only feel you are nagging him and as I’m sure you know men detest this! In all honesty, no one wants to be nagged at and if he continues to miss your calls, that is his way of saying he is not listening or agreeing with you. As painful as this is for you that is the n*ked truth.

I’m tempted to ridicule the whole idea of meeting someone on facebook but let’s be honest Erica your dilemma can happen regardless of where you meet someone!

My concern is that even though you feel you made a great connection over the phone, without physically meeting him and spending several months with a man, can you as a woman confidently say there is a chance this could be something special?

I’m very old school and I believe it is the man that should and will be the one to chase and say it is a relationship. Would you not rather be in a position to take him up on his kind offer or turn him down rather than the other way round as you now find yourself?

It could be he sees your meeting as just having fun chatting rather than a relationship.

I’m sure your thinking, why doesn’t he just say if he doesn’t see it as a relationship? Well strangely enough most men will expect you to figure this out all by yourself based on the fact he is not calling, texting or asking to meet you over a long period of time.

It is unlikely his behaviour will change so you’re single! Your free as a bird, chat, flirt and mingle with guys on your own turf.

Do this with subtlety and have a more laid back approach or you will find you repeat the same pattern of men suddenly losing interest!

Best of luck


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