Rocky Dawuni Nominated For NAACP Awards 2011 + GC’s Upcoming Exclusive Chit Chat With The Ghanaian Reggae Music Icon…

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Rocky Dawuni

Exclusive insight into the Afrocentric lifestyle will continue with an interview with Rocky Dawuni. A while back the readers were glad to read about (Fashion & Lifestyle: Ghana’s Afrocentric Dons And Divas …) the many notable figures in our community that embrace wearing their hair natural.

Well this series will continue in the coming months, so to help me in these efforts please send your questions you’d like to ask about the Afrocentric look!

To refresh your memory, Ghanaian Reggae star Rocky Dawuni continues to lift his global profile since the release of his critically acclaimed new album Hymns for the Rebel Soul.

The album has been nominated for a prestigious NAACP (National Association for The Achievement of Colored Peoples) Image Award 2011 for “Outstanding World Music Album.”

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask Rocky Dawuni? Have you nursed a curiosity about the Rasta lifestyle choice which sometimes has our community up in arms back home and even abroad? Yet when those amongst us achieve fame and respect they are somehow excused, praised even for following the Bob Marley look?

Why is this still such a heated debate in our community, why do we just prefer to be clothed in traditional outfits only on special occasions?

Ladies of today prefer the weaves and men are blindly fooled into frowning upon a “Davi” or shaved hair cut. Again I ask, what is it about doing your hair natural that is so appealing in artists yet when the regular person does their hair in afro or dread-lock we are puzzled?

Readers, I want us to be honest with ourselves. Pose questions to the Ghana man or Ghana woman who chooses not to perm their hair. Even when they visit a barber shop or hair dresser it is simply to upkeep their natural hair with needed trim or lining of the edges.

What are your fears about going natural? Ask, and you shall receive your answers from some of our celebrities who have made the big leap into the natural way of styling their hair.


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GC Staff

Yaa Kesiwaa is a trained Life Coach based in Los Angeles, USA. She is a nurse by day and member of a local community book club by night. She loves all things Gollywood and finds research on the latest issues concerning costuming and lifestyle to be of utmost importance. Her fashion and lifestyle knowledge is wide and blogging is her [email protected] BBM pin: 2320FEE4


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    1. Competition is stiff but he can do it (they include 2Jazz legends, legendary Andgelique Kidjo of Benin’s juju music fame and a hip hoper from UK). He can win easy!

  1. well i want to know if it is true that they do not wash their hair?

    also is it true you have to have dread locks to be Rasta?

  2. congrats rocky. my questions to him r; did he face any opposition marrying outside his race?. does all reggae artists have 2 become veggitarian?

      1. @madam social  Rastafarians worship Haile Selassie considering him the messiah. They believe that blacks are the Israelites reincarnated who have been subjected to the evil and inferior white race in divine punishment for their sins; they will eventually be redeemed by repatriation to Africa and will compel the whites to serve them. These beliefs, first enunciated in 1953 can be traced to several independent prophets, particularly Marcus Garvey As the movement grew, ideas of repatriation tended to give way to either black militancy or mysticism The Rastafarian life usually includes vegetarianism, the wearing of dreadlocks and the smoking of marijuana
        Read more:

    1. Okay, well I hadn’t thought of asking about his family stuff but, I’ll test the waters and see what he says Madam Social

    1. @yaa who long does it normally takes to do dreadlocks not the thick one but thin ones and what are the preparation for it Cause I’m hearing people say that sometimes you need to wash it with beer and all kind of things maybe you might no more about it 

      1. For people that dont really no rocky Dawuni he fronting the reggae group Local Crisis The singer had built a strong following in his homeland where he was hailed as Ghana’s answer to Bob Marley but with the emergence of his international reputation he relocated to the USA I love the the hit single “In Ghana”, that became the anthem to the Ghana 40th Anniversary Celebrations incase some people where not aware if it The track was also included on the compilation Reggae Around The World Other tracks on Crusade included “Tale Of Two Stories” “Sweet Bright Day” and “Jah Be For Us” I mean listing to his music is a good thing cause the words really comes from the heart fellow ghanians reggae Artis like Natural Black, Shasha Marley praised him for his hard work and can’t wait to see him on day on stage mr Marley is also a ghanians who is not related to the late bob Marley but his is known for Leading 15 top Ghanaian artists in an all star musical collaboration which was produced via the sponsorship of the Johns Hopkins University as a benefit against HIV/AIDS in Africa He is truly a musician with a heart and has really been on a forefront of the war against HIV/AIDS using music to break stigma as he goes from village to village touching orphans you guys should take time to listen to them and you will know what I’m talking about 

    2. Try and discuss his music career and all that too, not just concentrate on natural Hair cos he is known much for his music, the hair is just a compliment to his art of music…