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GC’s Exclusive Interview With Rocky Dawuni: Talks About His Music, Hair Style, Rastafarianism & Others + Photos…

Posted on 28 Jan 2011 at 11:45am

The chit chat I had with Afro Reggae Roots musician Rocky Dawuni turned out to be a lesson imparting wisdom. He is one of the many manifestations that contribute to the positive images of the Afro-centric style.

When GhanaCelebrities.Com asked about his penchant for wearing browns, greens, cream for his stage, video and performance attire, he candidly compared it to a case of favoritism, they have certain naturalness to them and I gravitate to the earth tone colors.”

I wish I could tell you that he faced a firing squad of complaints from his friends and family for going natural but it would be a tale for a Bollywood film. Even the optimist, Rocky Darwuni’s stance from a young age was that, I felt from the onset, a positive sense, it challenged the mindset that here I am as a musician who is responsible, working hard at my craft and wearing my hair this way is symbolism to make Ghanaians think of dreads in a less critical way; also to not judge a person based on their look and their hair.” (more…)

Ghana Movie Awards Is Another Skimpy, Bias & Gobbledygook Award Scheme… My Factual Opinion, What Is Yours?

Posted on 27 Jan 2011 at 9:40pm

Most of us Ghanaians are jokers and very non-outspoken, a behaviour which has turned majority of us into some coward sycophants failing to see the truth in what goes on around us. Even if aware of the truth, our dim assertion of being branded enemies of progress and non-well wishers curtail our minds to speaking the truth.

The above is one of the foremost reasons why Ghana is where it is today and our activities will always be considered as a joke by those out side with critical minds, understanding and foresight to seeing the truth and what lies behind the rock as far as our endeavours are concern. (more…)

Roselyn Ngissah Speaks About Her Win As Best Actress In Ghana

Posted on 27 Jan 2011 at 6:07am

Yvonne Okoro Speaks About Her Win As Best Actress In Ghana

Posted on 27 Jan 2011 at 6:06am

Juliet Ibrahim Speaks About Her Win As Best Actress In Ghana

Posted on 27 Jan 2011 at 6:04am

Video Interview:GC’s Exclusive Chit Chat With Yvonne Okoro + Roselyn Ngissah + Juliet Ibrahim…

Posted on 27 Jan 2011 at 5:55am

GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with 3 out of the 4 Actresses who were adjudged “Best Actresses In Ghana” during the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards last Tuesday at the Golden Tulip Hotel when they were presented with a SUV Zoyte 4 wheel drive.

Speaking to Yvonne Okoro, Roselyn Ngissah and Juliet Ibrahim about their win, they expressed their happiness for the honour done them. GhanaCelebrities.Com  asked each of the 3 winners 3 simple questions,  check out their answers in the videos below…. Once again, Congrats girls!

Jackie Appiah Disappoint Fans As She Boycotts Founders Merit Awards Presentation! Is She Feeling Too Big To Share 1 Car With Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Okoro & Roselyn Ngissah?

Posted on 27 Jan 2011 at 2:49am

Star Actress Jacquelyn “Agyeman” Appiah is known in the Ghana Movie Industry as Jackie Appiah. She is without doubt one of the richest Ghanaian actresses now. She is also one of the few actresses who own fleet of expensive cars.

At present, the actress owns and drives a 2008 model Nissan Murano, an allwheel drive variant Infinity 2009 model, a £120,000 ultra-modern Range Rover that has the registration number customized in her name.

Putting the above into consideration, then maybe Jackie does not need the SUV Zoyte that the Ghana Movie Awards gave out. Even if she does not need it, was it the reason why she boycotted the presentation of the car? (more…)

Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: What Motivates You In Life?

Posted on 27 Jan 2011 at 12:52am

Motivation is like a driving mechanism that pushes mankind in pursuit of our goals or targets. The very fact that there are different kind of people with distinct mindset and goals suggests that different things many motivate these different people at different times in their endeavours.

Most people are motivated my money, material things and even greed. Others are simply motivated in life by their desire to be ahead of their friends and peers. (more…)

Founder Of Ghana Movie Awards Presents Founder’s Merit Awards To Agya Koo, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Okoro & Roselyn Ngissah!

Posted on 26 Jan 2011 at 8:31pm

The organizers of the Ghana Movie Awards, Gollywood Production Limited yesterday at the Golden Tulip Hotel presented two brand new SUV Zoyte four wheel drive to deserving Ghanaian actors in a special ceremony.

The Founders Merit Award is a non-competitive category of the Ghana Movie Awards. This was instituted by the founder of the GMA and it is aimed at recognizing efforts and also to encourage actors in pursuit of their movie career.

Majid Michel who won Best Actor In A Lead Role For English Language in his role in “The beast” lost out on the car to Kofi Adu a.k.a. Agya Koo who won the Local Language in the same category as above. (more…)

Ghana Music Awards Festival 2011 Categories Out + New Categories Suggested

Posted on 26 Jan 2011 at 2:22pm

Activities leading up to the Ghana Music Awards Festival 2011 are well under with the successful completion of the Brainstorming and Categorization Committee’s meeting.

The meeting which was held on Friday January 21, 2010 at the British Council Hall, witnessed highly spirited discussion between some notable members of the growing entertainment industry in Ghana who had valuable opinions to share on the GMA’s.

The highly energetic meeting was attended by big names in the industry  like Panji Anoff, Nana Kwaku Osei (Nacy), Appietus, Ahmed Banda (Bandex), Akuba Quarmine of GTV, K K Kabobo, David Kyei (Kaywa), Fifi Folson, Ernest Kwesi Ennin, Dj Mensa and Nana Kwame O Sarpong among many others. (more…)

Celebs Out & About: Photos From The Presentation Of The Founders Merit Awards Featuring Agya Koo + Kyeiwaa + Yvonne Okoro + Juliet Ibrahim + Roselyn Ngissah + Nana Aba Anamoah + Prince David Osei + Fred Nuamah + Fred Amugi & Co

Posted on 26 Jan 2011 at 2:13pm

Below are pictures GhanaCelebrities.com captured from the presentation of the ‘Founders Merit Awards’ at the Golden Tulip Hotel by the organizers of the Ghana Movie Awards.

The Founders Merit Awards is a non competitive category of the Ghana Movie Awards to encourage actors in pursuit of their career.

For winning the Best Actor In A Lead Role In Local Language for his role in Ama Ghana, Kofi Adu a.k.a Agya Koo picked one of the brand new Zoyte SUV, whiles the quartet of Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Okoro and Roselyn Ngissah won Best Actress In A Lead Role In English Language for their role in 4Play also took home the other car. Click on photos in the main black frame to enlarge for proper view…

Rocky Dawuni Nominated For NAACP Awards 2011 + GC’s Upcoming Exclusive Chit Chat With The Ghanaian Reggae Music Icon…

Posted on 26 Jan 2011 at 9:57am

Exclusive insight into the Afrocentric lifestyle will continue with an interview with Rocky Dawuni. A while back the readers were glad to read about (Fashion & Lifestyle: Ghana’s Afrocentric Dons And Divas …) the many notable figures in our community that embrace wearing their hair natural.

Well this series will continue in the coming months, so to help me in these efforts please send your questions you’d like to ask about the Afrocentric look!

To refresh your memory, Ghanaian Reggae star Rocky Dawuni continues to lift his global profile since the release of his critically acclaimed new album Hymns for the Rebel Soul.

The album has been nominated for a prestigious NAACP (National Association for The Achievement of Colored Peoples) Image Award 2011 for “Outstanding World Music Album.”

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask Rocky Dawuni? Have you nursed a curiosity about the Rasta lifestyle choice which sometimes has our community up in arms back home and even abroad? Yet when those amongst us achieve fame and respect they are somehow excused, praised even for following the Bob Marley look?

Why is this still such a heated debate in our community, why do we just prefer to be clothed in traditional outfits only on special occasions?

Ladies of today prefer the weaves and men are blindly fooled into frowning upon a “Davi” or shaved hair cut. Again I ask, what is it about doing your hair natural that is so appealing in artists yet when the regular person does their hair in afro or dread-lock we are puzzled?

Readers, I want us to be honest with ourselves. Pose questions to the Ghana man or Ghana woman who chooses not to perm their hair. Even when they visit a barber shop or hair dresser it is simply to upkeep their natural hair with needed trim or lining of the edges.

What are your fears about going natural? Ask, and you shall receive your answers from some of our celebrities who have made the big leap into the natural way of styling their hair.

Love & Relationship: I Met A USA Based Ghanaian Guy On Facebook, We Started A Relationship & Now I Do Not Even Hear From Him…I Am Confused!

Posted on 25 Jan 2011 at 5:48pm

Dear GC,

I met this Ghanaian guy on facebook and he is in USA. We started dating after couple of conversations and we seemed in love, but for some time now, he does not call or send me messages.

I do the calling which I really do not mind. My problem is, when he misses my calls he does not return them claiming he is busy. I have my doubts because how could he be so busy that he can not even spend a minute to inbox me.

I want to forget about him. Is it the right thing to do. I have discussed this severally with him but there is still no change. Should I forget about him or should I hope for a change?


__________________________________________________________________ Dear Erica,

I am very certain of the advise I’m about to give you and the straight and simple answer to your question is no, you should not hope for a change.

No matter how much your desire encourage you to think this can or may happen, it won’t. As you stated you have brought this to his attention more than once and he has not changed so it won’t just suddenly happen.

He will only feel you are nagging him and as I’m sure you know men detest this! In all honesty, no one wants to be nagged at and if he continues to miss your calls, that is his way of saying he is not listening or agreeing with you. As painful as this is for you that is the naked truth. (more…)


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