Tish’s Corner: My 12 Most Annoying Ghanaian Celebrities, What Are Yours?…

We have the s*xy and attractive, beauty and the beast, respectable and hardworking as well as the talentless and arrogant celebrities but let’s not forget the annoying and irritating celebs.

Today I need a little help to dissect, digest and elaborate on how our celebrities’ behaviour can be best described.  I am not a tough cookie, it’s all about the truth. Just think through as you read this publication and you will see eye to eye with me. Now let’s hit it hard but with caution:

1. Yvonne Nelson: If anyone is not totally tired of her snooty girl attitude this drama queen has been displaying, then I am. Girl, get a grip. If you do not seek some kind of group therapy, your career will continue to go down the drain even further than it already has. You are good at what you do but you need to sit up and fix the weakness in your soul.

So far Ms. Nelson has already been slapped with a one year ban in Ghana and Nigeria, Yvonne, your fans are getting disappointed day in day out.

Your fans love you, don’t you think they deserve more than what you are giving them in return? It’s surely not wise to ‘cut your nose to spite your face.’

2. Mimi Divalish : Best known for her ‘wardrobe malfunctioning’,  persistent and tenacious attitude, her talent is highly questionable.  It makes me wonder, what really makes Mimi a celebrity? Is she a Ghanaian version of Paris Hilton? Doing nothing, yet getting the fame and money?

3. Mzbel : We have seen those legs and vajayjayso many times. Another celeb flaunting and inflicting her poor wardrobe mishaps at every given opportunity.

Less is not always more Mzbel. How easy it is to predict Mzbel’s stage appearances with the monotonous exhibition of skin, skin and more skin.

When will this girl grow up and dress like a woman?  I do love that fact that she has that ability to potray youth and vitality but surly at some point it’s gonna get tired.

At her work? She is a good musician and she has been able to keep her career going despite the male dominance and all the hardship she went through.

Asamoah Gyan: I’m sure you’ll agree 2010 was really a bad year for him. Asamoah really tried our patience though he eventually got what he wanted.

I will cut him some slack, but cutting Ghanaians loose in the last world cup game made him one of my most annoying Ghanaian celebrities.

I bet you that the crazy woman proclaiming her love for him is doing so because of the “obakono no” dance with Castro, not his game on the field.

Undoubtedly, the most memorable event in his career will be Suarez encounter and Ghanaian’s reaction. Asamoah turned out to be Ghana’s Suarez after the exit from the tournament. I am not revisiting, jus checking in on him. I love his dance though…
5. Kwasi Pratt Jnr: Wake up early in the morning for some coffee and Kwasi Pratt will make you miss your breakfast, the most important meal of the day. His voice and choice of words will irritate you to the max. Although, he is versatile, charismatic and truthful sometimes, he really does qualify as a paparazzi! Well kinda like us all here on GC he is a bit of celebrity basher but he takes it to a whole other level, hands down. He is hysterical.  He is annoying to me for his chameleon nature.

6. Juliet Ibrahim: Did I just wake up on the wrong side of my bed or is it really true Juliet Ibrahim is the best actress in Ghana? If I am sleeping, please people wake me up.

I believe her sassiness is what truly got her a job as an actress, which is never a bad thing but is it enough to be given best actress.

I admit she has improved over the years, maybe with time she will become excellent. Until then, her acting is still annoying to me.

7.Jeremie (4syte Tv Fame) : Quick question for readers, is this 4stye TV hostess a Ghanaian-American or a normal Ghanaian upcoming celebrity with a locally acquired foreign accent? It’s really hard to tell nowadays.

She fits well in my list of most annoying Ghanaian celebrities. Her fake locally acquired foreign accent is very annoying. Turn off the radio!

8. Okyeame Kwame : Okyeame Kwame makes facebook a nightmare. My linguist, if you need to be reminded, you are a celebrity. Leave certain stories for the press and media to publish for you.

We have heard enough of you and your family. Undoubtedly, you got a beautiful family, but updating us on where you went, did and had for dinner, please, spare us all that, except when you update us on what you did in the bedroom. For that, we will love to hear..lol

9. Rufus (Benie Mac): If I write a lot about this guy, he will end up being the biggest celebrity, so I will just say, “Rufus, enough of your locally acquired foreign accent”.

10. Van Vicker : It is hightime this issue is dealt with. Sexy Vicker, you are so yummy, but escaping from the Ghanaian movie scenes and doing all these Nigerian and out of Ghana movies is annoying. We want you back on our screens and in a Ghanaian movie along side our beautiful actresses.

11. Asem : Fylla ooo, fylla. How the hell can you buzz Confidence, Edem and Asamoah Gyan out in your 2010 fylla single, while there is a whole page of lyrics to be written about your own 2010 lifestyle.

Dude, remove the speck in your eyes before you remove the log in other’s eye. Self acclaimed “propagandist”. Does anyone have an ab-rocket, treadmill or bowflex machine i can borrow for Asem Pigaro??

Here is a remix to your song “Fylla” : testing mic, 1-2, check check, give me a beat: fylla oo, fylla, this be 2010 fylla, Asem gain 142 pounds more, this be 2010 fylla, shame, fylla o, fylla. Should I add the alleged raping of Queenie? Still under investigation so cut the beat.

12. John Dumelo : Surprisingly and unfortunately, he appears on this list. There is no doubt he is cute and a good actor, but I don’t think it is funny anymore, the earlier he hit the treadmill, the better.

John, my birthday present for you this year is that “FYI take yourself to the GYM” Stop flaunting and strutting what one readers termed as “Banku pack”. “It ain’t cute”. It is getting annoying for me
Bonus Feature:
13. Gossip Mama and Chris-Vincent: I might have to hit my own backyard first. These two are not just annoying but interesting for bringing us the best news and celebrity 411 everyday.

They never slip and slid, they are always on their toes, on top of thier game and abreast with issues. This crew better hit the shores of Ghana and give the least talented celebrities a taste of their own medicine. Gossip Mama, you are my “shero”. Seriously !

Chris, am I fired?

Which Ghanaian celeb annoys you most and why? Use the comment box below…

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kluivert Noye says:

@bb, da only fin u good @ z cancel da opinon of others.bring out urs n live my

kluivert Noye says:

@miyagi.dnt worr aba those dat wnt who attension ,ur comments are true n makes intrestin readin so dey jst can’t let go

Miyagi says:

@ kluivert thanks for the love bro but I’m not worry about those Mosquitos they can say what they want Mark me as much red but I’m and still loving this debates 

kluivert Noye says:

@osei,spiff,bb -opinons aa lyk noses every1 has 1 so be wise n comment on da issue on board, why aa u 4rm da same place

The Truth says:

@aida u sound like Van Vicker himself hinding behinding aida. funny

Gabby Nash says:

Martha Ankomah and Kwame Sefa Kayi should have also made the list. Martha is a freak and surpasses the word annoying. And for that bald man in the ship buliding at Abeka, his taste buds are completely loose. He has been playing the same song every morning for the past 300 days!!!!!!!! Now what do u call that????????

aida says:

miss owusu,you have nothing to say about van ,so just hold it there.van should not be  in this list in the  first place.as far as i know this  guy has conducted himself perfectly well.everyone has a choice to choose where he or she lives and work.that cannot be decided by people like you miss or mrs owusu.no one makes your personal live decisions for you.remember  ,all this has to do with their pockets first, and he works in ghana too.this is pure jelousy and character assasination.this guy behaves good so hands off.

The Truth says:

i cant help but laugh at all your comments. This was what leticia aimed to achieve and she got it. She did not write this article for you to comment on your most annoying celebs. I believe she is sitting on her desk laughing at you guys bashing each other.

beatrice says:

about yvonne should be very careful she mess up her carrier she know how to talk to people i like her a lot and be mad to see her loose her carrier peace

TheChuckylee says:

I disagree with u on Van Vicker.I guess he’s much more appreciated in Naija than in Gh so let him be.Who shd he act in the numerous soft p*rn movies only for him 2 get peanuts whilst he can get a lot of cash & act in decent movies elsewhere with a wider exposure. Afterall a lot of pple say he’s a terrible actor but he’s the most popular Ghanaian actor now.

Author: Leticia Owusu says:

@TheChuckylee, i really respect and understand your comment, but as you see him to be a good and popular actor, that is the same way i see him and wants him in Ghana to promote and uplift the entertainment industry. these soft p*rn is really a story i find it hard to fathom, thanks so much for reminding me on that. It’s really sad. my dear. u got a point.

ken says:

gud article lit agree but jon should be out of the equation

chiches says:

excuse me, miyagi but u are not making a shred of sense. ur english (is that english u are attempting to write?) is appalling and painful to comprehend.

Miyagi says:

@chiches if you here to correct me feel free if not than just shut the f*ck up and move on okay 

blackie says:

i could agree with you on most of the names you mentioned but for Okyeame Kwame, come on now. he is a brother. maybe you should take him out of your fb friends , that way, you wont have to deal with him. if not, then please, hold your peace. @kluivert or whatever you call yourself, finish your sentence. is it bcos he is from where? yes he is from oseikrom that is why is he always comes out with better things. were are you from? you dont even have any identity. if you want to sound tribalistic, then too bad for you.

MizzIntelligence says:

I totally agree with you. If Okyeame’s facebook status irritates you, then delete him off your facebook. No one is forcing you to be friends with him on there anyway.

kluivert Noye says:

@blackie or w@ eva u call urself w@s ur prblm i was only airin ma opinon.skin Pain

Kwame says:

Jon Germain hes a f*cken ass hole.
soo fake as motherf*cker ………..

jimmy says:

@Suzyb, can u kill Kwame for saying his mind too? SMH.

suzy b says:

@jimmy am nt sayin dnt speak ur mind go back n read if u hv gud eyes u wil see.leticia is a scarecrow!can u say all dis shit to their faces?am sure jimmy is d same as leticia!dnt hide unda fake names u knw am spkin d truth,jimmy fuo lol

gh says:

this shit ryt hi3 is on point….i agree wf ya 100%. my top 2 annoying wil be Mimi and Van Vicker……dude shud stay in Niger….such a horrible terrible actor…..Mimi..??? Bitch doesn’t know wat 2 do wf herself….learnt she’s gone bald now??? gosh wat de eff u doing 2 yaslf b*tch…?? get’em acts ryt…..u dnt agree wf me?? kiss ma black afro asssssssss..

chiches says:

a stupid, pointless and no facts based article. i spent 3mins of my time reading such crap. i appreciate the effort, ms writer, but i think it is full of crap. writing a whole article based on your sentiments only is utter rubbish. GC.com  can do better!

Dela says:

You are so ignorant and stupid. Didn’t you see the heading “My 12 Most Annoying Ghanaian Celebrities, What Are Yours?” Couldnt you see the word MY. So before you read the article, didnt the heading told you it is based on her sentiment by virtue of the word MY

So many ignorant Ghanaians with computers now adays

suzyb says:

@dela,let the leticia make her list and go tell this shit she says to their faces .she is a hypocrite hiding behind GC.

chiches says:

@dela “My”? so because its her article means she is entitled to spew such rubbish? u are even worse than the author, and ur defense of her borders on stupidity.

jimmy says:

suzyb, i can now see u now hating with pure jealousy. wow, as3m ni. have sum respect for urself. this chiches koraa, where u from? what is sooooooo not true abt. this list? i ask again. answer me dummies. Dela, thanks for facing the truth.

Miyagi says:


Miyagi says:

This is childish people need to start reading proper or atleast buy specs or something Leticia clearly stated “My” and what’s yours so I really don’t know why people are tripping down here and there is no needs to insult her I read that someone took three min of her time reading this nonesense so why comment than and if you read it well than it would have done I better that tells menhow your lying and quickly read the tittle and names underneath it and decided to comment 

chiches says:

 excuse me, miyagi but u are not making a shred of sense. ur english (is that english u are attempting to write?) is appalling and painful to comprehend!!!

lil says:

@kluivert. Infact u r silly. y did u join f.book? x it bcos ur friends r joining? Den go n get manual 4 urself idiot. n hey! U wanted 2 sound tribalism y? U dnt av sense koraa folish boy we r in mordern gh ayt? go bak to skuul foolish boy.

osei says:

@lil,U’re perfectly ryt on dat Shallow Minded Kluivert.Ppl like him always wanna sound tribalistic, meanwhile their SILLY tribe with full of inferiority ppl is giving dem de edge to hate on ppl who are FAR!FAR! better than them.

Miyagi says:

@osei stop repeating yourself

kluivert Noye says:

insultin bcos ov ma opinon. Ur elders 2orth u 2 insult cos ov their opinon.i pitty u

stacey says:

I also cant stand these gh celebs with these fake accents!

Akasi says:

i know right !!

Miyagi says:

@stacy the same way you can’t stand their fake accent is the same way others can’t stand you remember what goes around surely comes back to you 

kelly says:

wow,funny as hell. really enjoy reading. it made my day. esp. fylla o, fylla.lol

available says:

n my most annoy GC writer is U….u r filled with jealousy n unwarranted hatred….ur face really sucks so its better u work on that n stop this useless envy…

suzyb says:

can that leticia stand up to face these celebs and say all the gibberish she says on here?i dare her.

Just leave the innocent van vicker to live.

Miyagi says:

thank u 

kr says:

Wow, funny as hell. Love the humor. The hit on Gyan, I don’t know, it’s soccer. You gave me something to bug him with though. LOL

kluivert Noye says:

i agree wit u GC, okyeame kwame we av had enouch ov him n da wiv 2 da exend of postin da kind ov food dey took haha y; z it bcos u 4rm …no offens bt learn 4rm jay garti

osei says:

@kluivert Noye,i guess where okyeame is 4rm is far!far!better than dat NOTORIOUS TRIBE of urs.

kluivert Noye says:

i may sound tribalisim bt dats ma opinon

spiff says:

@kluivert noye, if u bold enough n proud abt where u frm, tell everyone ur real name n where u frm. i wont b surprise if ur father is johan cruff n ur mum patti labelle cos they r not proud of where they r frm either.

B.B says:

Osei and Spiff leave Kluivert alone. The guy is simply a coward. He wasn’t even bold enough to complete his sentence. I think he knew people will come after his sorry ass if he had made a complete sentence.  

maame says:

I agreed with you on some of them but not all of them. DEMOCRACY is the world we are in so they have the right to do everything they want and you on the other side have to right to do whatever  you want but i suggest you reserve your hate or annoyance to them. Aint helping!! 

Miyagi says:

Wise words maame lol I’m doubting now about your age lmao ( p.s you know what I’m talking about)

akosua says:

i agree wit da van vicker thing i him back in ghana

mackie5667 says:

This is possibly the most annoyingingly pointless article ever anywhere on the interwebs.

suzyb says:

thx for seeing my point.

Miyagi says:


Waggon says:

What hv they done JEALOUSY go kill u hmmmmm…………DEMOCRACY

Miyagi says:


suzyb says:

leticia now i see ur level of IQ is so damn low for a writer on GC why d hell do u always write all kinds of shit about celebs and try to create tensions?why d hell is GC takin these celebs for granted in ghana?is it cus noone has sued any media person or firm yet?leticia,hv u checked ur face in the mirror lately?do u see that all d shit u write about these celebs who are way better looking than ur bat face are not even ur class,n dont hv time for lowlives like u?why d hell do u try to make urslf feel relevant by bringin others down?i hate it when ugly b*tches tryna feel they knw somthin better than pretty chicks.b*tch get a life n find something better to do wit ur time cus u can hate on these celebs but u can never be them not even half as popular as they are by writing for some website ayt?kmt

akosua says:

wow tell us how u really feel lol….but its true it sounds like she’s jealous

Jimmy says:

@Suzyb, Is it Asamoah Gyan, Okyeame Kwame or Yvonne’s story u don’t agree on or the Mimi and mzbel issue. dummy, tell us which part of this story that is not true, so that we can sue GC. Stupid asshole, whateva, she wrote is the truth and it is an on going thing among our thing among our celeb, so why u been hypocrite, the writer a b*tch. u sick. She said we made them, therefore, whateva they do, we will talk about it. we buy their movies and music wit our hard earned money, so do u want them to to go astray and loose their career and Ghana loose celebrities? middle finger to u for hating n facing the truth. she said, share ur thought not insult, be civilized n courteous. get a life. ur sorry ass shud google VH1.com, LA times n hollywood gossips, type in the most annoying celeb. of de century n will see names rolling wit tiger woods on top. low self esteem ignite. how can u be so close minded. african mentality.

B.B says:

well said jimmy. she (suzyb) could have been on the annoying list only that she aint a celebrity.

B.B says:

tell us why you are mad suzyb

suzy b says:

Jimmy is as stupid as his name n as for u bb or bulu boy mind u!I hv said my mind.u both shld b on d idiotic list.KMA

B.B says:

@ suzyb, you sound pathetic dear. is everything ok with u? 

Uneek says:

@suzyb, I think is absolutely not necessary for you to use those harsh words on the writer. if you carefully read what she wrote about these Celebrities without being so sentimental, you will realize that it is absolutely true. SHE IS SO ON POINT! THIS IS JUST GREAT GIRL! When i was reading it i felt like the one who wrote that article- almost all of them would have been on my LIST. I wish she had added FRED NUAMAH though or maybe he is not really a celebrity yet. The poor guy has been a celebrity wannabe for so long that its difficult to tell what exactly his claim to fame is. It is certainly not his Acting talent since is almost non existent, to make things worse he cant even speak good English to save his life.

It is OK to love your Stars but don’t think that they are so untouchable, if you want to be a star you have to pay the price of stardom- whatever you do will be scrutinize and talked about by people in the public especially the media, if you conclude that anybody who writes about these Stars is doing that out of jealousy then I’m very sorry to say that you are not very well enlightened or you must be very immature! period! We need to grow up, Maybe u should watch ETV(not Ghana) on DSTV and u will know what the Hollywood stars go through.-- and oh just an advice,,,,, please you can write better English when you comment ok. We need to be able to READ and make sense out of it.

Betty Boop says:

Um please -- Nigeria can keep Can Vicker. he is a terrible actor. apparently looking good is all it takes to sell movies nowadays. but no please. he doesn’t even look too good nowadays. let them keep him and his annoying adn BAD acting skills self.

Akasi says:

i agree Nigeria can keep VAn VIcker, he is such a terrible actor.

Apparrently no one sees it because he is fineeee.

Miyagi says:

you guys keep on talking shit here about they can keep him why dont you do it better 
sinds both of you got big mouth yet i wouldnt be suprise if both of you are 
just two Village Ohurii3 chatting nonsense there lizards 

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