Readers’ Mail: Ms.Yvonne Nelson, A Young Woman Who Helped To Rejuvenate The Ghana Movie Industry & Yet Being Unfairly Treated…

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Dear Chris-Vincent,

Per our conversation, below is my readers’ mail write-up for publication. Thanks in advance for granting me the platform to have my view heard.


I have been following events unfold concerning the ban of Ms. Yvonne Nelson, a young talented lady full of potential, glamorous and beauty.

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It saddens my heart and hurts my judgement as an African movie lover that despite the huge part Yvonne Nelson has played towards the rejuvenation of the Ghanaian movie industry, she is unfairly treated in a manner which I would not be scared to refer to it as “absolute sabotage”.

If anyone doubts or is not in tune with the contributions of this young Actresses in bringing to live a movie industry which was dead gone some few years back, then I would like such persons to know these;

Before Yvonne Nelson’s Princess Tyra movie, Ghanaian movies where loose cuts of Cantata, maybe even Key soup concert party. Our movies did not even cross the borders to Togo, left alone into Nigeria or far Europe and America.

Today, my Chinese friend knows about Ghanaian movies and many more Caribbean’s are excessively glued to our movies.

I am not saying Ms. Yvonne Nelson solely pushed our movie industry to what it is today but she stands as a core pillar to the whole rejuvenation process.

Can anyone cast their minds back and mention 5 good Ghanaian movies which came out within the last 5 years that most movie lovers in one way or the other would accept as a movie loved by many without starring Yvonne Nelson?

I am not here to highlight or defend her conduct or the legitimacy of the ban imposed on her as a young Actress, but I am here to have it mentioned that, a young lady who has over the years served as one of the fundamental rocks upon which a dead movie industry was reconstructed needs to be recognised and be treated a bit more fair that we have done to her.

It looks like the industry has used her, gained back its recognition and saying “screw you Yvonne”.

Certainly there are other Actresses who can do her work or even do far better than her but where were these Actresses when the Ghana movie industry lacked young faces and no young lady saw it as a blessing to be featured in a Ghanaian movie? Today, we have many young women going all way out to be part of the scintillating industry.

Persons like Yvonne Nelson paved the way for the many young women that we see on our screens today and many more will join the industry with time. She deserves to be accorded a fair treatment by the stakeholders.

Thank You

Maggie / Australia.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • Miyagi

    hmmmmmm lets be real she does have a point 

    • gins

      He doesn’t have a point. Where was yvonne nelson when Beyonce, mummy Daughter  , Darkness of sorrow, royal battle, Divine love etc was shot, all these movies were what brought a change into the industry. Yvonne even played an extra in return of beyonce. Princess Tyra came later on. So writer plz get your facts correct.   

      • TANGA

        you are entitled to your opinion, but truth must be told,,,,,,,,while Nadia,
        Van Vicker and Jackie put Ghana on African Map, Yvonne put Ghana
        on  the world map.Her and Majid, these are mostly the artists we look
        out for when buying a movie,,,,, I can’t buy a Ghanain movie if thers no Yvone or Nadia or Majid,,,,so pls the writer is absolutely correct and I think Yvone must be
        embraced and not banned. 

        By the way there is a new kid in the block,,,Yvonne Okoro,,,this lady is exeptionally good
        and I would chose her over any Ghanaian actress any time any day
        I just hope the Ghanaians will not ban her as well

        • Opanin

          what do u mean by Yvonne put Ghana on the world map???

      • TANGA


        • Miyagi

          @Tanga I don’t no if your a girl or boy but What you just wrote is nonsense it’s nit about who got the best swagger and producers do no the type of people they choose celeb that will fit jn his scripture and by the way it’s nit sease but seams get it right 

        • Miyagi

          @Tanga I don’t no if your a girl or boy but What you just wrote is nonsense it’s nit about who got the best swagger and producers do no the type of people they choose celeb that will fit jn his scripture and by the way it’s nit sease but seams get it right   

          @tanga don’t get me wrong Yvonne is a great person and good at her acting put you need to understand as well that the media and some producers have been giving jackie too much credit why is something we don’t no or maybe will never get to know at all 

        • Opanin

          what has swagger go to do with acting??????

  • kr

    Maggie, thanks for a well thought and critical letter. You have brought out several good points that any reasonable and rational person can appreciate and respect. I was introduced to Ghanaian movies a few years ago but didn’t really follow up with them due to certian deficits in quality. Your points are well taken. Have you ever heard the adage; A prophet has no honor in his (her) own country? Let’s hope the Ms. Nelson will recover from this set back and that the Ghana movie industry will move forward in a positive direction. This is a process for all involved.

  • My view is Yvonne’s contribution to African development through movies has been and STILL is highly acknowledged. Trouble with her is that she has to accept that Jackie Appiah is the undisputed heavyweight champion of African entertainment. That is where the problem is. She has to recognize that in every industry there is a leader. There can not be two masters. Jackie Appiah Yvonne Nelson -- is a question of Coca Cola and Pepsi. Pepsi has accepted Coca Cola as the leading manufacturer of softdrinks, It has accepted that it is number 2 and Yvonne has to accept this. She is a top actress and but she does not come near Jackie Appiah el supreme.  

    • I love Jackie but she aint better than Yvonne Nelson.

      • Miyagi

        @ maame I totally agree with you but your looking for trouble oooooh hahaha 

      • osei

        @maame,How on earth can u spew such words 4rm ur mouth?Ppl like u knews to be proactive in ur statements concerning Jackie and resist those reactive shallow mindset.When wil ppl like u know Jackie is the BEST actress ghanaians have had throu out de industry?Jackie Rules Ghollywood.

        • lol Osei hahaha you funny dude. I love jackie but the truth must be said and dont be dissing me young man!!

    • dagodfather

      chris, u totally got that wrong matey, you cannot compare pepsi and coke to jackie and yvonne lol. even in hollywood you dont have a master there mate, what you do get is an actor who is most sought after at a particular time. most of the time due to the amount his or her movies grosses. so you can be the most sought after actress in 2010 but 2011 brings a different ball game. mel gibson was once the most sought after actor in hollywood, but after his numerous antics, he wont be getting any movies sooner or later.

      • leslie

        @dog father, what u are saying doesn’t make sense! Yvonne has to respect senior artist, u said this is not in hollywood well I totally disagree with u Can Jimmy louis(the sinking sands) disrespect Denzel Washington or talk where he is talking. Yvonne deserves a Hot slap foolish girl  

        • Miyagi

          @leslie i dont really agree with you what do you mean by ”can Jimmy louis disrespect Denzel” explain more or is it because he has been longer in the industry wasn’t Denzel slammed by his own crew at the time when they released trainings day 

          dont forget we are all human and got freedom of speech no matter how important someone is just remember ”Man gives the awards, but God gives the rewards” you can sit there and insult Y.nelson but at the end of the day what the media puts out is what we read and believe but the question is do we know the truth do we know whats going behind the scenes i dont know if you got a sister but lets say she was in Y. Nelson place and se was miss treated like that how would you feel would you still be saying whatever you just wrote?

    • serwaa

      you will live long for this sensible contribution. May God bless you. Yvonne has to no she came to meet jackie and Nadia so she should respect that and be humble and God will lift her up. 

      • @ serwaa, Mayagi will surely live long for this sensible contribution. She always make sensible contributions; she puts true where it belong. Mayagi you are always needed on this website. God bless…….

    • tonny

      @chris Kayanne u are so intelligent. u have spoken well. yvonne should stop paying people to write for her to gain sympathy. when she insulted the director that he was gay or when she was exchanging words with salam did she have sympathy. for me the one year is too small cos if she comes back she will still be disrespectful but if they pull her ears and give her 2 to 3 years ban she will learn common sense

    • LUSU07


  • syn

    Fuck u Maggie. Remember Beyonce??? dat did it for de movie industry in Ghana. Yvonne was nowhere when dat was made, she just rode on de coattail of dat sucees. if u had said she is ONE of de many actors who have rejuvenated de industry I will b okay. For me Dive love made me watch Ghana movies again as well as de fake ass Beyonce. we can do without her, she needs speech lessons cos her voice is not soothing.
    1. Picture perfect
    2.sinking Sands
    3. Divine love (yeah i liked it)
    4. A sting in a tale
    5. in the eyes of my husband
    Take dat nonsense

    • B.B

      @ syn, couldn’t you have made your point without using the “f” word?
      sometimes its unnecessary……….. 

      • @ B.B you are 100% rite about the usage of these “F” words. one can express his or herself without the usage of these “F” words and the points made will be well taken into consideration. So, I’m therefore pleading with us all to try and avoid the usage these “F” words in our comments. We’ve got lots and lots of pple who are always on this website.
        “A hint to the wise is quite sufficient”. Thank U all for flowing. Chao!

    • B.B

      I agree with you Maggie. They should reduce that months of ban, i hope she has learnt a lesson now and will at least be humble during her comeback.

      • @ B.B I think so too. Remember, she’s only human.

    • Miyagi

      @syn your really need help oops i forgot nigerians don’t have manners and thinknthey know everything but yet I would like to ask you a question miss syn or mr syn better yet granda syn what do you do in live cause you talk as if you know everything yet only trash comes out of you is it fame you want or attention or what you come here swearing all the way but yet what point dud you make you need to report yourself into a psychiatric hospital because your suffering from psychological disorder you need some treatment  

      • Miyagi

        Correction: grandma syn 

        • syn

          ur sisters grandma pu**y.

  • TheChuckylee

    Good one there.Now I feel sorry 4 Yvonne.They shd have mercy on her or @ least reduce the length of the ban.

  • Syn, you seem to have attitude problems. One can make a perfectly reasonable statement without the need for expletives.

    The writer clearly stated that, Yvonne was highly instrumental in rejuvenating the industry, at a time when it was teetering on the precipice of oblivion.

    Admittedly, she didn’t solely steer Ghallywood to success. Nonetheless, it would be grossly injudicious to seemingly ignore her immense contribution to the African Movie industry.

    Those who banned her have no clue. Morality is not a requirement for faking reality.

    She is an unsung heroine and duly deserve all the panegyrics showered on her.

    • syn

      hero my ass. im sorry but yvonne aint dat good. she talks like shes receiting a school play. 2 b de best u have 2 have de whole package -- acting, speech. she just gets on ma nerves -- i dont enjoy her movies but cos other r in i watch. i always mute de tv when she opens her mouth

      • dagodfather

        they say yelling isnt telling! i dunno why u seem to be so angry wiv the writter and others on here. all the swearing and filth makes your comments very hard to comprehend. your decision yvonne isnt a good actor which warrants you to mute your tv when she is on is not strange, she will not be everyones cup of tea, but she is one of the best around. simple!

        • Miyagi

          Amen to that that 

    • I really do not understand why pple tend to only dwell on the ugly side of others and forget that they were once nice in some way in time past. Pple should understand that the Bible says and I quote, “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. The Bible also says, “is there any rightous? No not 1. So, I therefore advice that all those that are a part of this ban on Ms. Nelson should see reasons to reconsider their decisions of 1 year. Thank you all for seeing reasons to reconsiderate.

  • kr

    @Joseph, you have spoken well. I like your observations.

  • Afia

    hmmmm, i guess one can´t change the hands of time. Is very pathetic, that she has been ban but it is not really ryt to decrease her punishment. Otherwise, it wouldn´t be a punishment anymore. Since she is somehow a role model for da coming actresses, they would learn from her ban to behave properly in the nearest future. One yr is not all dat long. I am not saying one shouldn´t be given a second chance. i guess her second chance is to learn from the ban. I like yvonne but it wouldn´t be fair to decrease da duration of her ban. At least not to the other actors and actress, who are ban or will be ban.

  • Miyagi

    ur sisters grandma pu**y.  

    You truly need to articulate things proper cause you really write shit what am I suppose to understand out of that baboon 

    • mother

      miyagi ..dear …i remember sometime ago ….one commentor said syn ,paul and osei its the same person …and am noticing soo too ..cos this same pesrson attack other stars so wrongly and hateful …and praise jackie sooo much …. gosh dude got a lot of bitterness in him and pouring them here on others …

      • Miyagi

        @mother lol you got good memory lmao Hoop your good 

        • Miyagi

          Correction: hope 

      • that was me ,lol , but im glad its all comming back to him now , i long stopped replying his comment , he is a garbagge

  • Maggie i cannot agree with you more. I hope those shallow and myopic minds will understand what you are putting across rather than jumping into conclusion, particularly Leticia Owusu and some so called professional bias and hypocritical editors of Ghanacelebrities.

  • aida

    like i said before , when a woman stands up for her self  is called -- disrespectful,bitch e.t.c.the punishment does not match the crime here.this decision  to ban yvonne is heavy handed and unfair.they have no reason to put her career on hold  for the reason they gave .it is only in africa that people are punished for sush a reason.respect or no respect.,it is unfair.out here,pull this kind of crap on anyone and you will get your ass in court the next munite.this kind of things are killing our actors and actreses, they will not stop until ghanians stop them.

    • u r very rite and i dont know why a lot of ghanaians dont like women who stand up for themselves , my question is why is this so in ghana? , i need answer esp from the men

  • MasaAbaBium

    Nkwasiasem -- Apart from Shirley Frimpong Manso all the venus production are rubbbish anyway so i dont know what all you fools are talking bout. Nkruasifuo with apuskeleke taste and stupid definition of what is deemed a good movie. How old is the writer of this post 13 yrs old. ITS SAD WHEN PEOPLE ACCEPT MEDIOCRE MOVIES AS GREAT. I said it once i will say it again they ONLy and ONLY good movie makers in ghana is Shirley Frimpong Manso who makes movies worth being nominated in Global Film Festivals. Everybody else is rubbish . Yvonne Nelson is a mediocre actress and so id Jackie Appiah -- nothing pisses me off more than so see Jackie trying to cry in a movie -she is pretty girl but way overrated and as for Nelso another useless actress worth acting in movies where she only has s*x.

  • MasaAbaBium

    Name one oscar winning performance by any of these hos : Jackie, Yvonne or even Nadia -- name one excellent performance in any movie they have done -and please dont name that useless stupid movie “Beyonce” When we say great movie -- we mean “Love Brewed in african Pot, or A sting in a tale -- south african movies that make it to oscar nominations -- with this low quality taste in ghanaian movie watchers this industry will stay stagnant forever cos you fools dont know what is classified great vs not so great. You see any one with horse hair, fake contacts speaking fake accent and you deem the acting and movie a great movie. Rubbbish

    • Miyagi

      I have just got one question for you what country are you from 

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  • beatrice

    it seam that you all have make your about yvonne nelson about how she dont get along with jackei that lady is very in her self but to me she is a good actor so stop saying who came first and all that yuvonnie is good thank peace

  • Don’t mention South African movies in this website. Those movies are not produced by Africans but whites and are just perpetuating the European stereotypes of Africa. We are talking African movies here, and how can it be improved. Get out!

  • MasaAbaBium

    Miye Ghana ni -- wusu wu fi hi? why are you asking me where am from -- anaseh wukaseh because i am ghanaian i should sugarcoat the industry and their bullshyt. I dont think so. Asem nu da hor aah mehka. I got better taste in movies than many of you -- blind fools. Most of yall definition of what is a good movie or who is a great actress is crap --

    • Miyagi

      You got better taste in movies why don’t you advice those producers instead of trying to advice or insult people here 

      • mother

        u right miyagi dear …lol

        • Miyagi

          @mother thank you lol he/she is a joker for real I love the part where he takes his time and write “how he got better taste in movies” come on dude do better than that 

    • Opanin

      how come all dis shyt happened behind ma back(i’ve always wondered whether dat is correct,”behind ma bak”????….lol

      back to the issue,where from dis MasaAbaBium dude? coming here to diss ppl????
      u said u have great taste in movies, name 4 great movies u’ve watched and tell me where dese movies were produced. and please whiles u are at it, define a good movie and a good actress for us. u sound very ignorant than most of your type. tell me between Titanic and X-Men, which do u consider as a great movie???

  • dee

    ‘Yvonne nelson the best actress in Ghana? we aren’t even making movies let alone have a star actress.She is no where near pascaline,edinam.I guess 80% of the youth in Ghana didn’t have VHS recorders and probably didn’t watch lots of Ghanaian movies.Pascaline’s performances in the mid and late 90’s owns yvonne’s even though we have better equipments.