Extreme Vanity Killing African Women: 20-Year-Old Ghanaian/Nigerian Girl Dies After Illegal Buttock-Enhancing Surgery…

Claudie Adusei

Claudie Adusei

The breaking news that is dominating all the major newspapers and news channels this morning here in the UK is the unfortunate and tragic death of a young London woman, who died after flying to the US for surgery to enhance her butt.

20-year-old London-born Ghanaian, Claudia Adusei died of a heart attack after flying to the US for the operation, which would give her a larger and shapelier butt- this was to be an early birthday present for herself, due to her 21st birthday which she was meant to be celebrating later on this month.

At the moment, her ethnicity is in question because, whilst some of the news channels and papers have explicitly stated that her name is Claudia Adusei and she was a London-born Ghanaian, others have stated her name as being Claudia Aderotimi of Nigerian descent. For the moment, GhanaCelebrities.Com has decided to go with the majority of the news outlets, and state her name as Claudia Adusei.

The ‘operation’ took place at a low-cost hotel in Philadelphia, where she was injected with INDUSTRIAL SILICONE (which is normally used as a sealant in buildings), rather than the medical grade silicone used in enhancement surgeries. Doctors believe this triggered the chest pains and the heart attack that led to her death because; it was accidentally injected directly into a vein.

Ms Adusei had travelled with three of her friends, one of whom was supposed to have a hip enhancement surgery using the same technique.

According to the British news reports, Ms Adusei had a similar procedure in the hotel last November, and was returning for a “to-up” injection. The female ‘surgeon’ who performed the procedure disappeared after the victim began complaining of chest pains. She was rushed to a hospital in Philadelphia, where she unfortunately died.

This is such a tragic story and serves as a warning to every single woman; we must not allow our judgements to be clouded by what we see on television from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, etc.

Celebrities are NOT perfect either; have you guys not heard of Photoshop and specialised camera lighting techniques? Do you seriously think that the way they are made to look on television and in magazines is how they look in their day-to-day lives?

This is so tragic because a young woman has lost her life after seeking out an operation just for a bigger butt, a desire most likely brought on by the media’s constant perpetuation that most men like bigger butts and bigger breasts.

Ladies, we must NOT allow ourselves to fall into the trap of believing the media’s ideology of what is beautiful and what is not! Just because a person is curvy, it does not mean they are automatically more beautiful than a slim woman, and vice versa. Big, slim, tall, short, Black, White- we are all beautiful! Seriously, I know I sound like some feminist now but I just feel like it seriously needs to be driven home that beauty comes in ALL shapes and forms!

I can understand that with the constant barrage of certain media images, and how the appearance of some women appears to be idolised over others, beauty may be linked to a certain type of ‘look’. However, we need to educate ourselves first and foremost that these celebrities that are being idolised for their ‘goddess-like’ features are just normal beings like you and me. They SEEM perfect in magazines due to Photoshop, or certain camera angles, and camera lighting can do wonders for the way a person looks on screen.

We must not allow the media to define what beauty is for us, regardless of the frequent images we see- beauty comes from within. No man is going to find you beautiful if you don’t find yourself beautiful first. Most of you may probably have heard this before but it is true- you have to be confident about yourself before a man will find you attractive. Not every guy has the same taste- some prefer curvy, some prefer slim, it all depends on the guy.

We should not be risking our lives trying to go for surgery, or even bleaching our skins, etc, just to make ourselves more attractive to please a man- one man’s poison is another man’s treasure, so what one doesn’t like there will DEFINITELY be someone out there who will like.

We must not allow vanity and media representations to define what beauty is, beauty is from within and the sooner we all educate ourselves about that, the better it will be, instead of such tragic cases like this of our African sister.

Claudie Adusei

Claudie Adusei

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