Extreme Vanity Killing African Women: 20-Year-Old Ghanaian/Nigerian Girl Dies After Illegal Buttock-Enhancing Surgery…

Claudie Adusei

Claudie Adusei

The breaking news that is dominating all the major newspapers and news channels this morning here in the UK is the unfortunate and tragic death of a young London woman, who died after flying to the US for surgery to enhance her butt.

20-year-old London-born Ghanaian, Claudia Adusei died of a heart attack after flying to the US for the operation, which would give her a larger and shapelier butt- this was to be an early birthday present for herself, due to her 21st birthday which she was meant to be celebrating later on this month.

At the moment, her ethnicity is in question because, whilst some of the news channels and papers have explicitly stated that her name is Claudia Adusei and she was a London-born Ghanaian, others have stated her name as being Claudia Aderotimi of Nigerian descent. For the moment, GhanaCelebrities.Com has decided to go with the majority of the news outlets, and state her name as Claudia Adusei.

The ‘operation’ took place at a low-cost hotel in Philadelphia, where she was injected with INDUSTRIAL SILICONE (which is normally used as a sealant in buildings), rather than the medical grade silicone used in enhancement surgeries. Doctors believe this triggered the chest pains and the heart attack that led to her death because; it was accidentally injected directly into a vein.

Ms Adusei had travelled with three of her friends, one of whom was supposed to have a hip enhancement surgery using the same technique.

According to the British news reports, Ms Adusei had a similar procedure in the hotel last November, and was returning for a “to-up” injection. The female ‘surgeon’ who performed the procedure disappeared after the victim began complaining of chest pains. She was rushed to a hospital in Philadelphia, where she unfortunately died.

This is such a tragic story and serves as a warning to every single woman; we must not allow our judgements to be clouded by what we see on television from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, etc.

Celebrities are NOT perfect either; have you guys not heard of Photoshop and specialised camera lighting techniques? Do you seriously think that the way they are made to look on television and in magazines is how they look in their day-to-day lives?

This is so tragic because a young woman has lost her life after seeking out an operation just for a bigger butt, a desire most likely brought on by the media’s constant perpetuation that most men like bigger butts and bigger breasts.

Ladies, we must NOT allow ourselves to fall into the trap of believing the media’s ideology of what is beautiful and what is not! Just because a person is curvy, it does not mean they are automatically more beautiful than a slim woman, and vice versa. Big, slim, tall, short, Black, White- we are all beautiful! Seriously, I know I sound like some feminist now but I just feel like it seriously needs to be driven home that beauty comes in ALL shapes and forms!

I can understand that with the constant barrage of certain media images, and how the appearance of some women appears to be idolised over others, beauty may be linked to a certain type of ‘look’. However, we need to educate ourselves first and foremost that these celebrities that are being idolised for their ‘goddess-like’ features are just normal beings like you and me. They SEEM perfect in magazines due to Photoshop, or certain camera angles, and camera lighting can do wonders for the way a person looks on screen.

We must not allow the media to define what beauty is for us, regardless of the frequent images we see- beauty comes from within. No man is going to find you beautiful if you don’t find yourself beautiful first. Most of you may probably have heard this before but it is true- you have to be confident about yourself before a man will find you attractive. Not every guy has the same taste- some prefer curvy, some prefer slim, it all depends on the guy.

We should not be risking our lives trying to go for surgery, or even bleaching our skins, etc, just to make ourselves more attractive to please a man- one man’s poison is another man’s treasure, so what one doesn’t like there will DEFINITELY be someone out there who will like.

We must not allow vanity and media representations to define what beauty is, beauty is from within and the sooner we all educate ourselves about that, the better it will be, instead of such tragic cases like this of our African sister.

Claudie Adusei

Claudie Adusei

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wanie says:

I am on a roll.  Last comment for all the men who responded about whether or not someone ass was flat is cool because I bet my life on it there girl has to take the tweezers out to find his shit.  Girls take the power back!  Stop these lustful little d guys from making us feel we are not good enough.  Trust me ladies the guys that are packing are really nice and just love women all shape and sizes.  BRING BACK THE MISSY SEARCH!  Fellows 90 percent of you guys are not worth it. 

wanie says:

p.s. Ladies ban together make these self-centered men get a taste of their medicine.  Women we are born what we are born with.  Accept it!  The next time your man goes on about Serena’s or J-lo butt on t.v. remind him there are a lot of moby d out there.  Remind him of this make this stupid men get upgrades.  I lived in Greenville and a guy at my husband job had penis surgery.  He was already rich and handsome but he felt inadequate.  I loved it.  Men put your ass at risk.  Media start showing all the big d guys in the industry like the rumor had Jay-z , Shaq, Ti. Chris Brown in some s*xy boxers baby oiled down with their print showing so these stupid men know how we feel for once.

wanie says:

I think men have destroyed all women.  Women wake up Nicki, Kim, Somaya, all those perfect women your man is obsessing over has had surgery done.  Because of them young girls want to look like that, and they are willing to kill themselves.  I worked at a jail before and got flashed alot.  90 percent of what I saw was 4 inches.  However, these same men were talking about this women but or boobs in a stupid Maxim magazine.  Make these same men who want the girl with the big ass back it up with what ladies 12 or more inches.  We love you for what you have.  Why do you men get away with these shit.  Stop letting them do this to us.  I miss the old days when the girls were talking.

Bernard says:


queenie says:

at adwoa nbaaso. u hv no right to say she deserves to die im sure as a lady as u r, there are couple of times u felt insecure aba urself things jux happens smtimes..

Opanin says:

it’s sad when someone dies like dis but to have industrial silicone(sealant) injected into your body sounds silly to me.i guess it’s cos of the silliness of the whole thing that Adwoa Nbaaso) made that statement.

queenie says:

omg this is really frustrating…let all appreciate wat we have..we wat who we r for a purpose…some people are not even fortunate to hv wat we hv…some were born without legs. it’s by the grace of God

Nola says:

People need to appreciate what they have and be thankful. This is a very sad and tragic story. After having to kids and having lost 50lbs, my body is not exactly like it it used to be, my belly is flat but loose and breast are no longer perky, and I will never think about going under the knife to get they fixed…everytime I look my breast or belly, they remain me of my kids and I am proud to be a mother and I don’t care if my breast and no longer perky!! If that’s the price I pay for having such beautiful kids, then I’m all for it! There are so many under garments to help with such minor problems, You just need to get bra fitted and you’re ready to rock! I look hot when, I’m dressed and you can never tell I have such problem. Besides my hubby loves my body just as much as he did when we first started dating…he can’t enough of me even with stretch marks and all!! Ladies you need to love your bodies as is and don’t fall a victim to such tragedy.

nana mame says:


Opanin says:

Nana do u have a flat bumbum????

Semi-Cartermatic says:

Its such a pitty her life had to end like this i dont kno wht will drive a lady like this to think of such a detestable act(looking at her she doesnt even need it) plus y do women expecially feels de need to change nature its time ppl realize we cant change nature there is always side effects to this procedures at long term run even if perform by a well known surgeon or whtever we shld all love ourselves for who we r dont fall a prey for wht de eyes see or fall to wht our BF’s or GF’s think finally we humans in general dont learn frm mistakes sum dumb person will be reading or hearing of this news n will also commit de same mistakes which has send this lady to her early grave
LADIES PLS DNT THIS ITS NOT WORTH CHANGING NATURE!! In all de bad has already be done but de so called female surgeon needs to be find n brought to Justice.

Miyagi says:

lol @ 27 Caliber….hahahahahaaaaa. Dude, you hilarious man. @ MiyagiBruh, no offense but I think my homie Goodies is one of kind in this forum with swag.As for the girl, I ain’t got nothing to say because as I said in the previous post that silicon injection to the ass by females is dangerous and growing tremendously here at North America. Seriously, this is not the first time a female has died from ass or breast enhancement complication here at North America or Brazil. Most of the girls do survive the but sometimes end up with a serious burn to the ass but it’s really, really, really sad most of the girls are not learning the lesson.May the Lord rest her soul in peace.      

@weapon bruh don’t worry feel free to give you opinion I understand where your coming from I guess you stay jn the states I’m in the uk and this is the first time  young African lady has died of it so it comes as a shock 

Ephia says:

Whoever wrote this article should clear the info..she aint ghanian but she’s nigerian descendent born in England..clear the air plss…

Can u not read?!!!!…at the time the article was written her ethnicity was not clear yet…IT BLATANTLY SAYS SO IN THE ARTICLE…all the donuts coming with oh she’s Nigerian not Ghanaian…please read the article…especially this bit….”At the moment, her ethnicity is in question because, whilst some of the news channels and papers have explicitly stated that her name is Claudia Adusei and she was a London-born Ghanaian, others have stated her name as being Claudia Aderotimi of Nigerian descent. For the moment, GhanaCelebrities.Com has decided to go with the majority of the news outlets, and state her name as Claudia Adusei.”…before u start commenting…making yourselves look stupid…kmt

Miyagi says:

I have been reading some of the comments and I have no sympathy for these vanity obsessed fools Then perhaps you should try She is the daughter, sister, aunt or possible even the mother of someone She hasn’t committed murder or any other crime yes she was misguided and maybe sad but for gods sake you could try and be part of the human race and show a bit of compassion for a fellow human being whose only mistake was that of vanity You people make me sick How can you sit here and make jokes about someones death? If it was Your child that passed away in Any circumstances would you be making jokes like this If you had to bury your child would you be making jokes like this Think of her MOTHER who now has to bury her child Think of her family who are now mourning Who have to face the fact that their child & loved one passed away thousands of miles away ALL ALONE without her family! Show some sympathy another young life lost it’s sad my condolence to your family all your friends in Hackney don’t won’t to believe what they hearing RIP girl 

hey says:

OMFG!!! becouse of fake booty u have killed ur self eh pretty african lady if da video vixens r doin it dnt mean u gotta do it too now u have left dis world jst lyk dat wow..

tutu says:

it will be nice if all this stupid girlz will die like dat way…stupid fools

Miyagi says:

Look at this akokobede3 fool if someone has dumb you than take your issues somewhere else stupid osono 

B.B says:

you sound bitter tutu. are u a loner?

Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri says:

Things gone bad and we cannot even know the real name or identity of this girl. I spoke to a friend who is in the media in UK here and according to her, the girl is a  Ghanaian, she has worked with her before on 2 face’s music video…

She also said the girl was dark then but started taking skin lightening pills to change her colour… The girl she says is a Ghanaian and speaks twi like Akosua Bruwaa does…

Anyway, FOX news USA is also calling her Claudia Adusei.. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/02/08/woman-dies-butt-injection-hotel/?test=latestnews?test=latestnews

UK Newspaper Metro is also calling her Claudia Adusei  http://www.metro.co.uk/news/855040-buttock-injection-death-woman-named-as-claudia-adusei

Sky News UK calls her with the Nigerian name but if you are smart and good with how website’s url works, check the site link and you will see she is named as Claudia Adusei in the addresss though in the actual article, she is given the Nigerian name… LINK Here

The mirror also calls her Claudia Adusei..  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/02/09/british-woman-dies-after-buttock-implant-goes-wrong-in-usa-115875-22909741/

Dailystar call her Claudia Adusei http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/176095/British-girl-dies-having-J-Lo-bum-op/

Anyway this should tell you the girl is too fake in mind. Her identity is even questionable or fake. She must be lost in her own world, she does not know what to be and as such media houses do not even know what to call her… 

Below are other photos of her..

mother says:

why on earh must u sell ur soul to beauty enhancement ….. i pity the parents and family members now …..

Miyagi says:

Well she come from north London and has been a female  mc and R&B singer and word is she was coming up was good at what she does has done allot of things working with sway and some underground artist from uk and people advise her not to go for it but she was convist by her two female friends to go for it because she wanted to be the hottest girl in the underground scene 

Opanin says:

looking at all these pictures makes me even more confused.it looks like homegirl wasn’t doin bad at all.so ma question is why go in for some cheap illegal surgery????at least if u’re doin it for your career or whatever,u definately must do it right.that was a stupid decision she took.surgery in a hotel room???!!!!!!dang

naaa shika says:

beauty is deceptive…. vanity is vain but the woman who fears the lord shall be praised…………… we are just a pencil in the hands of the creator…whom am i to judge…

Miyagi says:

@miyagi: lol hahaha i was justplaying. I wish i do but then again am happy with what i got. God knows what’s best for me.  

@maame I’m happy that your happy with what you got so from now on you will be dressing like mother Theresa than have we got a deal lol 

maame says:

lol noo am not going to dress like a mother. I need to enjoy my teenage life but have clean fun and not injecting silicone into my booty.

27 calibre says:

is this girl ghanain or nigerian ,,,ANY WAY I ADMIRE GIRLS WITH BIG BOOTY eheee

goodies says:

wo ye ofui paaa wati

Miyagi says:

Leave that useless boy goodies he is on drugs 

Weapon-X says:

lol @ 27 Caliber….hahahahahaaaaa. Dude, you hilarious man. 

@ Miyagi

Bruh, no offense but I think my homie Goodies is one of kind in this forum with swag.

As for the girl, I ain’t got nothing to say because as I said in the previous post that silicon injection to the ass by females is dangerous and growing tremendously here at North America. Seriously, this is not the first time a female has died from ass or breast enhancement complication here at North America or Brazil. Most of the girls do survive the but sometimes end up with a serious burn to the ass but it’s really, really, really sad most of the girls are not learning the lesson.

May the Lord rest her soul in peace.    

miss dior says:

If u dont have the KimK/NickiMinaj’s type of money dont try to do these things, they have the money and access to the best surgeons, this is what happens when u dont love what God and your mama gave u.

maame says:

She doesnt look Ghanaian. She looks nigerian. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Hmm big booty is nothing but trouble, she should have stayed away from it but just as the saying goes “had i known is always at last”. Hope my fellow sisters out there will learn from this. God knows what’s best for you. Be proud of what you got. I’m out.

Guys…it’s just been confirmed by BBC that the girl is actually of Nigerian descent and her name is Claudia Seye Aderotimi…oh well regardless of her nationality she’s still our African sister and she’s still YOUNG…she was only 1 year younger than me and it’s so sad that instead of focusing on studies or other important things…chicks have these kind of foolishness on their minds…Missy put it PERFECTLY when she said we shouldn’t try and change what God gave us…he knows why he gave us our looks and obviously there’s gonna be someone out there that loves u da way u are…story is bare sad straight up

Miyagi says:

I agree with you some people just don’t have a heart 

hey says:

ahhhhh well said..

She deserves tn die.Pls Rest in Perfect peace.This a great lesson to our pretty girls in ghana they should stay away from such act….

don’t say she deserves 2 die man that’s just heartless..that’s someone’s daughter/sister/cousin u know….I’m sure she didnt expect her life 2 end when she went 4 this ‘thing’ (i refuse 2 even call it an operation)…people make mistakes…unfortunately in her case it was a HUGE 1 that’s cost her her life…but 2 say she deserves 2 die…come on now…

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Hmm, the world of today is full of enviness, jealousy, wishes and fake dreams.I think too much influence is coming from the stars, nicki minaj isnt excluded.Well, y’all said it all be content with what you have cuz its unique and no one has it.May Claudia’s soul rest in peace.

cici says:

Ghana celebrities you got de name and her origin wrong..Shes Claudia Aderotimi from Nigerian..shes not Adusei from Ghana..

Anyway its a sad thg dat ppl will go to dat extend to b in a music video..wil we go to such extend 2 win souls 4 Christ??wil we do whateva its gonna take 2 get into the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ??its a sad story tho n i pray evry1 on this earth wil learn 4rm dat to b content with whateva u ve..God gave u ur body bcos he knew dats what wil b fit..if u decide 2 fix by injection or implant n dem crap,u shall surely die..

kr says:

First of all any medical (including cosmetic) procedures should be thoroughly researched. Every plastic surgeon is registered and they can be investigated (by their medical license number) to see if they have any complaints, law suits, etc filed against them or pending. Second, to have a procedure done in a hotel and not at a medical facility should be a ‘red flag’ as to the status of the ‘doctor’. We’ve seen this too many times in the news about these unscrupulous people passing for licenced professionals. Thirdly, cosmetic surgery facilities (doctors) are or at least should be affiliated with a hospital and you, the client, should be provided with this information in writing. The client can also contact the hospital to veriify the information.

Fourthly, as hard as this is, you get what you pay for. This girl clearly didn’t do her homework before subjecting herself to this ‘crazy wanna be ‘doctor’.
Fifth, the celebrities listed in the article would know better than to go to a back door doctor for the enhancement procedures. There is a difference between people who are copying celebrities and people who truly understand why they want a cosmetic procedure for themselves. Last point, what the hell does it matter if the person is a Nigerian, Ghanaian or British? A woman left her country to come to the US to have a procedure, maybe on the cheap, and died.

People need to be wise and use good judgement when doing things especially when it comes to our health and wellness. If the individual is not a person to take the time and think things through then maybe having friends who can talk sense into us is not so bad an idea.

dagodfather says:

its sad a young lass has lost her life over such a frivolous operation. fact is most black lasses are blessed naturally with a more than average back side. why the stress about enhancing the already enhanced? the craze of getting under the knife for almost about anything especially for young girls is getting out of hand. there are loads of people flocking into eastern europe and asia to get cheaper enhancements bcos the NHS wont fund them.
 the risk with your life surely isnt worth it. rightly said, it may have been a treat for her boyfriends or sumat like that, but until ladies are confident and love themselves for who they are, and not getting sucked into the digitally altered images of celebs or to please men, situations like this sad it is will become more prevailant, cos you want a backside like nicki minaj’s

maame says:


goodies says:

wats all this lass? cant u just type the girl, we r not in king Henry viii era man! lol just say the girl , but is sad and shame story

kluivert Noye says:

GC am touch by ur sentiment 4 dis issue. Indeed beauty comes 4rm within

B.B says:

although this is sad, yet i couldn’t resist laughing. i mean HOW????? what’s the big deal if you have flat butts?

one thing that needs to be taken into account, “you cant have it all”. you can have a hot body features but an ugly face, big boobs and flat butts etc, you simply have to know how to make use of the best parts.

i honestly dont feel sorry for her. what a way to die.

maame says:

lol i have everything :p

Miyagi says:

@maame look at you bad girl you got everything don’t say it to loud before those boys start coming to knock at your door lol

maame says:

@miyagi: lol hahaha i was just playing. I wish i do but then again am happy with what i got. God knows what’s best for me.

nana says:

dis post just made me laugh..how the hell is she ghanaian called clasudia adusei when bbc is repoting is as a full british born nigerian called CLAUDIA ADEROTIMI?!!! GC yall suck! copy and pasting yet misinforming.

Dela says:

You must be stupid..have u resd independence , mirror , metro and co? they all calling her claudia adusei and ghanaian .just google claudia adusei and find out what comes up before haters and stupid fool like u say trash about gc..

Didn’t u read that gc said the identity of the girl is quite uncertain ? u must be ignorant too and not juat only stupid .I guess u got fake bum too so running away from the substance of the article . 

nadine says:

read the article again dummy she said either of them and she is goin with the majority

miyagi says:

@nana take your 4inch chick ass away stupid girl/boy cant you read or what asshole

maame says:

you soo stupid. Just stop using a Ghanaian name. you know you aint Ghanaian!!

keke says:

why are u people fighting if the poor girl is ghanainan or nigerian this is really sad  no matter wat country she’s from is not a good thing ,

Miyagi says:

Well I have today that she and her other two friends are just stupid because out of investigation it shows that the apply for it online and that surgeon was not even registerd and the can’t trace him now I mean come on what do some girls Wang to achieve in life you should be happy with what god has given to you but I hope it will be a lesson to others although it’s a said story 

paapa jay says:


Missy says:


paapa jay says:

i wont be surprised if her BOYFRIEND was constantly talking about “GALS WITH BIG BUTS” & SHE taut it WISE to SURPRISE him by going for a “BUT IMPLANT”.gals are neva satisfied wid wat dey have. dey’ll dump their loving boyfriend for a RICH FAMOUS GUY somewhere & dey’ll do wateva dey can to get him like “BUT IMPLANT”…..shame on u too

B.B says:

sometimes you men make women do stupid things. just like you said, it wont be a surprise that the bf is someone who loves big butts and who knows, it could even be that he encouraged her to go for it.

Missy says:



B.B says:

Missy, Missy, Missy, are you ready for the end time?

cici says:

Amen n amen tho..the world is definitely coming to an end..ba i dont agree with those giving dates that its ending on May 21st,2011..When u read this same bible,it tells u dat even JESUS doesn no wen hes coming except his father..So if Jesus who lives in Heave with his pops doesn no,how can we on this sinful earth know..its either de world ends before or after May 21,2011..its true,we all gotta repent..

Opanin says:

21st May be the day.it’s either a day of redemption or a day of shame for dese people. the end time is near we all know but the actual date, i don’t anybody knows. this is gonna be like dem pastors who predicted the elections and even those who contested.they all claimed that God had revealed to dem but as it turned out they were dreaming from too much fufu.

ladies please stop this silly enhancements.it feels gud smooching some big boobs and some big ass but it’s awful holding a fake one. we know the difference so stop if u’re doin it to please us.

Missy says:


torie says:

May God forgive her poor soul and I pray that this serve as a lesson to all those in the habit of trying to help God to do His work.
@ Missy…you are right, the pix does not look like a 20 yrs old at all, all. God please have MERCY.

Opanin says:

i agree with you on the age.she looks way older than 21.maybe she did undergo some facial surgery as well.who knows.

it’s gud u ladies are advicing each other but the thing is you’re the same ppl who’ll laughed at dis girl behind her and make fun of her average features.it’s not always about guys cos u girls who are well endowed tend to make fun of your friends who have smaller features.
i guess u’ll start appreciating what u have and respecting what your friend has as well.
may her soul rest in peace.

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