Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Does It Really Matter That He/She Is Not Educated?

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I was engaged in a hot debate with my “single” friends yesterday (Val’s Day). What else would single ladies do on Val’s Day apart from debating and fantasying about our ideal men?

Ideal Men! Do they really exist? I guess the men also have their ideal women. Education or the level of education really matters to some people including my two female friends with whom I was in a heated debate with yesterday.

According to Abena who has a masters degree, she will not go for any man with an educational level below what she has obtained.  This means, if you have not had a university or an equivalent education, do not bother to even talk to her.

Closely related to above,  Nana Akua passionately said, education comes first for her and it would even be an embarrassment to her if a man who lacks certain level of education makes advances at her.

To Nana Akua who is a graduate of one of the prestigious Universities in England, even the status of the university a man attended matters a lot. “I will not accept some bogus university graduate as a boyfriend, not to even think of a future husband” she said.

I go for the looks, appearance, maturity and character. Education or the status of the university a man attended does not matter much to me, though it is a bonus if I get a good ranking one.

Does it really matter to you if he/she is not educated? Do you consider the level and type of education a person has to his/her name before you decide to mingle with him/her?  Let’s get talking…

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  1. Well it really does mattters but yet still some educated ppl. lack brains.In todays world education is almost everything and must be considered in relationships also except when we are bilndfolded by “love”

  2. Gossip mama single Friends and you didn’t even invite me lol I’m just joking but It doesn’t matter in the least What DOES matter is the difference in your mental abilities If the woman is actually far smarter than the man (or the other way around, for that matter) I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s an unwise match, but it can certainly add another layer of let’s call it ‘complexity’ to the relationship It’s not about a piece of paper but compatible intelligence If the woman is smart and he is not so much that can cause problems and vice verse But having a college degree or not having one has no bearing on a mature relationship  I know several people without college degrees who are very smart and have done great things with their lives 

  3. yea ithink education matters to some extend. personally, i’ll choose a guy who is mature in character than smone w/ a phD who dn’t knw how to act. and off course i won’t go 4 a guy who cn’t even spell his name either.

  4. Educational compatibility does matter in a relationship. Let’s face it you would want a partner who can comfortably fit in your ‘world’. The partnership goes beyond mere physical attraction, mental (talking about trained analytical and critical skills) which gives one diversity of world views and subjects are highly important. However, while varying levels of university degrees could work depending on the couple, there is always the exception where an individual may be naturally ‘smart’ and find that formal education is not necessarily a perfict fit. This is evident with people like Bill Gates, Sean Combs, Jay-Z, etc. I would say don’t get stuck on the education, get to know the person because you may be pleasantly surprised. The world is full of educated people and those with an education. Anyone can pay for an education but not everyone is educated; afterall look at our (USA) former president

  5. It doesn’t matter because my boyfriend is not educated but I went to UNIVERSITY, I used to only date educated guys who made my cry and treated me badly, my boyfriend is not , but he treats me well, he cooks for me, looks after me and treats me like a princess, I love him and he loves me so it does not matter.

  6. What you may want is someone whom you share something in common, which has nothing to do with an education. That does not mean education is not important. You can have someone with all the PHDs and even higher and you’re still unhappy with him/her. You want a spouse who will electrifly your world cushion you when needed and will be your best friend for ever.

  7. well it matters but its something you can do without in relationship. my husband completed sss and am now doing my masters but the difference doesn’t cause any problem to our relationship.

  8. Ok, ok, yes education matter but seriously? Gossip Mama two girlfriends are either brainwash or just plain dump to look what education is all about. 

    Education is not just learning things, it is learning things and thinking about those things. Now, the question is how does what you learn reconcile with what you’ve experienced? Once you understand this you realize that some skills with some credentials are better than a lot of credentials.

    So tell me, how can a lady (Gossip Mama friend) say a education below her “master degree” will not bother dealing with a man and WTF was she thinking when she said “even the status of the university a man attended matters a lot” Are you kidding me? Is that b*tch for real? So, if she doesn’t like the university a guy did attended is a big NO? This is one of the pickiest shit I’ve ever heard.

    Gossip Mama two delusional friends need to learned to question and understand that everything written in the class room will not guarantee them success and big BUCKS.

      1. Bruh, I love my people to death (Ghanaian) but when I hear something like these from intelligent women and even men I feel like I wanna question their intelligence…lol..

        Beside, I ain’t sweating Gossip Mama and her respond to her girlfriends was a brilliant response compared to what her two friends are saying.

        I think you right about Gossip Mama should invite both of us including Opanin, Kr and NY or Chris when ever she and her ladies gathered…lol…I’ve chop with some of intelligent women regarding similar topic and we wouldn’t mine chopping with her ladies about this topic..lol..haha..Maybe the one running her mouth saying she won’t go out with a guy below her “master degree” might end up with a guy like ME with a college diploma..LMAO..lol..hahaha… WHAT DO YOU THINK Bruh?     

        1. @weapon hahahahhahah you are crazy you know hahahahha but it’s a good idea only if we get the invitation than I know you will drive them crazy 

    1. @Weapon X, I really had a laugh out loud moment reading your comment. Thanks. I think the friends totally missed the point. They have education but they don’t appear to be educated. They probably need a refund of their tuition. And talking about a master’s degree come on now. They still have the doctorate and post doctorate to go since education seem to be their strongest qualification for a guy. What if they met a guy with his PhD from a more prestigious university should give them the snub because of their level of education. Makes you wanna say hmmmm

      1. Exactly K, exactly. You definitely right when you said “Educational compatibility does matter in a relationship” at your above  first comment. I’m really happy for my home girls are highly educated but like you said they are missing the point.

        I don’t know how long you’ve been reading ghanacelebrities.com but sometimes the owner of this site brings us useful info regarding about success and other useful real message other than celebrities news. I wish those girls and other intelligent folks would’ve read the message or similar message and know where success and education stand.


  9. Well, say currently I´m undergoing through this very situation, I wouldn´t say I have a PHD, no, I don´t have it, but I have a higher education than my girlfriend. I quietly  find it difficult from my girl friend to make me happy,  she always exclaims that she loves me but she doesn´t demonstrate it, I can see her love is true, but she doesn´t know how to show love to me. for instance, whenever I buy a present to her she only says thanks meanwhile I´m expecting something more like a big hug with lots of kisses, and it doesn´t happen, she takes the present, she says thank you and end of story. 
    Saying my mind on the above topic, I would say a higher education is not what matters in a good relationship, but it´s a complementary in some instances.

    1. @ Big Ruben, have you tried talking to her? I mean, telling her what you want? As we all know communication is one of the most important things in relationship. In your case you expect more action from her other than just thank you but to her she might feel that just thank you is ok

      So talk to her, in the best possible way you can. let her know what you want. Remember, she cant read your mind, so she wouldn’t know if her “thank you” is enough or not.

      Good luck.

  10. for me i think education does not really matter in a matured relationship what is important is how smart, intelligent ,and ability to be able to contribute in good decision making that will affect the two of u positively. and not some educated and yet ignorant person.

  11. These days diee education is de key…it opens doors n opportunities 4 u..de guy or gurl must ve at bachelor’s degree..no moore associate degrees or dipolmas..

  12. hey guy, education matters alot . I cant imagine going to marry an illeterate or a jhs drop-out who cant do anything for himself. My fellows wake up

  13. To be honest I’ve come to realise that to some extent having formal education upto degree level is quite irrelevant at times. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have not been to uni so what does that say. I defo think you need a basic level upto the age of at least 16 but if after that a guy has bigger and better plans of making his millions in an honest way and he makes it then I will not back away. I am more likely to learn from him than a phd graduate that reads all day. I remember being at uni pinching pennies and hustling for discounts while my pals that opting out of that were working towards being self employed and investing in property. Now they have a house and I have student debt! So no he doesn’t need to have too higher level of education as long as he has a good enuff plan b and I have something to learn from him! Interesting topic…never really thought about this to be honest….

  14. what matters most is if you have things in common, and in this case education may be a factor but should not dectate who you should choose as a partner
    You may get an uneducated guy that may treat you well or the vice versa so the ball is in your court but I WILL SAY EDUCATION SHOULD NEVER BE A FACTOR TO CHOOSE A MATE……..it may be a disaster and i’m talking from experience. He will act like he knows all, and you know all so who teach who, always arguing, pls sper yourself and have oven mind about the ppl you meet and you will enjoy life.

  15. @ Miyagi

    Yea Bruh….LMAOS….lol…I might drive those two ladies crazy like how one Zongo woman was driving me nut at Kwame Nkrumah Round About Avenue when I did pay a visit to Ghana last two years…hahahaha…lol..

  16. The person does not have to have a college degree, but basic education is a must! Personally speaking my sister can not read or writing english and because of this she is so dependent on her common law partner. He keeps mistreating her and she keeps going back to him because he reads her mails and fills out her applications for her. Which is very sad, because she deserves more than that, I bet if she had the basic education of reading and writing english, she’ll be long gone! Plus it’s not fair for one partner to take all the resposibilities in the relationship due to lack of education, so some education is difinately an asset!

  17. I´ve done it several times, I was the one that always tell her about all this; that communication is important in a relationship, she replies by saying that she´s trying her best to accomplish my need and can´t see any change. The worst case is that we´ve gone to the extent of having 2 gorgeous children, and of course, I love the girl, but I´d have sacrificed that love if the children were not in the existence. Thank you guys for ur help and opinions

  18. Education is def important but no time for all those phds and 100’s masters. it swings both ways cos believe me, when a woman is higher in academic standing, there is the tendency for her to look down upon the man. but then again the most important education is ‘efi3 nyansa’ house wisdom. it would make u successful.