Love & Relationship: I Am 25 And A Homosexual, Finding It Difficult To Tell Friends & Family, Please Advise!

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Dear GC,

It has been difficult for me to put this down but I have no option than to hide behind the computer to seek advice to a problem which is swallowing my whole personality, my today and my future.

I am a young Ghanaian of 25 years living in the United States currently studying for my master degree. My life is on a good course and I am happy about my achievements so far. My family and friends are proud of me, so is my church.

I have been told on countless occasions that I will make a good husband. My parents’ friends constantly make jovial comments like “You have to marry my daughter; you are one fine and ambitions gentleman”.

It all seems great and perfect to them. However, behind this gentleman lies a dark secret that I am finding difficult to let them know. I am confident about my s*xuality. At least when I am not at home and far from known people, I am the proud black gay brother who will fight for my s*xual orientation.

I have a partner here in USA but recently, I have met a young Ghanaian living in Accra who is also sure of his s*xuality and we are planning to meet. I am helping him to get to come to USA by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, I am planning to visit him in Ghana this coming summer. I am happy as to the progress of my relationship with this young man but I still cannot make it open to my family and friends that I am not what they think I am, I am still loving but belongs to a different s*xuality.

Being a homos*xual is not a big deal in USA, but with my Ghanaian community, it is a headache, I am worried as to how my family and friends will accept my s*xual orientation. How do I even tell them? Where do I start from and where do I end it? What would be their reaction? How will I be accepted when I finally make my trip to Ghana? This is eating me up slowly, please help!



Dear Kevin,

As I explained to you, though I am well affiliated to Ghanaians, I am still a foreign chick with a Ghanaian boo and still learning about your people.

I cannot therefore give a good advice on this as I am not sure how Ghanaians (friends, family and the community at large) would deal with this.

I would therefore throw it on here with the hope that, the readers will give you a pretty fair idea as to how do go about with your pronouncement, what to expect with your family and eventually what to expect when you hit the shores of Ghana.  Good Luck



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