Ghanaian Soul Songstress Rhian Benson Featured On CNN, Talks About Her Ashanti Background, Her Education, Music & Personality…Watch It Here Now!

Rhian Benson, Musician From Ghana

Rhian Benson, Musician From Ghana

The talented Ghanaian soul songstress and one of Ghana’s hottest musical exports “Rhian Benson” was featured on CNN African Voices this week.

It is extremely refreshing to receive such news items in our inbox as they give the hope to the various Ghanaian talents out there that, with hard work and commitment, it is indeed possible to hit international platforms like CNN.

Rhian Benson was born in Accra, and raised in Wales, Ghana and India, Rhian grew up in a very musical environment. Her Welsh mother was an accomplished singer, and her father, an Ashanti naval officer, is a gifted guitarist.

On CNN, Rhina Benson talked about her Ghanaian Ashanti background, her education,  music and personality. Watch her interview below… Congrats Rhian Benson!






Video Credit: CNN International

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Gloriana says:

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snshuine.

osei says:

she is indeed a proud Ghanaian and Ashanti .

syn says:

congrats but boring. we want 2 know who u f*cking

Miyagi says:

@Syn speak for yourself who is we speak for urself she ain’t tha useless like you

Flawless x3 says:

Nice ; she has a great voice .

madam social says:

she is very proud of her background

Miyagi says:

Madam social odo how are you

madam social says:

i m good oo beau beau. i m just gonna have a long weekend. thanx for checking on me i appreciate it. i hope u enjoy your weekend.

Miyagi says:

Well done 

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