Did You Know Nikki Samonas Was The One Banging Ekow Smith Asante?



Why on earth did I think Ekow Smith was some calm dude who would not go near any of the Actress & Models ( I mean celebrities) but would prefer women not in the limelight?

I never believed Ekow Smith was  indeed the one banging Nicoletta Samonas when I a gist on this came to my attention earlier this year. This has just caught me by surprise…

Anyway, Ekow Smith is not as innocent as I thought and he loves the limelight girls as much we all do… Model/Actress Nicoletta Samonas has confirmed that she once dated the decent calm Actor currently serving a ban in the movie industry.

Do you want me to fill you in with the gist of who Ekow Smith is rocking now as well as Nikki? I think I will leave that for Gossip Mama to deal with it at her own time…

Anyway, read below for more….


Nicoletta Samonas is a model and actress born to a Greek father and a Ghanaian mum. Her acting prowess was lime after Kofi Adjololo recommended her to the CEO of Venus Production, Abdul Salam Mumuni, to feature in her second movie, Beyoncé.

Why don’t we see you in Venus movies anymore? We asked. “Umm, hmm, I don’t know if I should say this but I’ll call it a little misunderstanding between Salam and I… if I don’t watch my tongue carefully, Salam might cut off my head.” You sound as if he wanted to have an affair with you before a role? New Fylla asked. “Hey Ike, I reserve that to myself, please … I won’t comment on that. It’s quite personal.

During the interview with the New Fylla on Friday, we asked if she’s dating Ekow Smith Asante. “Oh my.. God, a close pal fed you with that? (She sighs.) Well, I won’t deny the fact that I did have something to do with him couple of years back but now it is over, it was over in 2009. About what happened?… umm it was a mutual understanding.” She disclosed.

She graduated from the KNUST in 2009 where she studied Graphic design, TV production, Animation and Advertising. “I prefer Nikki to Nicoletta. It’s easy, and for Ghanaians I feel that Nicoletta is too exotic,”

Source: New Fylla

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    Well that Ekow guy is cute anyway.I thought he was married.

    • Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

      For some reason, if anyone told me he was married, I would have not have doubted it too.. Anyway how re u? U don’t check on me any more huh? Eii Wiase

      • lol chris.. wiase saa na 3te3..

    • ghallday

      @ adwoa. Some married men still go for extra “tails” on the side. Side dish as some people will call it.

  • ghallday

    Well I know now. 

  • kr

    Well somebody needs to get banged why not her and Ekow? They seem like nice people. But clear this up for me, are they on now or are they off? It sounds like they had a ‘thing’ back in 2009. Why the story now?

  • cici

    I like her last words.”….is too exotic for Ghanaians”..lol..Ekow is a cute guy n de girk is also cute so what happened btwn dem waz amazinf..dey bettter get bac 2geda b4 dey end up in other incompatible relationships..

    • paapa jay

      so wat is she tryin to say???????? ghanians are still not UPGRADED??????

      • cici

        I wish I new what she meant ooo.

      • nik

        @paapa jay, she’s showing her ignorance lumping the whole country together and calling names.

  • ahofe

    this girl is so pretty.but she is not dat popular

    • nik

      @ahofe, twia, she’s not pretty, just light skin, compare her to other mixed raced girls and you would see what i mean

  • jeff

    i kinda suspected sumthn btwn thm …

  • mackie5667

    nikki sounds more exotic.

    Nicoletta sounds ghetto.

  • Maa

    ghana fuo emba eni embaa kokorr -- omu hunu omu aa na OMU HU EPU CHE-CHE-CHE -- I always feel men who go for such is usually to fill some insecurities within them self and to prove a point to society. Very FUnny

    • che che che haha lol

      • mother

        @Maa u right ..a lot of the ghanians men go purposely for fair colured or half cast to fufill their insecuritiy ..

  • madam social

    hey chris i heard a story today about nicolatta on entertainment review. they said she went n*ked in her new movie ‘obssesion’. maybe u wanna find out more about it.

    • Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

      Yea, someone promised to send me the video or the photos so immediately I get hold of it, you know it will pop up on here.. How are you anyway?

      • madam social

        i m doing alrite beau beau!

  • Flawless x3

    Oh I knew there was something going on between them cus they’re always together…anywayy gud luck

    • lol miss flawless you need to be my private investigator 

      • Flawless x3

        @ Miyagi lmao i’m with it….as long as you got the cashh….young mula babyy lols Lil wayne voice

        • Miyagi

          @Flawless hahahha lmao i like that slogan that want be a problem. Mullah. Dey so whenever your ready hahahah.

        • Flawless x3

          @ Miyagi lmao but what is my job supposed to be ?

        • Flawless x3

          @ Miyagi lmao but what is my job supposed to be ???

  • i am not surprised because my sister and i always debating about the chemistry between these two actors. if any one have had notice them, they always seems comfortable around each other

  • Miyagi

    @flawless loool your job how about finding me lost sinds im ready to settle downbut i need one with a attitude like you nice waist everything attach not to skinny neither too thick so think about the mullah baby hahhahahaha and find me a good one not a chimpazee though i dont want to have nightmares at night time

    • Flawless x3

      @ Miyagi lmfaooooooo i’m rolling lols you dnt wanna have nightmares at night & she must be pretty (not a chimpazee ) lmao I got you…no problem & I’ll inbox you thru the email you gave to adjoa .

      • Miyagi

        Flawless that will be cool please inbox me now so i can have your email and save it to my adress book now than

  • mother

    i susupected something going on bewtween them cos i once watched a film with them where Ekow was an abusive husband to Nikki ..she was used abused her s*xually as well ..and always the chemistry bewtween them was reall ..in love secenes there wasnt nothing faked … so i suspected privately there was something going on ..am not suprised reading this ….

  • ebenezer anangfio jnr.

    thats not true

    • paapa jay

      wat is not true????????

  • ewura adwoa

    then miyagi i guess u would like me. looooooooooooool

    • Miyagi

      @ewura Adwoa loool your name sounds sweet already hahaaha so you got the special delivery I’m waiting for 

  • dis be nawa ooo

  • hey

    GC she said they were dating bac in 09 so of cuz they will be banging lol…

  • beatrice

    they look like nice pet good luck

  • ewura adwoa

    miyagi baby i got the whole package. looool.

    • Miyagi

      @ewura adoa hahaha your really a teaser you know lool dont worry you will fall into my trap loool

  • fA

    for all dose who don’t knw ekow smith is a player bn spotin him so many tymes

    • Miyagi

      What you just wrote don’t make any sense he is a player and you Spotting him so many times, you sound more like a stalker to me how can you spot someone and assume he is a player or did you try to enter and got rejected and if your man than fire burn you