Love & Relationship: My Pal’s Date Says He Is Interested In Me Rather, We Have Kissed But I Am Confused As To Consider A Relationship Or Not…

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Dear GC,

So far 2011 has been really good to me. I’ve just started a new job at a law firm as a Junior solicitor. I’m obviously very new so I’ve been trying to keep my head down.

The only thing is I can’t help but notice all the eligible bachelors around. I told my best pal about a guy who would be perfect for her. I’m not normally into the whole match making thing but she’s my closet pal and has been single forever. 

One particular guy who I’m shadowing and go to lunches with said he’s single so I thought why not; he seems like a really nice guy.

I invited her out for drinks so she could meet the guy and they seemed to really get on. The next day he said she’s nice and they met up again on the weekend. I felt a bit jealous to be honest.  After that my friend became a bit obsessed but he hasn’t mentioned it.

My problem now is he has said he only dated my pal to make me jealous and has been trying to get me on a date since I started working with him a few weeks ago. What do I do? I made the mistake of letting him kiss me which makes me want to pursue it more.

I’m not just saying this because I have been single for a while but from what I have experienced so far we would make a perfect couple.



Dear Vivienne,

The first thing that stands out for me in your dilemma is that you’re dealing with a guy who’s already showing you how deceptive he is. When clouded with lust you might see it as sweet but getting your attention by making you jealous and using your friend to do is a bad move. Turn the tables and would see how dodgy that is.

You’ve known this man a few months in comparison to a close friendship with your friend. The friend that if anything goes wrong you can no longer turn to.

Before you decided to pursue this, consider a few things that you may end up facing in future if not dealt with now. You’re fairly new to the company if things don’t work out, where do you stand? Why ruin or jeopardise your job if things turn ugly?. How are you sure they haven’t slept together and he has used her and could do the same to you

My advice is step back, take it back to old school and play hard to get. If he is only trying to do a ‘hit and run’ you will find out soon enough as he will stop asking!

Also be honest with your friend. Let her know he has asked you out and you have turned him down. If you later decided to give him a chance then you can let her know about it.



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