GC GiveAway: A Total Make-Over By Jessique Boutique…Enter To Win Now!

Yardley Dress
Yardley Dress

In the past we have done contests for our lucky readers to win products from fashion moguls of Ghanaian origin.

Due to popular demand of the Jessique expose’, I would like to thank Janet Opoku of Jessique for participating in our first ever Celebrity Make-over.

All you have to do is provide a lovely full frame picture of yourself and we shall do the rest. The look of African clothe is taking the fashion industry by storm what better way to exhibit this trend than to showcase the secret others in the west have caught on to, most notably L.A.M.B, Jean Paul Gaultier and Bantu Swimwear.

Jessique has an exclusive creation, one of which could be yours. Entrance chooses between the Keshia kente dress or the Yardley kaba dress. You can choose only one!

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Again, the contest rules are these,

  • A lovely full frame picture of yourself (ideally in .jpg)
  • categorize your shape according to this rubric

For The Keshia Kente Dress__Sizes Chart:UK Size 8 (USA 2/4, Eur 36), UK Size 10 (USA 6, Eur 38), UK Size 12 (USA 8, Eur 40), UK Size 14 (USA 10, Eur 42) or UK Size 16 (USA 12, Eur 44)

For The Yardley Kaba Dress_: UK Size 6/10(USA 4, Eur 16), UK Size 10/12(USA 8, Eur 36) and UK Size12/14(USA 8, Eur 40)

  • You can choose to remain anonymous but when you win, you will have to provide your name and if required address for shipment.
  • Entries are accepted between now and April 30th (you have a full month, don’t forget ohhh ahhh!)

The lucky winner should to be willing to have her picture showcased at GhanaCelebrities.com. Upon receiving  the African print Jessique dress, the winner must also take a lovely full frame shot in the gifted dress so that the readers can have proof of the before and after picture transformation.

I realize this contest seems geared at women but not to worry, if some of you men out there want to enter on behalf of a lady in your life(friend, sister, niece, cousin) that is totally fine just as long as you let us know as well as sending her photo.

Again, this contest is running for a month, entries must be submitted by April 30th midnight, the winner will be revealed soon thereafter.

Photo must be sent to: info@ghanacelebrities.com and would only be used for the purpose stated above.

In summary, provide your name, which of the dresses you are interested in, a photo and your location.

Good Luck To You All!


Keshia Kente
Keshia Kente
Yardley Dress
Yardley Dress
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@maame your disqualified lol I know you will win I know you got the whole package so please let someone else win this one lmao  

But we will want to make sure the person wears it and showcase it…So how do we do that without taking people’s foto? Come on!

madam social, i don’t wanna believe say u no fine o…lol ……..let the pix flow….waaa! waaa!! waaaaa!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes. I love to see these great inspirations and form of spreading love. Good Job. I would love to take part but I’m far at the top north part of America, (Canada) so I don’t now if i should enter. By the way after reading about Yaa Kesiwaa I see we have few things in common. I’m a personal counselor, Image consultant and stylist, I have nursing back ground and a community worker/activist and much more. I have noticed you agree with most of my comments, thanks. Unlike Christ -Vincent who thinks I want to bring an earthquake on Ghanacelebrity. Any away contact me via email @ smvafrica898@gmail.com. I may come to Lost Angelos some time early next year for work related purposes, may be we can sip starbucks coffee and hang out.

Im happy you want to participate, previous contest winners have been a reader in Germany, Ghana and USA(all got their prizes via snail mail). So if you in Canada, try your luck and send in your lovely full frame .jpg

Sandy, please, thats my boss ohh, please show restraint…I have emailed you about colaborating but you did not respond, perhaps you should check your junk mail inbox for yaa@ghanacelebrities.com

I don’t think I misplaced a word towards your boss. I actually do appreciate his efforts and dedicaton to this site. Again I think it is important to give a bit of a check to anyone in order to help them reach excellency. Challenge is a good thing, one just need to know how to deal with it. However, i think Christ -- Vincent wound’nt mind criticism because he is the number one commentor on how celebrities should be able to handle criticism.

yes o Bro, dis is too bad. Chris when are u bringin something for the guys.it’s always the girls……we’ll enbark on a demostration o, yooooooooo

Lol Miyagi, I wanted to, but those styles aint my taste.I know BB loves it and I wish her luck.

Adjoa woy3 mpenin ns3m papa……..but it’s gud, at least it reduces the number of entrants givin some ppl chance……

@sassychic you have been disqualified, your name sounds too. Dangerous already imagine the beauty behind it lool

B.B promise is a promise, just participate and try your luck. In the past, staying tuned for details about the contest has been important in the eventual winner being chosen, all I’ll say is stay tuned!!!

like u wan enter, kw3 no bagawaya………..i dey win give ma friends B.B, Maame and Nanayaa………………..*wink**wink*…

@B.B you damn right just like Bonny and Clyde but as for this one you and maame are disqualified I know you both will win this lol