GC Weekly TidBits From Around The World: Rihanna Remixes “S&M” With Britney Spears + New Remix from Fabo ft Ne-Yo & Ryan Leslie + Beyonce Shoots New Video+Pregnant Mariah Poses Nude + Top 10 Most Beautiful People In The World Etc…

I’m not gonna lie as filthy as the song is I do have this on repeat…can’t really say the same about Rihanna’s S&M remix with Britney spears. Either their voices just don’t gel well or Britney’s voice really is that awful. She kinda makes Rihanna sound likes she has amazing vocals for once. Check it out…what d’yall think?

Love me some F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S and he had to add some Ryan Leslie so yes, I’m repeating this one, still works good with Neyo too…Check it!

Seeing as Mrs Carter has been off the radar for a while the net has raced in there to get snipets and bits of her  making of her new video. Check out some pics and the snipet for her upcoming track entitled ‘Girls’ ( Who Rule The World).  Too early to say but of course she can’t really go wrong with a club banger like this…lets wait and see. For those who care we’ll surely keep you all posted.

It’s almost become an ok trend for celebs to pose n*ked while pregnant. I don’t really care much for it as I feel it’s something just to share with the man/father of soon to arrive baby but Mariah and Cannon obviously don’t agree. The couple posed for UK magazine OK this month though  I really don’t think the pics were tastefully done and nor does Mariah look her best. Check it…


As if having an ice cream cone tattooed on your face and being arrested for a series of offences isn’t enough for people to stay well clear of this guy we Gucci Mane is up to no good this week. Gucci Mane was said to have been arrested earlier this week in Atlanta in connection with an incident that happened on January 28th 2011. It was reported that Gucci (real name Radrick Davies) picked up a woman at a mall to take her out for something to eat ( she is BRAVE, I woulda said ok give me 10 minutes and i’ll be back…NOT!!!)

The victim apparently said that she assumed they were going for something to eat but Gucci allegedly told her he was taking her to a hotel and has money to pay her ($150) which she refused and asked to be taken back to the mall. This is the crazy part…it was then reported that while the car was still in moving, the crazy fool Gucci leaned over and opened the passenger door and tried to push her out of the car, which he eventually did resulting in the vicitim being taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Gucci is now said to be taken into custody in connection with this incident that violates his probabtion. What kind of man is this?! I’m starting to belive what the reports are saying about his sanity or lack of. These celebs really try and get away with all sorts of stupidness. More to the point lesson learned to the victim who got into his car just because he’s a celebrity.



Life surely does begin at 40 for some and at the age of 41 Jennifer Lopez has been crowned by people magazine the most beautiful person in the world. Wow what a title…I hope that also includes having a beautiful personality? I’m curious as to how they categorize this title.  

Among the others listed in this category  are Jennifer Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.  Though I must say I have always thought J lo as gorgeous so in that sense she deserves it. Check out my fav pics of j lo in 2011 looking ever beautiful as the title suggests.


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