New Movie: ‘Somewhere In Africa’ Starring Majid Michel, Martha Ankomah, Eddie Nartey, David Dontoh, Roselyn Ngissah, Kofi Adjorlolo & Others…

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Somewhere In Africa
Somewhere In Africa

If you think you have seen the best of Majid Michel, Martha Ankomah, Eddie Nartey, Roselyn Ngissah , Kofi Adjorlolo and the veteran Actor David Dontoh yet, then you must be kidding yourself.

A movie “Somewhere In Africa” tipped to take Africa by storm and has by all standards the potential to win an international film festival award will soon be hitting our screens.

Considering what is happening in African countries such as Libya, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and others, one can only say the timing of “Somewhere In Africa” is superb.

The relevance of the movie to the current state of affairs in Africa coupled with the fact that it features some of the best talents in Africa should tell you that you are about to see a blockbuster coming out of Ghana. The storyline and acting is so much on point that after seeing it, I said to myself “What has Frank Rajah Arase been waiting for if he had this up his sleeves”.

“Somewhere In Africa” is written and directed by Frank Rajah Arase with Kwame Boadu as Executive Producer, Louis Aquahman & Martha Ankomah as Associate Producers, Screenplay By Pascal Amanfful and Adams Umar as Director of Photography.

Synopsis Coming Soon On Here

Watch The Trailer Longer Version Of “Somewhere In Africa Below”


Check The Music Video Of “Somewhere In Africa Below”


Grand Premiere: National Theatre, 30th July, 2011 @ 6:00pm

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. All i can say is whooooooooow united we stand divided we fall Martha looks so young in the movie I rate this movie 5star It’s touching looks brilliant really looking forward to it it reminds me of Nelson Mandela movie well done go the cast 

      1. @osei, dude let it be the last time you give me feedback on my comment can you do it better if not stop blasting your ass and shut it stupid batty fish only thing your good at is moaning stop licking your own gender stick and b.t.f.u

        1. @miyagi,is this a warning or what?I will only avoid replying ur comments unless u reason a bit as human, before I will stop replying those insanity comments u feed reasonable ppl on this platform .

  2. Damn big mama is rocking the dance That’s what I call a world wide ass And I salute Frank Rajah this movie will surely put him on the map 

    1. Yeah that big mama really did kill it. And its kind of funny to see them in that uniform.(aban jersey). Gone are the days ooooo.

      1. @B.B awww memories aban jersey. you should have seen how I looked in my aban jersey. I was more than the sch prefect herself. I used to get a lot of complements on my way to sch bcos my uniform pleats were seriously neat well ironed. and it was a lil short too 🙂 I missed those days so much.

  3. Wow, this is another movie to look forward to. I know am gonna be all teary when I watch this movie. It happens mostly…….lol

    1. @B.B,dont worry abt this copy and paste movie from Sarafina and Sometime In April.Ghanaian producers lack Originality.

      1. you lack originality… one cares about what you think of the movie, your the saddest person on this earth….stop putting negative comments or better yet stop commenting at all, no one wants to read something from some so unappreciative, Ghana have a made a great film and your saying it’s a copy and paste…why don’t you go and make a movie!!  such a waste of space!!

  4. This is a great piece. The whole thing seems so real and I am always crying. Martha Ankomah is looking so young and beautiful. Majid’s accent is on point too. I love it and can’t wait.

      1. To come out of Ghana Chris. Is ours so we claiming it before we hear the N-wood claiming it! They love doing that to our good movies. The bad ones with the sex movies.. Then those are Ghallywood movies..smh



        3. so how come when ur stars act in nollywood u guys term it nigeria and ghana collaboration,besides frank and pascal are nigerians and were involved in the critical development of the movie so yes this is a nigerian and ghanaian movie collaboration.Haven said that, this movies seems to be a total rip off of sarafina and sometimes in april.

        4. my sister, say it again oooooo. i ve seen about four of shirley’s movie, edited, and being claimed as nigerian movies. they somehow managed to even paste kenneth okwonkwon name somewhere as the director and edited the sparrow productions trademark out.

  5. OMG!! I wanna watch it! It look so damn real. I am soo buying this movie when it comes out. Who said big girls cannot dance or move their body?? well whoever said that is tripping cuz this big mama in this music video was rocking it BIG TIME 😉 GOTTA LOVE THICK GIRLS!!

  6. Uhmm this might be me just being a bit too fuusy, but why do you put Rawlings in the list with Oprah,Desmond Tutu and Barack, its an insult to them
    Furthermore, I dont think someone like Oprah will be too pleased to be called an African Soldier. She is a nice person but she is also no nonsnese
    If she ended up seeing this, which i doubt she would, i am pretty sure she would want her name taken out, or want them to not call her that.
    People, need to let African Americans be Africans Americans and let us be Africans, yes we are all one by blood, but they are no longer African, Majority of them dont identify as such they identify as African American, which is a totally different identity

    1. @OGO, we are AA because of our 400 years of history which have shaped our lives for generation. It is mentality like yours that fail to understand the lag and gap that exist from the Africa to the USA, that creates discord. I personally have be insulted by Africans when I identify myself as such. Africans have pointed out ‘differences’ between AA’s and Africans. So do not pretend that the seperation is soley on the part of AA and not Africans. When you grow the understand the culture that developed from the middle passage to now you will be better able to understand the AA culture. The first thing you people want to throw out is the we do not know what country or tribe we are from, with that fucking attitude, do you think we will force ourselves on people who do not accept us? Gimme a damn break already

  7. Wow, dis movie luks gud.I’ll give Frank Rajah thumbs up 4 trying something different dis tyme ard.I’ve never been his fan but he has impressed me with dis although it luks like Sarafina.I trust Majid 2 always deliver wen it comes 2 versatility & not always the stereotyped playboy kissing & smooching gals all in da name of acting.I know Martha 2 be a very gud actress who usually plays roles below her standard but I’m sure dis one will do justice 2 her career.Gud 2 see some old faces like David Dontoh who played a similar role(Majid’s) in an old Ghanaian movie (police officer 2) .I’ll definitely get dis one & hope they make it luk more Ghanaian next tyme so dat no one claims ownership of it.

  8. I saw this trailer last week on another site and I was tearing up already. It reminded me of the movie Sarafina but when I first started watching the trailer, J.J Rawlings and the coup de tat era came to mind. It looks like it’s going to be a great movie thou. On a serious note, I will like to see a movie produced and written by Frank Rajah himself and not a copy copy from others. He’s very good at copy copy dodo. He lacks originality. This is the only movie from his camp that I can’t wait to see.

    1. @Nanayaa,this is a clear copy and paste frm Sarafina and sometime in april.The movie makers in Ghana lack originality.

  9. This movie is the ghanaian version of hotel rwanda, i am very impressed with the accent, choreography and everything else, this is the kind of movie frank rajah should be making, a movie with substance, an aha moment kind of movie that makes u think, congrats to him for coming up with a concept like this. love it already.

  10. This movie looks like a must see. That is what I am talking about. If you guys concentrate on doing this type of work then you don’t have to go after Hollywood. Hollywood will definitely come after you. Keep going in this direction and you will get the international break that is indeed yours to have. Good work.

  11. for the first tym i m impressed w/ frank raja’s movie. this is the kind of movies we need. its time we tell our stories to the world and not sit around for hollywood to it for us.

  12. Wow im all teary looks so good and touching cant wait to watch, jst wish it was a total original, all the same gud movie

  13. i agree with you, most of them no longer recognize themselves as African descents,..they find pleasure in making fun of African’s in their various schools,…but there is time for everything,..

  14. This movie is not all about Hotel Rwanda, Sarafina or Sometimes in April… its about current affairs facing the Continent.. Even though it looks like the reloaded versions of the above movies, this tells us that Africa hasn’t really changed that much since those movies were made, hence we are facing the same problems day in and day out,.. it seems like HIstory has decided to keep repeating itself in Africa… Anyway I can’t wait to see this movie…Good job and well done to the entire cast and production team,…

    1. @ cynash2, I agree with you. And even if this movie is a remake of Hotel Rwanda, Sarafina Sometimes in April it’s because to date, some African countries are facing the same problems.

      1. Good point, People are just failing to understand things. Is what is happening in Libya not a remake of what happened in Tunisia, Egypt , Liberia, Sirrea Leone and Ivory Coast? The only difference can be the fact that some went too far and became intensely atrocious…. 

        South Africa’s issue is not also far from the above. This means that there are similarities in these happenings and any attempt to tell a story or write a book on any of these eras will either overlap, look similar or appear a copy cut. 

        In fact the copy cut is the regimes, they all copied each other. Therefore putting up any story to mirror these aspects of dictatorial and oppressive governance  in Africa will have familiarities…

        1. chris u are really missing the point here, yes i agree history repeats itself just like we have seen in egypt,tunisia,libya etc but it is a different thing altogether when one repeat someones creativity and take credit for it.

        2. @Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, do you know the gospel song played at the funeral, it sound like a mixture of Ghanian and English, please help love that song. I practically play the trailer everyday just to listen to the song.

  15. ghanaian are hypocrites,  nah wah 4 u people o, i remember when you people where causing this man’s  movies  are porn and copied and that you want him to back to  his country now that he has done a good movie you people want him back and who’s claiming to  shirley’s movie  plz  make u go sit down jere, there’s nothing special about  her movie we’v seen it b4.

    1. @mee. go to youtube and check this channel under nollywoodlove. about four of shirleys movies have been edited, titled changes and even the sparrow production trademark removed and replaced with global update picture production. a production company based in nigeria is doing that. they have added kenneth okwonkwo as the director or executive director. if u think i am lying check it out. type in three virgins(perfect picture), save my angel( a sting in a tale),love and checkmate(checkmate), and you will know what i am talking about.they even had the audacity to put a copyright warning claiming the movies to be under the copyright law of the federal republic of nigeria. i know what i am saying because i have seen it. and yes hun. shirleys movie are more better and classier that most nigerian movies out there, just accept it and move on. talk of picture quality, sound, ……you know y’all cannot beat that.

      1. @ ghanalove, I checked those movies and yes they have really changed the titles of the movies and other important info about it. hmmmm, am not even surprise, i know they are capable of doing worse. too bad.

        1. @B.B another example, this african american girl that i know who usually buy and watch african movies bought the ghanaian movie “desperate to survive” stariing yvonne nelson, luckie lawson, martha ankomah, yvonne okoro, and gloria boateng and the location on the dvd says the film was filmed in nigeria. after watching the video she called me and asked me how come a film which claim is shot in nigeria has ghana police and also ghana cedis represented in the movie. she is the type that’s so involved with africans and know a lot about africa. she wanted to know if that was possible given the fact that these two countries are miles apart . so she was surprised because she watches a lotta african movies and knows that nigeria police are usually showcased in nigerian movies whereas ghana police showcased in ghana first i told here it could have been a distribution error but looking at what is going on with some of shirley’s movies, i couldnt help but think this is a deliberate attempt by some nigerians to claim the good ghana movies out there as their own.i mean nigerians have a lotta movies to their credit and we ghanaians have appreciated their movies for a very long, so why do this. why cant they appreciate ghanaian movie just the way they are. why must they edit and change ghanaian movies as nigerians. i dont get it. funny how they edit the cover, and some stuff in the movie, but then the movie will showcase ghana police or ghana currency. funny.

      2. yes nigeria pirates ghanaian movies,guess what so does the ghanaians aswell, not just ghana but all around africa and beyond it is a fact that nollywood movies are being pirated, and i can definitely tell u alot of nigerian movies that far outclasses shirley’s movies.

        1. @ flint .i know piracy exists in africa because they are no regulations but for a production company own by the noble actor Kenneth Okwonkwo to pirate shirley’s movies is just beyond my imaginations. and yes i googled that production company out and is owned by kenneth okwonkwo. i ve never seen ghanaians pirating nigerian movies and even if they do , i am sure they only copy the movies and sell it for cheap without editing stuff out to claim it as ghanaian movies. you can pirate movies and still give credit to where credit is due only u sell the movies for cheap. but to change the sparrow production trademark out and replace it with global update picture ltd, and also paste kenneth okwonkwo’s names in the movie as the director is far more serious, much like plagiarism.

      3. Shirley needs to do something about that YouTube channel. That aint right. How could they? I was so pissed to see that they’ve actually change the trademark of Sparrow productions to Global d3nbendenb3n. ‘glo’ no kuraa ny3 mehi s3 ‘bal’ no. mtwwwwwwww.

      4. @ghanalove i won’t fault u at beleiveing it was kenneth okonkwo the actor, believe me i used to think so, but let me correct that notion, that is not kenneth okonkwo the actor,i know this because there was this movie kenneth okonkwo the actor did for global updates sometime ago,the producer’s name was also kenneth okonkwo but they differentiated both of them by indicating that the producer was a pastor, so on the credits the wrote “kenneth okonkwo(pastor), i don’t know why the stopped giving that notification, i guess the got tired doing it for the hundreds of movies the keep producing every month and year.I know of two nigerian movies that have been pirated in ghana with the company’s name removed, one is fulani(title in ghana princess of sahara),the other is heart of a widow(title in ghana my husband’s funeral), so u see everyone is guilty as charged.

  16. @miyagi,is this a warning or what?I will only avoidreplying ur comments unless ureason a bit as human, before I will stop replying those insanity comments u feed reasonable ppl on this platform .

    And who are you too come and tell me that

  17. this movie is indeed somewhere in Africa, they put everything that has and had happened in Africa. from Ghana, south Africa, Rwanda, Liberia and many Africa countries. good work down

  18. .. wooow.. Very good work. The story of Africa, by Africans in Africa, not by hollywood from some hollywood studio…

    @Chris, please do publish an interview with the director of the movie.. I will like to know his mind and take.
    So just because we see a video with a bunch school girls singing and dancing we think it is a copy and paste from Sarafina? hmmm I think that is a bit shallow.. What year did the first cow boy movie come out? Are we to say that all subsequent cow boy movies with horses are a copy cat from the first one? Or the story about the birth and death of Jesus.. Are we to say that they are all copy cats from the first one? I don’t think so. If Some where in Africa was presented to African by Hollywood, I bet we will all embrace it and will never even talk about Sarafina. Yes Hollywood produced Sarafina, Hotel Rwanda, Sometime in April, The Last King of Scotland, and various Idi Amin Dada’s movies. Have you ever seen a foundation anywhere in Africa that is being funded by Hollywood? Go to Rwanda, children are still dying of hunger.. Take a look at what is happening in Ivory Coast, Liberia and many more. The struggle still continues.. Are we to wait again for Hollywood to come and capitalize on our story and portray Africans like??????

    Anyway good job to the producers of Some where in Africa..

    1. @p-web
      u are so right. i dont know why some people are faling to understant theconcept of this movie. like i always say one problem with africans is that we talk too much. we think we know everything when in fact we dont.i remember when the ghanaian movie blackmail came out, a lotta people were saying that i was a copy of the movie obsession by beyonce and idris elba just because it portrayed office romance. i cannot comprehend how shallow we africans think sometimes.