National High School Entertainers Awards

National High School Entertainers Awards

The maiden edition of the National High School Entertainers Awards (HSEA) is set to take off on the 11th of August, 2011 at the National theatre.

Ghana’s numerous high schools are abound with many showbiz talents-in the areas of music, drama, Dance. These talents however are churn out of school without any inspiration to propel them towards attaining greater heights.

The organizers of the event MagicStick Entertainment say, the annual event is designed to recognize talented students in senior high schools and to promote peace and unity with non- violence in the second cycle schools in the nation.

Nominations for the event are opened to all final year students in senior High Schools who do not have any indiscipline issues with the school authorities within the academic calendar of the final year in school. According to the organizers, entries for nominations were opened from December 28th last year and are to be closed on May 30th 2011.

But students with x-rated and violent lyrics or having suspension during month of nomination will be disqualified. Also, senior high school graduates will not be allowed into the contest.

The Awards Categories are as follows:

*Entertainment Sch.Of The Year
*Entertainment Prefect Of The Year
*Boogie Group (Boys) Of The Year
*Boogie Group (Girls) Of The Year
*Hip-Pop Artist Of The Year
*Kassaharilist Of The Year
*Fashionable Student Of The Year (Boys)
*Fashionable Student Of The Year (Girls)
*Famous Student Of The Year
*Freak Of The Year
*Drama Group Of The Year
*Presenter Of The Year
*Event House Of The Year
*Popular High Sch.Track Of The Year
*And 1 Player Of The Year
*Mix Tape Of The Year
*Dancer Of The Year (Male)
*Dancer Of The Year (Female)
*Beat Box Of The Year
*Model Of The Year

Nominate your school, Group or yourself.

All interested persons are expected to follow the instructions below:

  • Pick a nomination form. Choose a category within the list and attach Curriculum Vitae (CV) if possible certificate of merit of internal and external shows/event taken part. This phase the school supports by endorsing their schools nomination to increase their chance of being a nominee that will move to the next stage.
  • By winning the highest coupons in your school, you automatically qualify for the regional to meet other students from other regions.
  • Audition and interview with 8 qualified nominees in each category to increase their chance of winning. Only six (6) moves to the next stage depending on how they excel at the interview.
  • The nominee with the highest coupons or TXTs and 60% of judgment at the audition and interview in their categories becomes the winner of that category in the HIGH SCHOOL ENTERTAINERS AWARDS.


GC Staff

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Commenting Guidelines & Rules

Innocent says:

Wat is required to be among de best entertainment prefect category.

Loyed says:

@Innocent,de call 4participation is still on.Present your nomination form to the HSEA committee 4consideration on 3rd N 4th June to enable de processes work seamlessly @ de national theatre exhibition hall @ 8am come N rep ur skuul N 0243328473/ 0207547761/ 0267081458

allen selly clark says:

@Loyed, …….boby all the way….boby keep the fire blazing….we all the soul town boiz dey your back

randy says:


Loyed says:

@streetz i thought just like you but i think the best is to call the number on the flayer. I think they will explain best like they did to me. I now understand why they demand that. The rate too is cool. I wander if theatre can take us all.

streetz says:

this is d kulset in high skul history in gh, lyk seriously..i’ll b reppin’, bt d steps in contesting is kinda weird..a CV?..i’m feelin’ d popular high skul track of d year aniwae..r private high skuls included?..

zulu says:

@ miyagi you spoke well but i am wandering why now supporting shika who is supports a complex vision. Advice

shika says:

hahahahahahahaha@Zulu, me complexing vision?lool, u pepo olny wana mess up wif de kids educational life, why dun u do it on de tertiary level, datz de best ground buh dis high skul thing not really clicking for me

zulu says:

@ the tertiary level is Ghana Music Awards and high school level is High school Entertainers Awards. Advice

shika says:


shika says:

de students r not learning n see wat dey r introducing again

Shika says:

wasting money and tym on useless stuffs, y wldnt they write remedials all the tym

B.B says:


shika says:

me moum huh?

miyagi says:

@shika what are you talking a bout

shika says:

all am trying to say is dat, dis blah blah blah high school award is not important, de entertainment is too much datz wat am talking bout

miyagi says:

@shika that sounds better yeah you got a point I curious about how the going to do that sounds so silly

zulu says:

@ shika The continuous rise of the youth of Ghana in drama, music, dance, and other areas of entertainment in SHS, to be challenged to fully explore their innate abilities towards their benefits and that of the society at large waist of time? lol. You encourage the continuous rise of the youth not to Discourage.

saada says:

r we still talking about the same gh i know about???i never heard about such an award but like Miyagi said,it sounds kinda cool

Miyagi says:

@saada sounds really i have to say especially Event House Of The Year, Popular High Sch.Track Of The Year, And 1 Player Of The Year, Entertainment Sch.Of The Year, Entertainment Prefect Of The Year. Boogie Group (Boys) Of The Year, Boogie Group (Girls) Of The Year, Hip-Pop Artist Of The Year i wonder how they going to do that so far they go to learn something in school not to model or whatever but i would like to see the outcome of it 

Miyagi says:

never knew there where such a things in high school but looks kinda cool 

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