The Total Make Over Of Majid Michel’s Wife, Photos Of Then & Today…


Majid Michel's Wife At 4Play Premiere

Majid Michel's Wife At 4Play Premiere

After Chris-Vincent’s post which highlighted the total make-up of  Actor Majid Michel’s wife’s public appearance, I decided to have a close look at her previous photos in a measure up against the recent.

Indeed, Chris was right and quickly noticed the sudden improved make-over. I guess she must have been reading GC or someone close has been bold enough to tell her about her appearances at public events. She had serious issues with her hair, it was always rumpled…And her outfits had questions marks too!

If you decide to marry a screen badboy like “Majid Michel”, then surely you need to add glamour to your looks when stepping out to complement your man. Kudos to Mrs “Majid Michel”,  we are watching…Do you also spot the improvement?

Check out photos of how she used to step out….

Majid Michel's Wife At 4Play Premiere

Majid Michel's Wife At 4Play Premiere

Majid Michel's Wife At The Beast Premiere

Majid Michel's Wife At The Beast Premiere

Majid's Wife & Eddie Nartey

Majid's Wife & Eddie Nartey

Majid & Wife

Majid & Wife

Majid Michel & Wife



Majid Michel's Wife At 4Play Premiere

Majid Michel's Wife At 4Play Premiere

Majid Michel’s Wife Today

Majid Michel's Wife At AY Show In Nigeria

Majid Michel's Wife At AY Show In Nigeria

Majid Michel's Wife At AY Show In Nigeria

Majid Michel's Wife At AY Show In Nigeria

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maame a says:

she simple n quite.

Jayda says:

This last two photographs was taken from bellanaija and they are airburshed. Probably ghanaians did not take good and quality pictures, bad angle, etc, this girl has not changed not in her dressing, not in her make up just that the picture quality is good, very good. and she is beautiful, ageless always, and she has two children and still looks good.

miyagi says:

Thank you madam or mr Looselips you must be. A naija person to make a confusing statement like that

lu says:

Majid wife name is VERNA MICHEL NOT Salimi Akil, I dnt know where
People took that story from.

Constance says:

@lu, i wonda bcos tat named isnt her’s n i knw tat small gal dey were talking abt…

Desmond says:

The BEST actor of our time

APitorrrrr says:


Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Thats what am talking about.She looks much younger and cuter than before.Her previous looks should be kept till she is in her 50’s.Looking fab. now.

Shadders says:

wow what a transformation….she looks nice though

lolo says:

I also remenber one comment someone posted about Majid’s wife months ago saying ” Majid is very selfish, he keeps all his money for him self ” something like that. So i believe he Majid read it and decide to take his wife for a make over.

lolo says:

I think most of these so called Ghana Celebs owe it to Ghanacelebrity. I believe they read comments we post and make changes. In the same way we will see Nadia change her look very soon.

rose says:

Wow majid’s wife looks great…that’s what am  talking about..upgrade is all good…keep it up looked too simple back then…..know your looking great and matching Majid….we can all breath now…

scolastical says:

i lyk her she is simple and calm .

frempomah says:

her name is SALIMI AKIL. if u care to know 

Penelopeia says:

did she contest for stars of the future some time ago, okay his brother did, i have forgotten but I think she did something

Constance says:

@Penelopeia, tats nt her name dear n i knw who u re talkin abt n its surely nt her kk

Mow says:

Can u pls find out her name, the “majid’s wife” is sooo boring now. im sure she has a name so make it ur duty to find out since u find out evrythg else

scolastical says:

Mow,she is not boring just that she is simple and calm.

Her real name will not make any search … Remember, the writer is writing for the long term ‘well being’ of the site as much as those reading it now. How many people do you think will search for Majid Michel’s wife compared to those who will search for Salmi?

Come on! 

frempomah says:

everybody is born on his or her own natural beauty, but just  a little bit touch up of hair and make-up can make someone  look extremely beautiful. that is what Ms Majid has done, she realize that she needs hair extension and make-up. a big thumps-up

Adams says:

Pls Som 1 Tel Me Has Bee On TV B4 She Luks Familiar To Som 1 Hav Been Seein On TV

madam social says:

yea i think u r rite. there is a commercial on tv on gino or sometin. when i first saw it i tot it was her or maybe its mrs majid.

emmy says:

she was simple & still simple…gosh if she was too much ppel will still talk. i luv hw she is nw & be4.

scolastical says:

emmy,u are right.

B.B says:

The difference is so clear. She looks more beautiful now.

honey says:

finally sumbody is showin da whole package….before we knew she got natural gud luks but her style only catch ppl’s eyes cos its ugly but now she lukin grt…

Boobo says:

Oh this girl is soooo beautiful already! We all need to be reminded once ina while! But her new image is siiizzzling hot!!!!!! I hear Renee Q in Accra hooked her up with the make over!!!! NOW THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!! Proudly Ghanaian ladies!!! Cudos!

kr says:

LOL, Boobo, nice way to get some free advertising. Maybe you shld write your phone#, address, email and pricing sheet too. LOL

Boobo says:

Who did this make over??? I heard it was Renee Q? I WANT one!!!!!!

bee says:

shes looking lovely…

cici says:

Someone might have probably told her abt her looks..she can still improve her looks cos she’s naturally beautiful..

Tuga says:


hannah says:

we thank god

yehni says:

She has always been beautiful…she just needed the good outfit, make-up, hair look and I think she got it in the last pictures….

Miyagi says:

thats real talk

GoldenGurl says:

Gosh I see what you mean! Im tempted to even say she has had surgery lol. Anyway she looks real lovely. She looks younger and prettier and fresh faced.

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