Bush Behaviour: Delay Storms TV3 To Attack Presenter For Tagging Her A Lesbian…

Delay and Her Dog

Delay and Her Dog

The extent to which certain celebrities meant to be role models in Ghana disregard the appropriate laws to seek redress when having been wronged is increasingly becoming absurd.

Few weeks ago, Mimi was accompanied by Delay, the chick who calls herself ‘Afia Saddam’ to unlawfully invade the premises of Peacefm in an attempt to express her displeasure about a show which was being aired that mentioned her. What Mimi did at the Offices of Peacefm was reported to be sickening and uncouth.

Mimi was blasted by the media after the incident for her ill behaviour. The blast was extended to Delay who tried to justify her actions of driving Mimi to Peacefm by saying, she was not aware Mimi was heading to Peacefm to behave in that manner.

‘Birds of the same feather, always confuse the owner’… Few days after Mimi’s behaviour, Delay is also reported to have stormed TV3 in almost the same ill manner Mimi did to attack the host of a TV programme ‘Hot Gossip’ after the host loosely suggested via a statement that Delay is a lesbian.

I cannot just  understand the use of the various courts in Ghana if our celebrities cannot result to the legal system for redress when they feel they have been defamed or privacy breached.

Running like a mad person to Tv and FM stations to attack presenters is stupid and unacceptable in any part of this world. Of course except our dear Ghana!

Read the report below from NewsOne for more…


Everyone enjoys a little gossip, especially when it is not about them, and News-One has gathered that Delores Frimpong-Manso, broadcaster and TV presenter, is vexed about an ongoing gossip about her.
Delores, better known as Delay, is reported to have angrily walked into the offices of TV3 at Kanda in Accra yesterday, swearing on top of her voice to beat up the host of Hot Gossip, Babbie, because the latter had accused her of being a lesbian.

Delay was said to have been so angry that Babbie sneaked out of the office through a back door to avoid what would have otherwise been a nasty fight. Babbie is reported to have alleged on her Hot Gosspi programme that Delay, Mimi Divalish and actress Afia Schwarzenegger were involved in a “girls fight” that has annoyed Afia so much that she did not want to have anything to do with Delay.

When News-One reached Delay over the matter, she confirmed the incident and explained that she got angry because Babbie had called her a lesbian on the Hot Gossip programme.

“It is not as if someone said it. I heard it myself and when she said we are involved in a ‘girls-girls-fight’ and she knows what she is talking about and I also know what she means. “So I wanted to go teach her a lesson; I would have beaten her up and torn her clothes to teach her what is really involved in a girls-girls-fight but she has run away.

“I think someone gave her the hint that I was rushing to TV3 so she became aware of what was about to happen to her and she left,” Delay told News-One.

News-One could not reach Babbie for her side of the story but a source at TV3 said it was true she hurriedly left the station moments after Delay arrived there.

Delay, Mimi and Afia are known to be best of friends. However, the three are reported to have started having problems in recent times.
Reports say Afia has even stopped acting in the Afia Schwarzenegger TV series, produced and directed by Delay.

But when News-One asked Delay why Afia was no longer appearing on her TV series, she explained, “it is not true she is no longer appearing. The fact that viewers are not seeing her does not mean we have problems. She simply does not have a role to play in the current series. If you watched the show, you would have realized that the script was written in a way that Afia would not have to appear.

“The next episode would have her and then we would see what Ghanaians would say next. We are on very good terms and there is no problem between us,” Delay added.

Source: NewsOne

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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Maami Efua says:

Ghanians lyk sayn wat dey don’t knw. Why shd sum ones private lyf be your beef on your program. Is it that dey don’t have anythg to say or they come on set unprepared.

nana says:

its funny how Ghanaians will just jump into hasty conclusions and just comment on articles without hearing or having knowledge of both sides of the story or the people. Fine may be what delay did was not right but what gives babbie or what ever she calls her self the right to say the things she said? i know that girl personally. and as far as i know she is a lesbian her self. through her high school days every body knew her to be one. i baffles me how she boldly stands on TV and calls other people names and accuses them of being lesbians. ‘diversion” thats what i call it. i could give you the babbie girls full name and what senior high school she went to and other information i have about her. IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE DO NOT THROW STONES. LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!

nana says:


nana says:


maame says:


ghallday says:

She must be nuts

manasseh says:

Delay herself is both arsonist and fireman….lol

Nat says:

Birds of a feather dont only flock together they actually confuse their owners…Dela should know better the programme was HOT GOSSIP…Babbie didnot run away, she just didnt want to argue with a fool one might not know the difference between the 2. Some so called celebrities should be put in their place.

kotokovski says:

Well said Chris but i ask,what part then will morality play in shaping our society if it is indeed alright for people to unjustifiably accuse or tag you negatively just because there are courts??What is civil in all this is for us all to sink down issues and ensure what we say do not unduly or wrongfully harm another.Buddy,take a quick glance at this country,from politics through entertainment to sports.Its all accusations,counter accusations and insults without any evidence in most situations.Yes,there are courts but is this right??That’s my whole point Chris.9ce day!

Morality is a dead concept now. Society does not strive on morality again. Society and the behaviour of its members is govern by laws and not morals. Apart from the fact that what is moral defers from one end to another, making it difficult to ascertain what is really moral at any point in time, it is also unenforceable hence pretty useless…

For example, it is moral to say Goodmorning when you meet an elderly person at the part of Ghana where I come from. If I meet an elderly person and I do not greet her, who can enforce this moral against  me?

Nothing can be done to me. This is how weak the concept of morality is and that is why laws came into place. Becos laws when breached can be enforced, it has a stronger spirit than morals…

You cannot therefore put any argument based on morals when you cannot even establish what is moral at any point in time in the first place. To you, it might be immoral to say someone is a lesbian, to another there is nothing immoral about it…So that is why morality plays little or no rule in our today’s existence ,,,,

Prosdel says:

Oh osei i really pity u,r u civilized at all.u r stupid.

miyagi says:

@prosdel, thank you finally someone sees his stupidity

Switnez says:

Who das she tink she is dat was crazy, but babie why u d fear way u da talk.

Anastacia says:

i dont believe she could go to the extent of disgracing herself like that. has she forgotten she runs a programme with an entertainment news segment on Tv that criticize ppl?

Joseph kusi says:

I will plead with u all who share ur thought on this platform not to insult each other cos its jux a freedom of expressing and not a freedom of abusing. Jux take ur bible nd open to revelation 22:1-3 nd read remember hell is real and painful so surrender now god bless u pershia.

pershia says:

I think †нє whole idea here is to be civilized….media people shd be civilized enough to write facts abt celebrities…they shd be civilized enough to keep people’s s*xual life private….please, until ΰ av had A̶̲̥̅ s*xual encounter wiτ̅h †нє person or he or she has come out to talk about his or s*xual life, everything shd remain private. For cryin out loud, Delay has been caught in an interview descibing her kind of man….I dnt recall her describing her kind of woman….theses things shd be put into consideration…….now †нє media reports are all about rumours Απϑ what people think….not facts! If you don’t have proof please dnt put †нє story out there! As much as I disagree wiτ̅h what Delay did, I wud urge that †нє media. Shd put into consideration their ethics and prevent such episodes……….Απϑ those of us who post comments shd be civiilzed enough not insult anyone…pleaasse…..thank you!

maame nyarkoa says:

so when will GH realize delores has personality issues and a low self esteem?? matter of fact any girl who loosely sit on air and advertise her ignorance and senselessness is not worth the attention. she is forcing sooo hard. i live outside GH but has seen a couple of this AFIA swaznegger thing and it doesn’t make a cut in any angle, its not reality,educational, fiction, comedy nothing. She is craving for attention with her talentlessness. i saw her talk show and its sooo whack. someone advice her to take a pill and get over herself. she must be dilutional  if she thinks she can make it the DIDDY way. 

kotokovski says:

hahahaa.its you!the only wise guy whose only comment at all times is to remind others to go see a GP huh?well,man if you ain’t married yet which i’m sure you’re not,i recommend you marry a GP yourself cos you obviously need more time with one.Read back your own post to yourself aloud and come back and tell me which of the two of you,yourself and Delay ofcourse,is bush.And you pathetically ask WTF i’m talking about??Now you tell me,how the f*ck are you gonna understand with such an incredibly low IQ huh??Ooh sorry, you dont understand anything.Migya what the f*ck is your name man??you are a real waste of time you know?go f*ck yourself motherf*cker!

Tm4life says:

Naa u on point! Why u b Tema girl?

Daniel wedge Carter says:

i Neva like that gurl she is always arrogant and more over she don’t respect her Guest on the show,she is not even beautiful.

Miyagi says:

thumps up

naa says:

I dun knw why Delay acts like that. U shud see how she digs in2 pple’S personal lives on her show and makes many false statements abt them. i remember she once told pascaline edwards tha she heard she ws a lesbian on her show. wha about that too?? Buh wen any journalist tries to ask her questns or says sumn abt her, then she flares up nd starts actn bush nd all. this ashaiman zongo grl shd wise up and start behaving rationaly and civilisd. and hu even said she iz a celebrity at all? smh..!!

liz says:

well said

barsi says:

At least with her show the people are there to explain. it is not behind their backs.

pee says:

delay always thinks she can have her way.she also presents and says false things about other celebrities on that her delay program,so wats her beef.

kotokovski says:

You guys lead by Chris do not cease to amaze me.People decide that opportunities offered them by life is used to castigate,slander and malign people without provocation and they(the accusers) like you are always first to say”go to court and seek redress if you feel infringed upon” forgetting that you the one accusing must provide credible evidence first.Educated and civilized is how you all want Delay to be behaving huh?With no intentions to support her act,i ask you all if this developing Ghanaian subculture of ”free” and foolish speech where people for the sake of food for their stomach, make unsubstantiated comments about you and asks you to go to court if you feel peeved as what you refer to as decent and civilized society??If it is,then ya’ll need JESUS.But then Chris you’re doing your job right???hmm!

miyagi says:

Dude wtf are you talking about and what has Chris got to do with it you to go and visit your GP aboa ba

Really? How do you determine the media is wrong or being uncivilized? Who determines what is legally right and what is not? Is it not the court?

What you have to understand is that, the fact that DELAY does not like what is being said about her does not necessary mean it is legally wrong for it to be said. Ghana is not a jungle or some kind of Animal Kingdom where those with big voices and sizes bully their way through.

If she thinks the TV presenter or TV3 has defamed her or whatever, the best place to rush to is to the court, an independent Judge will determine this and compensate her if she has a claim. Running to the station to attack is never an option.

I know you will jump in with morals and all that but any action or omission that disrespects the rule of law is immoral in itself.

isme says:

Chris i feel ya…Delay is a bush girl.. and u can see that from her face and speech ha hahahaha

Tuuga says:

I dont blame them for having the nerve and courage to storm into offices to question articles written about them. (not that they dont have the right to do so), but please what happened to some decorum? Well i dont blame these actors, singer etc…… After all, its the same media people who have given them a platform to exhibit their so called talents making them ‘stars’ and mimi gods according to Ghanaian standards LOL….So as it it stands, they feel they are invincible and above the law. All these people call themselves seasoned actors? Funny.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Nkurasesem..Birds of the same feathers indeed flock together.I thought She was against what her friend mimi did so how come She tryna follow her steps.And is Delay an actress?Really?I never knew.

maame says:

same here. I never knew she was an actress LOL

miyagi says:

@adjoa nbaaso and maame well spoken is only those useless hungry foxes dying for fame and publicity that will do such a thing like that w) gyimi papa Delay w) tye kan kan wa ti kwasia girl no wonder why your following this baboon girl called mimi both of you should cast for the remake of “planet of the apes” banku head with your fufu ass

osei says:

See how foolishly u want the world to know how far u gone.I pity ur parents for bringing such an animal like U as human,U are really pathetic .

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Wow Osei, r u forreal?Infact u are sooo late when it comes to simple manners.Seriously you need to change this attitude cuz its so ugly.Man,Its about time you learn how to show some respect to people and earn some in return.

Miyagi says:

@Osei, “I’, sorry if I misled you. I prefer the opposite s*x don’t you get it stupid queer are you a human or just a stupid fool when it comes to Nadia you feel like bashing everybody that talks negative about her but others can do that dude Adjoa is right you need some manners artistic man did the aliens forget to remove your anal probe who lit the fuse on your tampon, you must be from the shallow end of the gene pool When I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you remember that

liz says:

waaaaaaaaaaa look the word “civilization is common but yet uncommon to some people. It about time gh celebrities respect themselves, take up the role as true celebrites and stop this nonsense

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