Bush Behaviour: Delay Storms TV3 To Attack Presenter For Tagging Her A Lesbian…

Delay and Her Dog

Delay and Her Dog

The extent to which certain celebrities meant to be role models in Ghana disregard the appropriate laws to seek redress when having been wronged is increasingly becoming absurd.

Few weeks ago, Mimi was accompanied by Delay, the chick who calls herself ‘Afia Saddam’ to unlawfully invade the premises of Peacefm in an attempt to express her displeasure about a show which was being aired that mentioned her. What Mimi did at the Offices of Peacefm was reported to be sickening and uncouth.

Mimi was blasted by the media after the incident for her ill behaviour. The blast was extended to Delay who tried to justify her actions of driving Mimi to Peacefm by saying, she was not aware Mimi was heading to Peacefm to behave in that manner.

‘Birds of the same feather, always confuse the owner’… Few days after Mimi’s behaviour, Delay is also reported to have stormed TV3 in almost the same ill manner Mimi did to attack the host of a TV programme ‘Hot Gossip’ after the host loosely suggested via a statement that Delay is a lesbian.

I cannot just  understand the use of the various courts in Ghana if our celebrities cannot result to the legal system for redress when they feel they have been defamed or privacy breached.

Running like a mad person to Tv and FM stations to attack presenters is stupid and unacceptable in any part of this world. Of course except our dear Ghana!

Read the report below from NewsOne for more…


Everyone enjoys a little gossip, especially when it is not about them, and News-One has gathered that Delores Frimpong-Manso, broadcaster and TV presenter, is vexed about an ongoing gossip about her.
Delores, better known as Delay, is reported to have angrily walked into the offices of TV3 at Kanda in Accra yesterday, swearing on top of her voice to beat up the host of Hot Gossip, Babbie, because the latter had accused her of being a lesbian.

Delay was said to have been so angry that Babbie sneaked out of the office through a back door to avoid what would have otherwise been a nasty fight. Babbie is reported to have alleged on her Hot Gosspi programme that Delay, Mimi Divalish and actress Afia Schwarzenegger were involved in a “girls fight” that has annoyed Afia so much that she did not want to have anything to do with Delay.

When News-One reached Delay over the matter, she confirmed the incident and explained that she got angry because Babbie had called her a lesbian on the Hot Gossip programme.

“It is not as if someone said it. I heard it myself and when she said we are involved in a ‘girls-girls-fight’ and she knows what she is talking about and I also know what she means. “So I wanted to go teach her a lesson; I would have beaten her up and torn her clothes to teach her what is really involved in a girls-girls-fight but she has run away.

“I think someone gave her the hint that I was rushing to TV3 so she became aware of what was about to happen to her and she left,” Delay told News-One.

News-One could not reach Babbie for her side of the story but a source at TV3 said it was true she hurriedly left the station moments after Delay arrived there.

Delay, Mimi and Afia are known to be best of friends. However, the three are reported to have started having problems in recent times.
Reports say Afia has even stopped acting in the Afia Schwarzenegger TV series, produced and directed by Delay.

But when News-One asked Delay why Afia was no longer appearing on her TV series, she explained, “it is not true she is no longer appearing. The fact that viewers are not seeing her does not mean we have problems. She simply does not have a role to play in the current series. If you watched the show, you would have realized that the script was written in a way that Afia would not have to appear.

“The next episode would have her and then we would see what Ghanaians would say next. We are on very good terms and there is no problem between us,” Delay added.

Source: NewsOne

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