Press Release From Ghana Movie Awards: French Embassy Did Not Sponsor Ghanaian Delegation To Cannes Film Festival

Fred Nuamah

Fred Nuamah

Founder of the Ghana Movie Awards, Fred Nuamah of Gollywood Production Limited, has denied allegations levelled against him and the French Embassy in Ghana by actress Juliet Ibrahim, a member of the Ghanaian delegation to this year’s Cannes Film Festival held in France.

An interview granted the actress on Peace FM on May 19, 2011, and subsequently published in the Chronicle newspaper on May 21, 2011, seemed to suggest that organisers of the Ghana Movie Awards and the French Embassy did not live up to their promises made to Ghana’s delegation to the Cannes film festival.

According to the founder, the French Embassy promised to help the delegation acquire visas, which it honoured, adding “the embassy did not promise the delegation any help on arriving at Cannes”.

However, the embassy, he said, should rather be commended for the able manner in which it issued visas to the delegation, rather than the negative publicity from only one of the delegates, for reasons yet unknown.

On behalf of the entire Ghana Movie Awards organizing team, the founder rendered an unqualified apology to the French Embassy for the misrepresentation of facts and regretted any inconvenience suffered as a result of the unfortunate publicity.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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ladygaga says:

These are the things that makes me insult people!is fred man a lunatic?I thought he would come up to clear the air as to why the hotel bills weren’t paid and there was no better arrangement and apologise for lying,instead he is releasing a whole pack of lies for us to listen to.can somebody just shut him the hell up?why can’t the other celebs speak up and say the truth about what really went down?why is fred saying they are cool with everything and juliet is the only one complaining?could it be that juliet is the only one not kissing his balls,whilst the rest are?or are they just cowards?nadia could’nt even speak about the hotel issue when she was asked,what are you hiding?just answer the damn question liar!isn’t it so fishy?first of all,why would juliet get up and make up a story about her bills not been paid and that they were told lies before going to france and nothing of what they were told occured whilst in france?does fred think we are fools?why would she make up such a story?nonsense.fred stop lying you need to stop your loser attitude and tell ghanaians the truth and apologise for lying to ghana.

Nola says:

Enough already! It does not matter who did what or who did not do what, the fact of the matter is the Cannes festival is over and done with so lets move on!

kr says:

Good point Nola, move on. There are some of us who wish to discuss the Cannes issue so we park our asses on the topic until we are ready to move. But safe journey as you move on.

kwekup says:

This fred guy is a fool.where in the interview did we hear juliet mention french embassy sponsoring the trip?and why would french embassy even sponsor ghanaians to france.he is mad infact he is a bloody liar.instead of him to come up and clear the air he is adding up another lie to cause more problems.if juliet is the only one having issues as he stated is obviously for the way he treated her like a nobody and placed others above her as she mentioned on peacefm,so he should rather settle with her,not cook up more lies.he should be banned from ghana movie industry,because he acts in movies and is friends with of actors and actresses,he can therefore not organise a sincere award show because it will be based on favoritism.the media need to speak against this guy,he should not organise any awards because he is the wrong person to do so.he is fake and not a neutral person.

bee says:

does he even know how to act…smh

kr says:

Let me see, Juliet said that Fred (the organizers) did live up to the promise stated about the trip. I can’t remember Juliet saying anything about the French embassy don’t doing anything for her (or the group) as a whole. The French embassy is responsibile for French nationals. Why would they need to take care of Ghanaians because they were traveling to France? Does that make sense to anyone? The French embassy issue visas to anyone wanting to travel to their country, that’s it. Why are they now trying to throw Juliet under the bus? Fred and company, please just come clean and speak the truth. Juliet said you, Fred Nuamah (and the organizers) didn’t live up to your promise. Stop lying about French embassy. You, Fred Nuamah, sound confused. Why would Juliet or anyone else blame the French embassy for anything? Wasn’t it your responsibility to see to it that things went smoothly for the delegation you put together? You are trying to drag the whole damn world into this drama, but what you need to do is to stand up and speak the truth.

Miyagi says:

@kr, I so agree with you but you know what’s so funny reading the first article and second one and now this one it’s sounds really strange, why I got a feeling that someone is adding more stories to this topic now is French embassy why the question is why wasn’t this part of the story added to yesterday’s one we can sit here and blame Fred or Nadia and Juliet saying something else someone is defintly not telling us the truth at all and is surely not from Nadia or Juliet neither the French embassy neither Fred’s camp neither am I saying that is the writer but whoever is given the info towards the writer is not telling the truth at all at the end of the day the truth was right there they paid for their own ticket to go and see and get the experience and how to improve their acting and all According to A couple of weeks ago Canale France International (CFI) one of the giant media outfits in France (so not the French Embassy) was in Ghana to do a documentary on some of the winners and Ghana’s movie industry for the film festival A lot of world movies, as well as some selected Ghanaian movies, where expected to be screened at the festival The Ghana Movie Awards, organized by GP Limited, is aimed at honouring excellence in Ghana movie industry and contributing to the growth of the industry. The presence of its award winners at the Cannes Film Festival is definitely a plus. So my question is when and why and how did all this interview takes place with Fred and why would Nadia tell lies or Juliet having different opinion my feeling tells me that someone is making up some stories or is lying all the way 

kr says:

Miyagi, lol. You are so right

Miyagi says:

@kr, thank you sis

Celebrity says:

Fred Nuamah should shut up over there. He is the one spreading lies and contradicting himself all the time. He said Lufthansa sponsored their tickets, which they did not. Every single one of them bought their own ticket.

He said their hotels were paid for which was also a lie. After that lie he said he would refund their hotel costs later but have we heard anything about that?
I am very happy Agya Koo and Kyeiwaa were not available to go through this embarrassment.

Adowa says:

these pple should come out with the trueth and stop runing around it. What actually happended and why is it that only Juliet is the one who had a problem with the trip. hmmmmmmmm asem beba dadi

dan says:

what is all this about?

Miyagi says:

Cannes festival is open to everybody and there’s is no way the French embassy will sit there and sponsor someone where is this story going it’s clearly full of lies 

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