Confused/Banned Actress ‘Yvonne Nelson’ Says ‘I Am Not A Lesbian, I Am An Active Member Of The Mount Olivet Methodist Church’ So How Can I Be…


Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Geez!, Until today, I did not know Lesbians cannot belong to a church. Is there a precondition that you must not be a lesbian before you become a Christian or you join any church in Ghana?

Few weeks ago,  rumours were flying around the internet that Delay, Confidence Haugen, Confused/Banned-Yvonne Nelson and others are championing Lesbianism in Ghana. Hey, My lil sister is still in Ghana oo, please no one should touch her…LOL

If you want to know what the ‘I am single and not dating any man’ football team captain told NewsOne when they asked her about her alleged ‘Supi Supi’ relationship, continue reading…..


NEWS-ONE has spoken to actress Yvonne Nelson about reports that she is a hard core lesbian and ranks among the top five lesbians within Ghana’s celebrity society.

Mustapha Ayinde aka Attractive,’s correspondent in Ghana, broke the story of her alleged preference for same s*x.

Without providing any evidence or base, the said story also mentioned other celebrities including Ghana’s representative to the Big Brother Amplified competition Confidence Haugen, and sensational broadcaster and TV presenter Delores Frimpong Manso aka Delay.

Yvonne, when asked a direct question by NEWS-ONE whether or not she was a lesbian, said she had never practiced same s*x, adding that she was currently not into it and would not go into it in future.

“This is not fair. If you have any proof that Yvonne Nelson or Confidence or Delay or whoever is a lesbian, bring it out. Why not?

“I am an active member of the Mount Olivet Methodist Church, Dansoman. Lesbianism is against my moral values and everything. I believe in the bible and it is in the bible that lesbianism is not good. This thing happened long ago in Sodom and Gomorrah. It is evil; I can’t see myself doing anything like that. It is quite unfortunate that these guys do get away with these negative stories. But sooner or later, one of us will one day get up and sue somebody,” she told NEWS-ONE on Tuesday.

“I have a family and a fan base. I believe I am a role model for some young ones out there and it is unfair that every time they hear a story about Yvonne, it is a negative story,” she added. Source-NewsOne

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