Confused/Banned Actress ‘Yvonne Nelson’ Says ‘I Am Not A Lesbian, I Am An Active Member Of The Mount Olivet Methodist Church’ So How Can I Be…


Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Geez!, Until today, I did not know Lesbians cannot belong to a church. Is there a precondition that you must not be a lesbian before you become a Christian or you join any church in Ghana?

Few weeks ago,  rumours were flying around the internet that Delay, Confidence Haugen, Confused/Banned-Yvonne Nelson and others are championing Lesbianism in Ghana. Hey, My lil sister is still in Ghana oo, please no one should touch her…LOL

If you want to know what the ‘I am single and not dating any man’ football team captain told NewsOne when they asked her about her alleged ‘Supi Supi’ relationship, continue reading…..


NEWS-ONE has spoken to actress Yvonne Nelson about reports that she is a hard core lesbian and ranks among the top five lesbians within Ghana’s celebrity society.

Mustapha Ayinde aka Attractive,’s correspondent in Ghana, broke the story of her alleged preference for same s*x.

Without providing any evidence or base, the said story also mentioned other celebrities including Ghana’s representative to the Big Brother Amplified competition Confidence Haugen, and sensational broadcaster and TV presenter Delores Frimpong Manso aka Delay.

Yvonne, when asked a direct question by NEWS-ONE whether or not she was a lesbian, said she had never practiced same s*x, adding that she was currently not into it and would not go into it in future.

“This is not fair. If you have any proof that Yvonne Nelson or Confidence or Delay or whoever is a lesbian, bring it out. Why not?

“I am an active member of the Mount Olivet Methodist Church, Dansoman. Lesbianism is against my moral values and everything. I believe in the bible and it is in the bible that lesbianism is not good. This thing happened long ago in Sodom and Gomorrah. It is evil; I can’t see myself doing anything like that. It is quite unfortunate that these guys do get away with these negative stories. But sooner or later, one of us will one day get up and sue somebody,” she told NEWS-ONE on Tuesday.

“I have a family and a fan base. I believe I am a role model for some young ones out there and it is unfair that every time they hear a story about Yvonne, it is a negative story,” she added. Source-NewsOne

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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Rassfeld says:

How Ironical for a pot to call kettle black.U are more confused than Yvonne yet u call her confused.

Comrade says:

It hard to fink why our own media are seriously trying to destroy the small celebrities that we have. i seriously don’t know what yvonne has done to media especially ghanacelebrities. am a fan of this sit but i hardly see any good material about her on this page, and is really regrettable. last year the media tried destroying three most valuable celebrities and i don`t know what we seek to achieve with these unsubstantiated allegations. i fink the better people in the media like Chris and co swallow these hatred against our celebrities the better. remember is not force to love some one but we should again remember not to let our hatred against each other to incite us to act unjustly. lets build the entertainment industry together for people to copy as it was the case it the 60s. i love most of your articles Chris but please lets protect our own and make sure we can substantiate what ever we put our there for public consumption. stay bless bro and keep the good work.

bianka says:

i think u hate yvonne dats why u say stupid things n even calling yvonne confused. wat do u mean by confused

tyron says:

Dude get a life n stp referring to the young lady as Banned / confused its sickening

Afia says:

I understand why some men are insulting her. If she have to give all this gifted goodness to a fellow woman. lol. I believe you are really not doing that and u r very much truthful to yourself, yvonne.

beatrice says:

Christ or what ever you call your self leave Yuvonne alone and find somebody else and pick on is getting too old calling her confused banned all the time you must have a crush on her or something just leave her alone find something else to write peace

nanayaa says:

“ITS FUNNY AND SAD HOW JOURNALISTS PLAY WITH THE MINDS OF THEIR READERS……LOLOLOL” Yvonne Nelson’s own words. I’m glad she understands the game.

Rude Girl says:


Rude Girl says:


Rude Girl says:


The swords have been sharpened it’s war time. gay or not gay, two hours or 5 hours; I believe every one has a right to do what they damn well please as long as its not harming anyone.

maame says:

eeeeiiii yall can type papa! adaagye3

Obaa Akua says:


Switnez says:

Hi,guys wats wrong wit yvonne leavin her life,weda she is a lesbien or nt.Its her life stop all dis nonsense and go on wit ur lifes to,let her be.

Kwekup says:

Gc only copied this article from news one so who can’t you people Insult attractive and news one? Afterall is that idiot attractive who enjoys spreading false rumors about celebrities in Ghana.that guy should pray he doesn’t get dealt with one of these days.I bet he is gay ! Cus only gay guys fight with ladies all the time for no reason,simply Cus he wishes he was half as fine as her!

eric says:

we know you are not a lesbian but a bis*xual, true or false madam confused Yvonne nelson,attractive we are still waiting for your evidence

ghallday says:

There is no such thing as “being” bi-s*xual. People sometimes think they are naturally born like that but that is never true. Being a lesbo and or bi  is a matter of choice. 

nani says:

4 real man…it doesnt matter been a member of christian methodist or where ever…..u are a bis*xual….dnt try to defend yrself wai…… yr own life man,u choose to lick a fellow woman´s pu**y,so its up to u madam

kr says:

First and foremost Chris, did you read my response with understanding or you just researched (your definition of research)? Did I not say that there is a difference in the various fields of study or you just wanted to reemphasize that you are studying law (for the umphteen time)? Again for a future lawyer it is amazing that you do not have a sense of meaning and implication to what you suggest someone wrote. Where ever did I say that I or anyone I know studied for 10 hours non-stop? Are you kidding me? Please show me. Copy and paste it. I am pretty certian that I said “theoretical understanding and expository writing” meaning as a part of the process spent working on a topic (call it reading, researching, etc) which I am stating is a part of studying (because you are learning in that process). Your point was that you do not study for more than two (2) hours per day because your mind can only do two hours..Here is the quote from what you wrote…….”My mind can only do 2 hours…Is not how long you study for,it is how fast I can understand the various legal principles and give them the relevant applications…Hope this answers your question…
Well, if you are going to sit there and not take a break, not even for five minutes, you will not be able to study for more than two (2) hours per day. My point was that for some people, like me, two hours is a drop in the bucket and yes it is possible to study for more than two hours per day. No where did I say someone should or can study 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 hours per day non-stop. Where did you get that? You make it sound as if me using research and studying interchangeably is incorrect when it is not. Studying is the pursuit of knowledge which includes observations, research and reading. It is the application of ones mental faculties in the acquisition of knowledge. Research is the detailed study of a subject , especially in order to discover new information or reach new understanding. What is wrong with what I wrote? I have been on the end of learning where an exam is required at the end of several years, answers, in these exams, can be specific to theoretical. So what is your point with the BECE and SSCE exams? By the way if you think you can go through a graduate program and delay reading then you are a joke in every sense of the word. In graduate school you will find that you have several classes and have one day inbetween classes to read a complete book along with several articles and write summations so only someone who is ignorant of the work load would think that anyone can delay readings. Please try to use your twisted argument on someone else. And since you are so up on your reading before exams and have it locked spare us your “I have to study” or “I have to prepare for an exam” afterall you are not the only one. There are others in similar position as you are and we still come here to support your site.

This is post hijacking, enough of the argument for all of us…I said I learn for 2 hours max each day. I told you in my subsequent reply that my usage of the word ‘Learn’ in that sentence does not mirror research and any other forms of studies apart from ‘Memorizing cases, legal principles, statutory provisions and rules’ that I will need to quote word to word later anywhere I intend to use it… I can sit on the train and be reading for my whole journey, this does not come into what I meant by learning…

So until you are suggesting that you do more than ‘2 hours of attempt to memorize things’, this whole discussion is pretty useless…

You responded to my first comment without having a clear meaning of what i meant by ‘Learning’ in that sentence. What you did was to go for the meaning of learning from the dictionary or what you know as the meaning of learning without relevance to the sentence or the circumstance under which it  was used.(My intention of usage is very crucial here)

To have a proper discussion or debate or whatsoever , you do not solely run on words and give them the lame man meanings but the reasonable intention of the one who used the word is what you have to consider. If you do not get what the person meant by that sentence, you ask for clarity else you will go on a different road opposite to what the person actually intended…

The Problem here is the word ‘LEARNING in that sentence’. Not the general meaning of the word ‘LEARNING’. The intention of a word usage in every writing is what matters… Not how you understand the word or anyone will But what the writer intended by that word. If you get the intention wrong, you get the whole thing wrong.

I have come across Cases where the Court has to go and find out the intention of parliament when they enacted a particular law. Why? It is not because the words are not in English, but for a perfect argument on things like words and sentences and to understand what those sentences mean, the intention of the original person is the foundation.

On this basis,I think your whole comment is parallel to whatever assertion I made or intended to make in my comment. PERIOD!

kr says:

Chris, you wish for this post to not be “hijacked” as you put it? Stop trying to twist what I said. You keep throwing in different things then want it to appear as if I am talking about something other than what you wrote. “Absolute/total absorption” “memorization” “research” “reading” “studying” and now “learning”. Boss, it is, in this context that I am working with, all the same. My original comment was on you saying that you only studied for two hours because that is what your mind can take. Don’t go off on something else, that “wasn’t intended” in my comment. I am not talking about your law classes or anything other than that, time period spent on studying, learning, researching, memorizing or any other descriptive you want to use. I mentioned the “murderous professors” I have but to fail to see that too. Massa, we know you are studying law but please when you try to have every single argument as if you are in law class or the courtroom you only come off silly. THERE ARE PPL WHO STUDY/READ/RESEARCH/LEARN FOR MORE THAN 2 HOURS PER DAY. NOT BECAUSE THEY CANNOT ABSORB/UNDERSTAND/MEMORIZE/REGURGITATE/REPEAT WORD FOR WORD, INFO QUICKLY BUT BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES. NOW, CONSIDER YOUR POST RELEASED FROOM THE HIJACKING UNLESS YOU WANT TO BRING UP ANOTHER IRRELEVANT POINT TO TRY AND FLEX YOU INTELLECTUAL MUSCLES. Don’t twist what I have said to fit your limited knowledge.

pershia says:

I think Chris has A̶̲̥̅ crush on Yvonne and he knows he would never get her attention so this is the best way to go about Ι̥τ̲̅……hating on her… she said, its not fair….and I think so too…I mean we all know Yvonne is not perfect ђέή Ι̥τ̲̅ comes to attitude n all but she has A̶̲̥̅ good side too…let’s stop dwelling on negativity….is Ι̥τ̲̅ even right to talk about someone’s s*xual life?????? I understand celebities would always be talked about but this is going too far….and the most annoying part is that these bloggers or so called journalists are not well informed but am not surprised….if they take not more than two hours to study important topics ‎​♓◦ many minutes should I expect them to use to write crap about celebreties?…..btn 2 and 5mins????? This is sick man!!!!

kr says:

Sure, you can do more than 2 hours but what is the absorption? I never do more than 2 hours reading… Research is diff from sitting down to read with intention to grab…All my educational life, I have not done a serious reading for more than 2 hours…I can work on an assignment for even 5 hours but that is me not reading, it is compiling research, already read info and all that to answer a question…So you can read for 5 hours and remember or be able to write back most of things you have read? WOW…I did not think even can record for that long, lol

Sorry to inform you boo, research is reading with intention. It is reading with analytical and critical purposes. It requires disecting, absorbing, conceptualizing, etc. It is safe to assume that different subjects require different approach. Don’t assume that, in your perception, research in another field is like that of your approach to law. For some of us reseach or the approach to research is about reading large volumes of work with intention and direct meaningful purpose. Also, time reading (research) is dependent of a person. Two hours in some field of study is the least amount of time required in absorbing info. Reading to answer direct questions could take fifteen minutes. Theoretical understanding and expository writing requires a lot more than a few hours at any given time. My last exams (qualifying) each of the three part took 24 hours. That means you are allowed to eat, use the bathroom but you better come back to tell what you know not just repeat information you’ve read. Most of us who were success can tell you that we put in more than eight hours of direct writing on each part of the exam. When you begin to create theories and models and not just reading to regurgitate responses to questions on an exam then talk to me. Sorry dude you are not there yet, that is why it sound strange to you. But good luck with your studying.

You are running on a different path. You are interchanging ‘Reading to Totally Absorb’ everything word to word with ‘Researching or reading materials , theories and others’ to help your form an idea, a thesis or answer questions which do not demand that you have to produce long word to word quotes…

If you have to write word to word ‘Legal principles’ or statutory provisions and you think you can spend 10 hours to grab as much of them, then I don’t know about that…

By saying ‘learning’, I did not intend to stretch it to reading, researching or glancing through documents (it may mean that but that was never my intention)…

It can take you more than even 4 hours to read a single judgement in law, some judgements are over 400 pages long. That, I am not ‘learning or absorbing’ the judgement. The only thing I will surely learn and maybe produce it as they were presented word to word anywhere I intend to use them is the principle or ratio behind the judgement and some few important orbiters..

Grabbing those principles or rules to be able to quote them later without missing a word cos if you miss a word, it may distort the entire meaning of the principle is what I meant by ‘Learning’ in my comment…

You seem to think that by my use of ‘Learning’ I included other things rather than having to memorize principles…Maybe you do not do a lot of memorization in whatever you are learning.

In law, you have millions of status and rules of law that are only better if you can present them as they are written without even swapping an Or for AND.. Cos if you put AND instead of OR, it may mean a total different thing hence a total outcome…

This is why, lawyers can sometimes spend years on cases arguing on the meaning on a single word like ‘INTENTION’ or ‘ACTION’. Why don’t they go for Oxford or Cambridge dictionary and just look for the interpretation of the words?

Wording is important in law and certain things should be presented as they are. In other to grab or absorb as much of these things that need to be reproduce in their exact wording, that is when I say, only 2 hours is the maximum for a day….I have not come across anyone, even professors that can learn (study to memorize rules) for 10 hours with the intention to quote again later in life if the need arises …

I am not sure what kind of student you are if you have to sit down and read for 10 hours non stop for an exams..LOL. I never do that, I read each day and that is for a limited time…So before exams, I have read as much materials, I may only be revising..I read as I go along…I do not pile things like a mountain and out of stress, sit down with a Coffee to read. Maybe that is why I have never taken Coffee..It does not work for me.

Even in Ghana (BECE and SSCE) where you write a final exam for everything you have learnt over 7 or 4 yrs at a time, (you have to be aware of everything you have learnt in 7 or 4 yrs since any can come without guidelines) I did not know anyone serious student that had to learn for 10 hours non stop…

People sit down and read story books for 6 hours, that is diff from learning to me. The work your prof gives you, he never intend that you go home and sit on your butt for 10 hrs and study them at a go…Maybe you leave them piled up and then the next day when you have to see your prof, you grab some Coffee and sit down for 5 hours reading it. I swear you will forget everything in 2 days, lol. The human brain does not work like that.

I guess it is all about what works for an individual and the sort of brains & technique of studying the person employs. B’cos I know people who stay in my University Library all night, 13 hours learning and still they fail exams (not even 40 percent marks for them).

Anyway, enough of the post hijacking, let’s stay with the post!

kr says:

LOL, this is too funny. I wonder who started this rumor. So what if Yvonne were a lesbian? She is an adult and can do whatever she chooses. Now that she has emphatically stated that she is NOT A LESBIAN I hope you guys will stop with this rumor. She was direct with her answer and leaves no doubt about her s*xually. The next person/media to report anything contrary to what she says needs to provide undeniable proof or shut up altoghether.

Miyagi says:

Mr. Writer, do you have any proof yourself? Do you know how these honourable people will feel when they see this? This is not fair!!! You should not just publish rumours like this. Yvonne is not a lesbian u people are jealouse of her she will continue to shine time to grow up and be wise 

Who published a rumour? Did anyone on GC publish a rumour? We just provided her answers she gave to NewsOne to a rumour that is flying around…Is that not fair? I think you people read stuff about Yvonne with a pre-judged mindset. 

Like you have added your own comment, why can I not add my comment to what she told NewsOne? LOL

Miyagi says:

@Chris all I wrote was mr writer I didn’t mention your name sinds you didn’t write this article what’s the fuss than lol 
Chill out 

mabena says:

why is Yvonne labeled as “confused/banned yvonne nelson”? why can’t she just be called Yvonne Nelson?? 
The reason for her mentioning her membership in that church is because 
“Lesbianism is against my moral values and everything”. 
But u don’t see that quote making the headlines.  I think GC has ran out of topics to write about. 

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

I was going to say the same.Seriously, Chris, I kinda feel you have some hatred for this girl.She aint no lesbian, she says so.So then why would you try making fun of it?That aint “cool”

What is it got to do with me? Did I write that or NewsOne? I just reported on something NewsOne has written and added my comment like you guys have added yours here…Is that a crime?

So Adjoa, if I find it funny I cannot say? You just said what you feel like saying and I cannot say mind? What happened to freedom to hold an opinion about something? Anyway, How are you?

moshe says:


Sabbs says:


Tuga14 says:

Chris,i cn c dat der is sum1 undaground who’s selling dis gal yvonne n dat persn is jon germin.Ever sins dis gal pat ways wit jon she ve neva cen peace.WHY?Leave her alone.

Dr more SWeden says:

Chris are u un love with actress Yvonne Nelson, why such  disgrace always, grow chris grow.

Celebrity says:

Yvonne Nelson can be a lesbian. Who care, its her life. But she definitely cant admit it publicly because homos*xuality is not acceptable in Ghana. Whenever it becomes acceptable, i am sure she would come out or the closet and proudly introduce her partner(s) to us..(thats if she is indeed a lesbian)

But for the mean time, please allow her to have peace of mind to concentrate on other important aspect of her life.

Chris, you shut up. Now Yvonne Nelson is a Lesbian? I have a feeling you mew like a cat when having an orgasm. Go mew and cut the crap… Meaooow boy!

mother says:

yvonne never mind ..u knw the just wanna sell and have no mercy and respect for celebrities when it comes to selling for money ..and as u knw scandals stories sells and get more attention from readers ….. so just keep on being strong …chris vicent u even get time to study for ur exams ?cos u soo into ur blog ..anyway i hope ur exams went well …

Surely, I do not need to study more than 2 hours a day, My mind can only do 2 hours…Is not how long you study for,it is how fast I can understand the various legal principles and give them the relevant applications…Hope this answers your question…

Do you also get time to study, work or do anything than commenting on GC? Thanks for commenting!

mother says:

definately i do more lot with my time than you probably . i come here to comment when am bored …cos entertainment is my hobby …
i knw the mind cant study for more hours ..and u need not to explain that to me …was just asking if u get time study since u talk of ur exams here and yet u keep on posting ….so no need to vex ..chill …cos i dont care abt u and ur affairs ….

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Lool, Chris thats a funny question?

kr says:

Chris, really you can only study for two hours? My mind can only do 2 hours…” That’s hilarious. Come on over to my place and I’ll show you how to do an five hours , easily, a night on the books, even with speed reading. How much reading are you assigned? I need to come to your university because I have some murderous professors who assign massive readings that takes way more than two hours in a day. Damn f*ckers want to kill me.

Sure, you can do  more than 2 hours but what is the absorption? I never do more than 2 hours reading… Research is diff from sitting down to read with intention to grab…

All my educational life, I have not done a serious reading for more than 2 hours…I can work on an assignment for even 5 hours but that is me not reading, it is compiling research, already read info and all that to answer a question…

So you can read for 5 hours and remember or be able to write back most of things you have read? WOW…I did not think computers even can record for that long, lol

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