Must Watch Video: Dark Skin Is Ugly…Insight Into Light & Dark Skinned Girls…

Dark Skin Is Ugly

Dark Skin Is Ugly

In this modern age and time, it is extremely sad to know what Dark skinned girls are pinned to the ground to accept that, when they are placed side by side with light skinned girls, the latter wins with gorgeous beauty.

Watching the video below was touching but the most shocking of all the scenes is what I came across at 02:22 of the clip where a little child as young as 3/4  looking at paintings of dark and white skinned people picked the dark person in the drawing as ugly and the light skinned as beautiful and smart.

She was asked why her first pick was ugly and her second being beautiful and smart, she stated that the first is ugly because he is dark skinned and the second is smart and beautiful because he is white. Hmmmm!

If you have black folks like Beyonce and even some of our own Ghanaian celebrities (names withheld) having said to be lightening their skins upon being successful with their arts, then surely there is something wrong with our own mindset and not with only those who see dark skinned persons as ugly and dumb.

Watch The Video Below…

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“>Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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midzmonkey says:

I never had this problem when I was little. I always kept the brown barbies and my favorite disney princesses were brown(pocahontas). I didn’t care for the “light skinned” dolls. even with that hair thing too. I never cared for straight hair that much. although I am slightly mixed and am of a lighter skin tone, i’ve always loved my brown and dark brown females. Whenever my mom put my hair in braids I did not care that it was not straight. I think that kids have just been brainwashed. but even as a child I was immune to brainwashing.

GhanaChick says:

This is a big issue, great that it is being brought to light for discussion

natural beauty says:

sometimes if u dnt tke care u wll bleach ur skin esp in china.Ds yellow ppl will laugh at u any time dey see u cos of ur really sad but we shd be proud ot it no matter natural beauty if ds whites shd be painted black with their hweaa faces ,my God. it wll be horrible das why.

aida says:

this is the best  topic  i have  ever seen  since  i started visiting this site.this  particular typpe of video was  once on oprah about  a chinese   girl saying the same thing like the girl in the video. this issue has to do with all sorts of things ,e.g economics,culture slavery ,name them ,there are hundreds of reasons,but at the end of the day ,is about black p/p as a folk standing up for ourselves.i come from a mixed background but i,never feel  my other half ,in this case the white side .i fell 100% black and am loving it.i also watched one video like that from south africa,where a girl black in this case is saying ,she prefers white b/c in her word,they have money,influence and beautiful.the funny thing about all  of this is that white folks do not appreciate  their colour and skin.that skin of theirs as far as am concern,cannot stand the test of  time,but black skin does.the fact is we  do not know  maybe what we have.medically we are on top ,when it comes to colour and colour can withstand ant thing,but ,white skin  cant..if africa will  be able to get up on their feeteconomically,in science and technology,e.t,c,we will get the respect  we deserve whether  the white folks like it or not ;but first ,we have to learn to respect and appreciate  ourselves,and be able to stand up for ourselves.white folks will do anything  to  continue to be on top of the rest of the world,even if it takes  them hurting the black folks for eternity,but is for black folks to stop running from themselves and say enough is enough ,we are in this world together and will share  how it goes together.other p/p cannot change our destiny for us ,is for us to do that ourselves.

Yea, it has been an interesting and beautiful discussion, If all the time readers on GC will share their views on post decently without insulting one another and talk about the issue at hand, surely we will all be a big happy family always having intelligent discussion.

As you pointed out, even if white folks go to pay huge money to tan their skin in search for some blackness, and our black people cannot see the beauty in their dark skin, then it is more than a mere shame…. 

GhanaChick says:

@Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Great!

koj says:

@aida, dead right on the money. if you were next to me i’ll just marry you…lol 

Boie says:

I thinK this to an extent has got something to do wit religioN~
There is a local saying in ghana that “if u goin to church nd u meet a white person on the way ,stop cause u just met ur God”
how can we appreciate our dark skin if all the ppl we worship in our daily life Jesus,mary nd som key figures in the bible are supposed to be white nd the devil which everyone hates is supposed to be black nd not just black but a dark guy~just look at how the catholics adore their white mary callin her mother of beauty etc.
I think before we grew up to those t.V ads,music videos,commercial we always had it in our minds that white is beautiful nd black is ugly
Imagine a child going through a bible picture story book nd wil not see a dark person til revelation when the devil is chained~
I see no changes it might even get worse~

Your direction of comment is also a great contributor as to why most people have grown up to accept that black is ugly and even evil. When it comes to religion, it is worst. Jesus Christ is painted as white and anytime they want to showcase the devil, they paint him as BLACK. 

We have accepted everything by the white man including their skin tone as good and have no respect for our own things and skin colour. It is time we realize Black is never what it has been portrayed to be. Supremacy does not rest in colour tone but in the mind. 

sarah says:

the best i have read on this web. iam black but people always tell me iam pretty. even the white people go under the sun be dark during summer time.i donot hate white but i just wonna say iam black and proud.even if you bleach you are still black. let beyounce turn to whatever she is still black.

moshe says:

This is really sad and crazy. What pisses me off the most is those guys talking about how they like light skin girls.. f*ck them! Im dark as heck but my bf is light skin and we still dating.. Who cares?? I mean sometimes we are all human beings and it will bother you but it shouldnt stick in your brain that ohh im African, Caribbean, black american and im dark so im not pretty and my hair is not long so im not pretty. Noo is all about self esteem. I’m dark as heck but i dont care. Im still living my life.

well said my dear. thanks

AA says:

when i was growing up. people teased my sister for being dark, tall and skinny. white men always adored her and loved her skin. she is happily married to a white man. i am not as dark as she is but i refuse to date black men because in some way i was affected. White men always adore my skin. For the professional that i am , i cant even black men in my own league to notice me. i only go where i am accepted and if it means a white man so be it. At the end of the day its who i ,m happy with. it is so sad to hear the little girl talk like that. i remember when my neice was 5 years old, she said she wouldnt go out if she was as dark as my sister. what a shame. this is why our little black girls grow up to be women with no self esteem., we are our own worst enemy. the black men are worse. always saying they want a light skinned sister. i say go to hell, cos i dont even look at black men. they wonder why some of us educated sisters have crossed racial lines. i have crossed and i have every intention of staying there. the book, beyond color lines, goes indepth about this issue. it is our own fault buying into the slave mentality. it is so sad that at this present time some of us still have the plantation attitude. we,re anything but black..i,m carribean, i,m african, i,m half indian..thats all we ever hear. very very sad. i refuse to have anyone, black, white, blue or green to put me down. i am not my color. i am one of Gods beautiful creations. To all my black sistahs out there and all our strong black women, i say peace and stay strong. I,m proud of being a black woman and a strong professional one at that competing in the white mans professional world and kicking butt!

Great …It is really good to go to where you are appreciated and not tolerated. If a white person will adore, respect and not treat you any less because of your colour, then it is perfectly right to be there. This is somehow a  big shame that your own (BLACK) people do not cherish the beauty in dark skin. 

Sometimes, I am forced to think it is illiteracy but then, I have come across some educated people who still think, dark skin is a curse or a complete sign of dumbness.

When our sisters and brothers fall for such slavery and absurd doctrines about skin tone to the extent that they begin to hate on their own, bleach their skin and all that, then we are heading to a bottomless pit.  Glad you have shared your experience. Thanks for the comment!

naaa shika says:

this is really deep and did bring tears to my eyes…. black is really beautiful and i have always admired black skin tone…. i am light skinned but am always goin to dark skinned guys.. my boyfriend is darkskin and my God i fink he is beautiful…black is beautiful so neva be put down by wat poeple will say the most important thing is God created us all in his likeness and i believe true beauty is not jus on the outside but skin deep…to all beautiful dark skinned ladies and gentlement u are worth it…

cici says:

we shd just b careful what we wish for cos God didnt make a mistake wen he created as being a black girl or white girl..i dont jealous light skin people at all..i love ma black beauty color so evry black girl shd b happy abt her complexion..n the guys also..

mama says:

Cici,i agree with u

udontneed2betold says:

but u no here in ghana there are 2 many halfcaste actors who rather like being halfcaste den fully ghanaian evry where they go they refuse to speak local language and tell all the people that they r halfcaste

kwekup says:

Did u just vomit?who is talking about halfcaste here?d word is light skin and noone is even talking about actors in this article.if u don’t have anything positive to say please don’t write at all.

Miyagi says:

@kwekup hahahahaha take it easy on her dude she is lost 

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Its funny how the guys are trying to defend themselves here.Most ghanaian guys would worship and treat a white girl like a princess but to their black sisters its a “no no”Anyway, the bottom line is love yourself and people would love you, self esteem is the deal.

Afia says:

This video touches my heart dearly. It is very sad to see we the black ppl not appreciating ourselves. I quite remember wen I was in high school. There were three black girls  in my class. One is from India, Angola and me- from ghana.  Also we had three black men from our neighboring class. Those guys said, the most beautiful girl among us the three was the Indian girl because she is light skin and has long hair. In my case, they said my skin tone is fine but my hair is ugly. and it would be better if i had brown hair  I was so persuaded that  I had to ask my mum to buy me hair-dye and want to be in the saloon every weekend. Thank God, I have a  mother who would not say yes to everything i demand. As for the Angola girl, they said : she is ugly cos she is too dark and the hair is too short. After three years  of graduation, I met the Angola girl and guess wat she is more white than the Indian girl. All, I´m trying to say is that dark skin girls feel and think they r ugly cos our own men give us that impression.

Kr says:

Afia, your story shows how lasting and affecting black men’s impressions of black women can be. A lot of the times the ppl (men and women) who have a lighter complexion (and yes they are black) have low self esteem more than the darker tone ppl. We should learn how to love and appreciate ourselves and abouve all we should never let anyone dictate to us what is acceptable beauty. There are a few comments on ‘light skinned’ girls in videos but guess what? Half of them are uneducated whores. A lot of the black athletes, rappers, etc., date white women thinking it gives them more prestige but the fact is that these b*tches are common whores who move from one man to another. They have no or very low self-esteem. I can bet Tiger Woods wishes he had left the scandanavian alone and had gone with one of his own. There is an article that cited P.W. Botha (former president of S. Africa (aparthied era) stating that the sterilization of the black race is to get the black men to sleep with the white women because they are so earger to share their beds with them. It is a blantant plan of consensual genocide that we are engaged in. We need to see our woth, value our worth ourselves and not let others put value on us. (I will try to find the article and send it to Chris-Vincent to post). I am dating a Ghanaian and I think that my partner is the most beautiful person, inside and out, I have ever met, coler being a non-factor. Like Obama said he married ‘up’, I think I got lucky with mine. Shine girl. Black women have every right to shine.

Afia says:

U r so ryt. Pls try in ur possible best to find dis article cos black girls are being underestimate. And If care is not taken, they(we) would lead ourselves into sth regretable

pokuaa says:

this is really sad. Black is Beautiful. it doesnt matter what shade you are lightskin or darkskin we are black point blank period. we see all these light skin girls in videos and we dont see enough darkskin girls nd its just sad that only black people do this to eachother. were the only ones that discriminate eachother in this way. its truly sad. we need to love one another and support eachother.

maame says:

This is really sad and crazy. What pisses me off the most is those guys talking about how they like light skin girls.. f*ck them! Im dark as heck but my bf is light skin and we still dating.. Who cares?? I mean sometimes we are all human beings and it will bother you but it shouldnt stick in your brain that ohh im African, Caribbean, black american and im dark so im not pretty and my hair is not long so im not pretty. Noo is all about self esteem. I’m dark as heck but i dont care. Im still living my life. 

Miyagi says:

@maame i like comment that’s deep and I can tell it comes from the heart well spoken and respect to your boy as well but don’t let me catch him lol well spoken once again thumps up 

maame says:

lol ohh please spare him haha

Miyagi says:

Lol I will let him off this time lmao 

Akosua says:

well, I can only say that I understand these dark skin ladies, to a point. Like if you look back, every time a black men is successful he’ll be dating the light skin lady!! within ourself African’s respect light skins better then dark, and I’ve never understand this? why should it be this way?
This skin colour problem started during slavery. We are not slaves anymore, so why is it still a problem within black people?!?

Surely it emerged from the whole slavery structure as white was continuously placed on top of blacks. However, we attained our freedoms some years back. Despite this physical freedom, our own minds are still enslaved.

It is bad when a white or light skinned person suggest by any means that a dark skinned person is inferior to her or him. However, it is even worst when our own dark skinned people fail to see the good in them and result to means to change their colour. This just affirms the believe that indeed, black is inferior.

Thanks for commenting!

Kr says:

@Akosua, excellent point. Someone sent me the video and I couldn’t even find words to express how I felt watching it.

mother says:

*i mean look at the the shit some black men talk abt dark skin girls ….

hey says:

@ mother..u cldnt have said it better they make dark skin girls feel worthless n shit  n i won’t change ma colour for nobody.smh

mother says:

arrrrgg ..our black men are also to be blamed here …look at the shirt they were abt dark skin girls …it worsen the whole situation if dark girls are not accepted within their own black people ..including our men ….that make them feel very low self esteem and loose their worth tooo ….it already bad enough black people suffer discrimination yet light skin girls(black) or brown skin turn against the dark skinned girls …how ignorant and more sad …was sad when the woman with grey hair said white people see beauty in me ..but my own people dont …. in this case i blame we some blacks people for making the dark skinn girls feel worthless ….

Yea, I am in tune with what you are sayin. However, our dark skinned girls have to accept themseleves first and then move on to ask for acceptance from their men. I think this issue even goes beyond just the skin colour but even hair type/nature has one of the folks in the video mentioned.

Black women will go every yard to hide their hair, cover them 365 days in a year with some long hair or some blond borrowed hair. When we say Black is beautiful, it does not stop at the skin colour, it extends to all attributes of being a black person including hair, eyes, nose and all that. Thanks for commenting!

Miyagi says:

I think it is ridiculous to bleach your skin at any point! This means the person has a psychological problem which needs to be treated.  If you are going to bleach your skin you might as well bleach your heart also!  What is wrong with some black people? 
We need to be proud of our heritage and who we are this is why we have problems as a race! It is only a vain man with a very shallow mind that would settle for an equally shallow minded, low class, psychologically troubled bleached woman! Good luck to you if you bleach, you will reap the rewards of your error in your old age
then it will be too late i guess for those people who base beauty on the skin being fair or white. those are the insecure people who tend to bleach in the hope of improving the myopic view they have of their own skin colour It is a shame not only blacks bleach many Chinese women bleach to look really pale, also Asians with dark skin. They play to the misconception that ”all that’s white is splendid or beautiful” white skin does not equate beauty, beauty is who you are in what ever skin you possess you don’t see any White person trying to be black
you only have to look at the advertising slogans of companies like l’oreal and co that read ” for a bright,whiter clear skin, reveal your true beauty ” and all the other rubbish
Can somebody pass me coconut oil pomade jar or cocoa butter So I can start making advertisement as well Black girls use baby oil for your skin because i love my black sisters 

diamond says:

Real talks1sistah.

things like dis makes me cry nd sad.blackamericans re bleaching,carribeans re bleaching nd africans too.most of ma age group mates here in germany bleach nd wears weave.the time i went natural i remmeber som of ma friends tellin me i shld perm ma hair cos i dont look beautiful.i stood tall nd never let dat bothered i have my hair in natural beautiful dread locs.when i go to church ppl look at me differently,some even approached me nd ask if i smoke weed, just bcos i have embrace maself nd ma root.i love being african.i love everythin abt hurts me when i see black ppl being brain washed dat black is not beautiful.being natural nd mostly doing ma locs has bein da best decision i have ever made.i feel free nd loved. i encounted one bad incident but dat does not bother me anymore.i met a guy nd we hooked up.after some weeks der was some child dedication at his church nd i got invited so i went here.after church he introduced me to his mum nd sister.da woman was warm nd nice to me.da next week i noticed da guy has changed.i ask him nd finally he told me his mum doesnt approve of me cos of ma i told him der is no way im gonna cut ma locs just for somone to feel better.hell no nd da guy said he loves me regardless.two weeks later da guys sister nd her friends stoped me on da street nd warned me to stay away from her bro.dey re from strong christian family bla bla i can never be married to dat family.from dat day i adviced maself nd changed ma number.dat how i broke contact with dat guy nd his family.talking from experience we blacks we dont appreciate ourselves.if we re really united we would do exploits here in abraod where dis white ppl dont see anything gud in us.

What a pathetic and ignorant family. Good you dived away from there. I bet if you have lightened your skin with some bleaching cream, wearing some horse or dead indian girl’s hair, you would have been made a queen in that family.

Africans are our own killers and yet we look for the killer from afar. I have always respected and admired natural women. All the fake hair, skin bleaching and GYATA nails do not pin me at all. It even gets worse when we move from changing our skin colour via adopting fake long hair all the time to FAKE ACCENTS.

I read that if you want to go into cream/cosmetic business in Africa, the best venture is to go into selling BLEACHING CREAMS. What a sad thing to be fully embraced by a generation of intellects, yet full of low esteem with reference to their own colour.

Thanks for commenting!  

Angel Martins says:

I heard that too it’s not smart do they think God is wrong,nononoo……

Abenah says:

so true Chris. We see light skin women in music videos all the time and it’s sending the wrong message to some dark skin women. ads in magazines and on tv make dark skin people feel like they are not good enough.But people need to know that if you belive you are beautiful and feel so comfortable in you skin,then you don’t have to worry about what you see in the magazine or what’s on tv. people really need to raise awareness on this issue because it is getting out of hand.stay blesses!!!!!

True talk Abenah, this is the time we all got to get involve and discuss such issues. Having a bad impression and belief about yourself especially colour can do a lot to the human mind to the extent that one can even get depressed, isolate herself from society and all that. 

Women of colour need to use all platforms, no matter how little the platform is to tell a good story about their colours and portray black as beautiful and smart.  TV is not only beautiful when a light skinned person pop up, a chocolate sister can also add glamour to TV…

Magazines and newspapers will not only sell and look splendid when you photoshop dark skinned girls into becoming light skinned, it will equally sell and look splendid if they re left as dark. But will people even show concern and get into discussion such issues? 

Abenah says:

hmmm.enu ne asem no…

Miyagi says:

just finish watching the video and i have to say that it was really said to see that little girl talk like that black is beautiful all i can say is that black is beautiful be happy with what you got i would stil go for a black girl why because The full lips, big eyes, smooth chocolately skin. Curve! Most women of color have an amazing badonkadonk and breasts 

It gets to a time in life when people have to defend what they have or what they are else others will make you feel bad about it and throw it away.

Light skinned or white people are promoting and appreciating their skin tone by glorifying it on boards, our screens and mags, instead of the few dark skinned people who can help their colour people get recognition and acceptance standing up, they are swiftly changing their colour rather. Thanks for commenting!

Miyagi says:

I totally agree with you 

Abenah says:

its funny,coz i was just watching youtube videos of “the Tyra Bank show” and she was talking about dark/light skin and black people who are bleaching their skin because they didn’t think they are beautiful. they don’t get enough attention as t light skin people do and some women are even bleaching their 5 yrs old children’s skin… WOW!!! what is this world coming to? i am African,dark skin and damned proud!!!!! May the LOrd have mercy on us.

This is really sickening…Sometimes, when such topics come up, we do not even pay much attention to them even though it is really killing us. Some blacks are paying huge money to get their skin color changed just because they think or have been made to feel their colour is ugly.

Most times, I blame the various corporate bodies especially advertisement companies for shadowing black with light skinned persons in all their commercials which to some extent create the impression that, they are perfect and dark skinned people have countless imperfections solely becos of their colour. Thanks for your comment!

fred says:

@Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, I can not agree more. Martin Luther argued that we will not be judged by the color of our skin, but our characters. What is the significance of African-American being the world president today? Is it not time for us to eradicate inferiority complex and move on? The color of one’s skin is no more priority to be accepted in the 21st century. It is about time for Africans to grow up. I love my African continent. I love my black brothers and sisters. Black is beautiful. Say it loud, I am black and proud !!! One more thing Chris, I would love to have more information about the GC life 101 article, captioned: I stripped N*ked… Is it a true story? And if so, can I have the information about this victim. Maybe, I can help. Thanks, I enjoy reading from you.

Miyagi says:

Sell out 

maame says:

ive watched this same video before on fb. It was alarming when that lil girl thought that the light skin girl is smarter and prettier. Thats just hurtful

IAmSassyChic says:

You know what worries me more? Where on earth do they learn this from? She’s four! Someone in her family must be showing and teaching her this which is very worrying. I know my Grandmother who is the colour of the sun always told me you are black and beautiful. Always she told me and my sis this and honestly I didn’t ever consider that I was less than due to my complexion. 

IAmSassyChic says:

The thing is it’s such a shame that dark skin men do not have this issue. It’s seems to be mainly a female thing. Most of us love a dark skinned brother! don’t get it….

maame says:

I know right. Dark Skin guys get chose all the time.. sad!

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