June, 2011

Social Issue: Girl Paralysed In Tema After Taking Expired Drug, Are Our Lives This Loose In Ghana?

Posted on 30 Jun 2011 at 10:27pm


You guys in Ghana got to be extra careful and check the drugs you purchase out of  various Pharmacies.

The sad story below has caught my attention, and the insulting nature the Pharmacist decided to deal with the issue by offering a refund to a parent after selling him expired pills which paralysed his daughter is so bad and cunning.

Are our lives this loose in Ghana? Don’t anyone go about inspecting these Pharmacies to make sure they are stocked with up to date drugs? I can’t just get this at all…

Imagine you being sick and looking to redeem your health by visiting a Pharmacy or Hospital but then you end up getting your situation being worsen. This is like running to a corrupted Police Officer for protection.

Read below for more… (more…)

Image Redeeming Trip To Cape Coast: Republic Day With Mimi At Cape Coast! Featuring Tiffany, Mzbel, Nana Ama Mcbrown + 30 Of Her Fans!

Posted on 30 Jun 2011 at 12:19pm

Mimi is on an image redeeming trip to Cape Coast to give her fans the opportunity to know her well. Obviously, a lot has been said about Mimi, mostly negative things and she is looking to redeem her image this way.

With the mindset to get close to her numerous fans, a show has been put together by the management of Elmina Beach Resort in collaboration with Divalish Fashions to bring to Cape Coast a show dubbed ‘July 1 Republic Day With Mimi’.

As the name suggests ‘Republic Day’, the show will happen on July 1, which happens to be Ghana’s Republic Day. To increase her fan base, the musician is currently running a promo on selected radio stations to select 30 of her fans from Accra who will join her on the trip. It’s an all expense paid trip.

Joining the singer on the trip are musicians Tiffany, Mzbel and actress Nana Ama as a special guest. The pool party is 7GHC and 10GHC for the after party at Ngwa Nite Club.

Last week, the musician surprised a fan at her birthday party in Legon. Mimi was there as a special birthday package to the birthday girl. She gave the birthday girl her CD, a collection from her clothing line as well as inviting her to join on the trip. (more…)

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Yvonne Nelson Turns A Rapper On Trigmatic’s Upcoming Album ‘Solution’

Posted on 30 Jun 2011 at 11:46am

This might sound comical but according to Hi Newspaper,  actresses Yvonne Nelson who is currently serving a year ban for her gross arrogant and behaviour disorder has gone in hard as a Rapper on Trigmatic’s upcoming album ‘Solution’.I cannot think of how the verse, rhythm and flow will go but this is a track I am dying to listen…

According to Hi-Newspaper, Trigmatic confirmed this by saying “Yvonne and me had been friends since we met in Martin de Porres School at Dansoman. We used to rap together. After basic school she continued to Aggrey Memorial Secondary in Cape Coast, where I gather, she moved on with her ‘tomboy’ stuff. ‘Tomboy’ because one hardly saw lot of girls listening to rap music let alone rapped in those early times of hip hop invasion of our industry”

My source cousin who knows Yvonne Nelson quite well from Aggrey Memorial Secondary just told me that, ” yeah Chris, Yvonne Nelson used to rock the stage when we were in secondary school and she was pretty good with her music stuff, so you never got to see her on stage those days?” HELL No! (more…)

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What The Heck Is Confidence Haugen Talking About: Confidence Talks About Her Boobs Enlargement & Links It To Surgery For Breast Cancer + A GC Reader Slams It In Her Face As Being Total Ignorant…

Posted on 29 Jun 2011 at 4:06pm

I was going to respond to the article below and ask some serious questions as to where is the link and where should we draw the line when it comes to ordinary Boob job like that of Confidence Haugen and those that are done for Breast cancer purposes.

I do not see any sort of link between Confidence Haugen going out there to seek for glamorous boobs by inserting some silicon into her breats and the medically recommended surgery for breast cancer.

However, I think probably Confidence Haugen and her ignorant team think the two are identical or they think they can turn Confidence’s seek for self fulfilment boob job into a positive one that society will encourage by bring it close to breast cancer ones.

If you ask me, I think what Confidence Haugen said below is not only a showcase of her ignorance but also a total disrespect for poor victims of breast cancer. (more…)

Photos + Half Ghanaian/Half Nigerian TV3 Presenter & Actress Ebi Bright Declares: ‘Expensive Girls Like Myself Don’t Want No Broke Ass Guy’!

Posted on 29 Jun 2011 at 1:45pm

Women seem to be very strange among all the creatures in the world, probably even in the universe. Women have strict rules and regulations that they hardly alter when it comes to dating. They care so much about how their men look. This is very important to them because some believe when they give birth with unattractive men; their children will take after them.

However, if you find a woman dating an unattractive guy, it’s because the guy has money or can rock her for hours in bed. It’s very simple, if you are not good-looking, you must have the cash or the bullet.

Most women can live with a good-looking broke guy and still cater for his every need without any problem.

The TV3’s Late Night Show and actress Ebi Bright has categorically stated that contrary to the above, she merges looks and cash when it comes to men.

She said for her, a man must not only be handsome and good-looking to date a beautiful and expensive girl like herself but also he must know how to make a living for himself and put food on the table.

“What good a fine boy? She asked! She continued, if the guy doesn’t know how to cater for himself and the people around him, then no matter how handsome he is, it’s no for her. (more…)

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Grand Opening Of ‘Adams Apples’ Chapter 3 Is Tomorrow, The ‘Wahala & Excitement’ Continue Unabated…You Can’t Miss Out On This!

Posted on 29 Jun 2011 at 12:56pm

Chapter 3 of Shirley Frimpong Manso’s ten chapter cinema movie series ‘Adams Apples’ will receive a Grand opening at the SilverBird Cinema tomorrow-Thursday, 30th June, 2011.

The ‘Sexy,Sassy,Wahala’ which Chapter 1 of ‘Adams Apples’ introduced us to continues unabated in Chapter 3 with all hell breaking “loose when the Adams sisters catch their mum and the unassuming Screening locations and times teacher, Albert together at a hotel.

A while later, Kukua back-to-business, is further heartbroken by Denu and his increasing closeness with the alluring Aseye.

Baaba gets it even worse as she engages in a war of words with Chris at a heated divorce meeting. Could the arrival of a letter have anything to do with her pursuit of a quick divorce? (more…)

Readers’ Mail: Video + Photos-Hollywood Actress Nicole Ari Parker, Wife Of Boris Kodjoe Rocks A Made In Ghana Ankara Dress For 2011 BET Awards…

Posted on 29 Jun 2011 at 10:39am

I was not going to make a post on this simply because it makes me sick and it seems the prophecy adage ‘no prophet is accepted in his home town’ is manifesting vigorously in our Ghanaian society.

I felt a little bit ashamed when I came across the video and photos below of  Hollywood actress Nicole Ari Parker forgoing all the Oscar Dela Rentas and going for  a made in Ghana dress  to wear for the 2011 BET Awards. (more…)

Love & Relationship: Dear GC Reader, I Love My Boyfriend But He Seems Very Jealous Of My Success…Please I Need Advice

Posted on 29 Jun 2011 at 10:38am

Dear GC,

I started dating my boyfriend 6 months ago when we met at a mutual friend’s house warming party.  I liked him because he made me laugh and seemed so cool and laid back in nature.

The problem is I’ve come to realise is that, he takes this type of attitude with most important issues in his life. I do quite well as an accountant but he is a struggling journalist.

He does some freelance work but he is mostly out of work and when I make suggestions about moving into other areas of work to make money or how to make contacts, he gets pissed at me and shouts at me saying I don’t understand.

I really love him and want to help but recently I feel like he resents me for doing well. I recently got a promotion at work and a pay rise and he of course was the first person I told. (more…)

Readers’ Mail: Homos*xuals Should Be Respected; Gays Are Probably More Human, Decent & Respectful Than Heteros*xuals In Ghana…

Posted on 28 Jun 2011 at 5:50pm

Dear Chris-Vincent,

I have been reading your blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com for months now and the comments some of your readers who I believe are heteros*xuals pour out when issues of Homos*xuals & Lesbians (Gayism) come up show how much of no respect heteros*xuals have for anybody with a different s*xual orientation.

When have Gays insult or throw indecent words at heteros*xuals for just being what they feel is good for them? Yet, anytime an article about Gays come up on any Ghanaian platform especially GC, dozens of your heteros*xual readers jump to insult and call people like me all sort of names just because we have a different s*xual preference to them.

The way and manner your heteros*xual readers attack Gays without any reciprocation from the latter shows that, Gays are probably more human than heteros*xuals, they respect the s*xual orientation of others and are more decent, peaceful and calm in society. (more…)

Update Of The ‘A Plus Show’ Week 3!

Posted on 28 Jun 2011 at 3:38pm

Let There Be Sound And There Was Music!

The most difficult task in the life of every journalist is to review the works of a lifetime legend. Choice of words and superlatives are usually such a challenge so one does not fall short of describing such a legend. If there is anyone person who has endeared himself so much in terms of music in this country, it would have to be Appietus.

One of the best music ears in Ghana no doubt is Appietus. Appietus just has to say let there be sound and there sure will be music! Music lovers across the country just can’t have enough of his productions. Budding artistes only need one stroke of his hot hands during recording and they are off to sell million copies and become stars within a short time.

Artistes on the burn out are just immersed into his musical river and they come out big on the music scene to touch base with their fans again. Did Appietus learn music production in Ghana? What sacrifices did he have to make if any to fulfill his dreams? Any lessons for parents about honing the talents of their children?


Delay Says ‘I Feel Lonely & Depressed’, Where Is Her Dog & Female Play Mates To Keep Her Company?

Posted on 28 Jun 2011 at 2:37pm

The 40 30 something year old  Mama ‘Delay’ who claims to be  a VIRGIN, probably a virgin somewhere else is reported to have openly confessed on A-PLUS’ new TV show  ‘Humour In Me’ that, she most times sometimes ‘feel lonely and depressed’….Who is she fooling with this virgin BS?

The popular TV face known on this blog for her bush behaviour and disregard for other media men failed to outline the causes of her lonliness and depression, however she mentioned that, when she was growing up, she had her heart broken. Are you thinking what I am….?

What happened to her posh dog and female play-mates friends? Are these not enough to keep her company and take her out of depression? Anyway, what is the real age of this Delay chick? Can anyone help me with a photocopy of her original birth certificate?

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