Social Issue: BNI Investigates Homosexuality In Western, Central Regions…19 Comments

GC Staff
Posted on 02 Jun 2011 at 7:08am

The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) has begun investigations into the growing rate of homosexuality in the Western and Central regions, Western Regional Minister, Mr. Paul Evans Aidoo has revealed.

According to the minister, there is the need for a thorough investigation into what he terms a “social canker” which has contributed to the growing rate of HIV/AIDS in the country.

About eight thousand homosexuals were registered by non-governmental organization (NGOs) at a day’s workshop in the Western and some parts of the Central regions after they (homosexuals) underwent voluntary counseling and testing with majority of them infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS.

The workshop, which was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), aimed at training health workers to be abreast with the basic facts about HIV and AIDS also revealed that, the homosexuals included students in junior and senior high schools, polytechnics and workers.

The growing rate of homosexuals in the country has resulted in the tripling of sexually transmitted diseases especially HIV and AIDS.

Mr Paul Evans Aidoo revealed on Adom FM on Wednesday that, even though homosexuality is illegal, it is still widely practiced secretly which makes it very difficult to arrest the culprits.

He said it is very important for the homosexuals to be identified, especially those infected with STDs to control the spread.

The Western Regional Minister added that the BNI is working closely with the police, Ghana Health Service and the NGO to find a lasting solution to the problem.

Mr. Aidoo stressed the need for more education on the dangers of homosexuality in the country.

But a constitutional lawyer, Yaw Anokye Frimpong argued that the BNI or the police have no right to arrest homosexuals in the country.

He said even though some religion frown upon homosexuality, it is not explicitly stated in the criminal code that it is a crime.

Lawyer Anokye Frimpong argued that homosexuality is a sexual preference which no one must be discriminated upon if he or she decides to indulge in.

Source: Joy Online

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  1. -4 Vote -1 Vote +1B.B

    2374 Total Comments

    Instead of BNI investigating the corrupted & “sikadifo)”  leaders who are causing financial loss to the state, look at what they are wasting their time on.

    this homo****ual thing has been there since time immemorial, they cant change a thing about it.

    i believe the best thing they need to do is to educate ppl on how to prevent STDs


    Vote -1 Vote +1Lesbos Reply:

    @B.B, talk of misplaced priorities.If they were going to arrest tourists who come to take advantage of our boys and girls,that wud have been better.I believe that is what is goin on n the western region.It is hypocrisy!well said mate!


  2. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1dagodfather

    195 Total Comments

    the task forces should arrest all homos and make them till the land free for the state. we cant let this canker go on in our own backyard, homo****uality may be a preference to some people, but same is trokosi and some occultic practices. It should has been there for ages, but the spate of growth will surely lead to them thinking they have the right as every one else. Homo****uals dont have the same right as “normal people” even in america, germany, uk and other gay friendly countries. 

    There is always something dodgy about homo****uals, and in Ghana, it was the weired nutters who were caught having a quickie with goats who progresses to soliciting the anus of teenage boys. 

    The evils of homo****uality and its after effects are enormous least about HIV and its cost to the whole country. I say identify them, then arrest and waterboard them and give them some lad mags, it may do the trick. we shouldnt budge into the west demands for silly human right arguments, all homos in ghana , should seek asylum in Iran or Yemen.


    Vote -1 Vote +1Miyagi Reply:

    @dagodfather, well said again


    Vote -1 Vote +1ghallday Reply:

    @dagodfather,Back in SSS, there were stories of Supi-supi and many didn’t take it seriously and people leave high school then some continue. Seriously BNI has their plates full this time around.


    Vote -1 Vote +1dagodfather Reply:

    @ghallday, very true, there were rumours back in those days and such people were always avoided cos, the belief was they will make hay if you let them see where the sun doesn’t shine. regards the “spoilt” “bad girls”, i think it was about finding a substitute for boys during school term. but for it to be accepted as a norm and mainstream and for them to be accorded the same rights as “normal couples is absurd in our land. 


  3. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1TheChuckylee

    329 Total Comments

    Dis is wat the bni shd be doin & instead arresting harmless movie producers.Those human rights activists shd just give us a break wid their noise.Every right has a limit & so we wont tolerate & encourage any sort of nonsense in our beloved which has no benefits.If we continue like dis some pple will also come out with rights to have **** with their mothers,fathers,sons, daughters & even animals.It is not every thing dat is practised outside dat shd be allowed in our country cos we’re unique.Will those homo****ual idiots be existing if their parents decided to be gays or lesbians?Who shd give birth 4 them to take as their partners.Why shd I desire a man wen der are lots of pretty ladies out der?Kmt.


    Vote -1 Vote +1dagodfather Reply:

    @TheChuckylee, couldnt agree with you more


  4. Vote -1 Vote +1ThickMama

    462 Total Comments

    Hmmmm…na waa ooh…


  5. Vote -1 Vote +1Dee jay

    1 Total Comments

    We are tired of being influenced with the stupid western lifestyles they call human rights and freedom of this and that. The older homos take advantage of the young guys in the society thereby turning them into other homos. Tell the so call human right (westners and western influnce) that because they want to have their way with us they come and introduce human right. Its high time they know that we would want our society to be like their societies (i mea positively). Our family lives are already down and homo****aulity will compound the problems. they should give us a break!!!


  6. Vote -1 Vote +1sly

    1 Total Comments

    .The BNI is bein foolish wasting their time but stupid people like u guys will support them so no wonder.Not agreeing with what someone do is ok but expressing this level of hatred leads me to believe u guys are closet homo****uals urselves.See how miyagi is riding dogfather’s ****..he is cosigning everythng he says…LOL!!!…And as for Dee Jay,some old guy did that u right?…haha.Chuckylee is also another homophobe.I bet he is the one who’s **** is ****ed every night.Instead of pressing the government to improve ur villages,u are here talking ****!!..You must have miserable lives!!……Hasta La Vista f*ckers!…..LMAO


  7. Vote -1 Vote +1dagodfather

    195 Total Comments

    Dear sly kid,
    there is no harm in embracing common sense kid. far from the myth that you will be fat, see ghosts, be abducted by dwarfs, it nothing like that….try it, dont take much all you need is a head, brains and using them!  



    -8 Vote -1 Vote +1Sly Reply:

    @dagodfather, KOO JIMI!!!!!………FATHER OF DOGS!…….That’s why u **** dogs!!!…..Did I touch a nerve??…..LOL!!……Use ur brains first!,but I doubt if u have one.You empty skull.Caricature of a man.Poor excuse of a human being.!!


    +8 Vote -1 Vote +1dagodfather Reply:

    @Sly Kid, you wanted some attention and i sure gave you one…use your 5 secs of fame well. about touching a nerve, get over yourself you didnt even come close. you are not even that unique you know, just saw some kid from delhi born to a surrogate goat mother, only this time the breed wasnt sokoto red in your case, so stop throwing your toys out of the pram!


    Vote -1 Vote +1miyagi Reply:

    @dagodfather, hahahhahahaha you made my day after loosing my football match that’s really hash if I was there personi would just switch of my pc and go and sleep hahahahah good one thumps up

    Vote -1 Vote +1Sly Reply:

    @miyagi, It has been confirmed.Y’all ****in each other and Miyagi is definitely the ****.Kinda dumb tho but hey!..If i didnt touch a nerve u wudnt be all over the place acting like a toddler.Genetic waste!!!..I see u are now GC celebrities herh?….lol!!!….Wo mame abr3 egu kwa!!……..kotobonku!!!…You should be honored I will even gave u an inkling of attention.!..U think i dnt knw why the gay boys call u zoom lion.Because u go around town with ur **** collecting men-waste.Your **** if full of sperm You cum dumpster.I won’t even touch u with a long stick.Miyagi u can have him,I’m not interested!………Now let me see u come here and **** again!

    Vote -1 Vote +1jazzy phizzle Reply:

    @Sly, looooooooooool…

  8. Vote -1 Vote +1Miyagi

    8437 Total Comments

    The practice of homo****uality is madness and must not be tolerated in the society period 


    Vote -1 Vote +1ghallday Reply:



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