Mzbel’ Arrest Is A Lesson To Role Models – MUSIGA Boss

The President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Mrs. Diana Hopeson says the arrest of one of its members should serve as a lesson to all particularly role models in the showbiz industry.

According to her, the detention of renowned musician, Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly called Mzbel, sends a strong signal to those in the industry who might want to disregard enforcers of law and order.

Mrs. Hopeson was speaking to Citi News after visiting the songstress who is serving a 5-day remand in police custody, for allegedly assaulting and obstructing a police officer from executing his duty.

The MUSIGA President is pleading for his colleague who is to reappear in Court on Friday June 10.

“When it comes to traffic offences, no one is perfect. Once a while, you find yourself at the end of the law. But when you do so, there is a way to go about it. So I was shocked that she has to be in police custody. When people get angry, they sometimes do all sort of things and I pray that we will be able to manage our anger in the heat of issues like this”.

“The Police are law enforcers as we are role models, so we are there for each other. So when things like this happen, we have to allow patience to have its own way. I believe one way or the other, patience was not applied to its fullest. Now that she has been reprimanded, it’s been a big lesson and so we are just praying that things will be done in a way such that, those of us who have learnt our lessons will not repeat such things” she noted.

Mzbel, Maxwell Mensah, a driver and Emmanuel Edem Nordzor, a student have pleaded not guilty to the charges preferred against them.

Mensah was charged for unauthorised parking, causing road obstruction, resisting lawful arrest and assaulting one Lumorvi Wonder, a police officer.

Nordzor was charged for driving without a driving licence and obstructing a police officer from executing his duty.

The three accused were denied bail despite a plea by their lawyers.

The Police say they will proceed with the prosecution as a warning to serve as a deterrent to other traffic offenders.

Source: Citifmonline

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sarah says:

Is time for ghana to respect their authorities police,etc this should be a lesson to those celeb. who don,t have manners You can never do this in north america.

kissmaker says:

mzbel is in i dnt kno how to say it ba she is reali messin herself up, she’s
 ma gal she should’nt be doin dat.

Afia says:

Sry bt i never said it was unfair to punish her. I stated that, this crime would occur again and if u would read da headline it is “Mzbel´s Arrest is a lesson to role models”. So I dnt c why u should put me dat question cos it really has nuthing 2 do wit my statement.

The_Legend says:

Wow u guys amazing, what happen to innocent until proven guilty in the court of law….guess that’s the problem. I don’t even know her but police sometimes take the law in their own hands and try to exact what they thing the law is. Have you guy ever heard police abuse or brutality….Hey give her and the other co-defenders a chance to prove themselves in court, that’s why we have the court system. Jah bless all

ghallday says:

@The_Legend,EXACTLY my point. Thank you!   You took the words right out of my mouth. 

maame a says:

mzbel is sorry for her act

beatrice says:

Do not think if you are celebritie inGhana or some where you are too big to do the right thing this go to all celebraties

beatrice says:

As i said Ghana we Ghana people we do not respect our police they are our low enforcement they are the low i am not saying they are right all the time .But just give them chance to do their job you cannot do this in Us

Opanin says:

@beatrice, sister o, wo brofo y3 brutal…hahahahahaha…….anyways,have u been in the states before??????asem……

ghallday says:

@beatrice, I am into criminal justice at school.. and knows a good amount of what US law enforcement is all about. They should be left alone to do their job of course but the wrongs of GP should not be swept under the rug. 

afroqueen says:

is she that bad or she just tryin to show off

Qwabena says:

wat am i hearing that mzbel or wat ever her name is,is a celebrity or an international star…she is js a screen entertainer..smtyms i pity for my country where in europe or america wil smbody assault a police officer in public..only done in gh..ghanaians dnt respect their policemen..if found guilty…she n her dump ass friends shd be jailed…A celebrity my ass… “CONNARD” MZBEL…..after aLL hw many international shows does she has on her credit…….i wonder y the media n others cal her a celeb or international star……is about tym…the media n others stop calling mere local entertainers as celebrities or international star……ghanaians lyk fotocopy too much…..dnt wana write much…..

Mary Acquah says:

I think she deserves it, its really a lesson to all.

Afia says:

maybe I am just pessimist. I dnt really believe ppl would learn frm this punishment.  This type of crime would definitely happened again. If not by a musician then by citizens.

ghallday says:

@Afia,Sometimes “suspects” in GP’s custody receive some very hefty slaps.. even without conviction some people are treated like criminals already. Why is it that you don’t see a problem with that Afia?

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