Video Interview: ‘I Am Not A Lesbian! I’m Straight’ – Actress Nana Akua Addo!

Nana Akua Addo

Nana Akua Addo

Upcoming Ghanaian actress Nana Akua Addo has few movies such as ‘Raj The Dancer’, ‘Believe Me’, ‘Innocent Scenes’, ‘Breaking The Rules’, ‘Never Again’, ‘Hidden Passion’, ‘Crazy Scandal’, ‘Wrath Of A Woman’ amongst others to her credit.

The actress who doubles as the brand ambassador for New Royal EM Bread Improver, though a bit new in the Ghana Movie Industry has been branded as a lesbian by a so-called friend who was said to have repented.

GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with her for a chit chat immediately after donating food items to the Teshie Orphanage Home in Accra. Nana Akua Addo was the Miss Ghana-Germany 2005 and also runner up of Miss Malaika 2003.

Watch the video interview below…


GC Staff

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abena says:

more than real,nd i dont owe u any explanation why i typed watch nd learn,so next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

esi says:

Did she just say “Ghanaian movie industry is one of the biggest on the African planet??”…LOL..Anyway,nana Akua u are really fine and beautiful with a good heart….BIG UPS!

abena says:

migayi,please dont bring urself.i,m really sure i aint talking to u.its my comment,so let me worry abt it.thanks

Miyagi says:

@abena, it’s your comment so nobody is allowed to give you a feedback on your comment are you for real ” lol”

phillip says:

nana i like u even if u are a lesbian ok, but nana if it true please stop ok. keep up the good work ok miss germano.

matty says:

nana my qeen i was in humburg in Germany when u won miss ghana Germany we are proud of u. i love u go gal

DAVID says:

nana addo please stay away from Yvonne. i liked you interview you spoke so well. you are a black beauty i love your panties

madam social says:

it don’t matter to me if she lesbian or straight or bent. what matters to is she understands the importance of giving, and she is doing that. thanks for sharing with others gal.

james says:

nana you have got so much energy and u have life in u in ur interview you spoke so well. GOD BLESSING FOR U.

frano says:

nana akua don’t mind them ok we love u and keep up with the good work.

lucky says:

@ ama who be u self ???????? nana akua hmmmmmmmmmm guys u need to see her in believe me the movie is more of a pono she and jon hmmmmmm her assssssssssssssss was all over the place n*kedness be wat . but on a serious note she acted very well but was not in suopport with her n*kedness in the movie

ama says:

@ dan you too u madddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd wahhhhhhhhhh. she is a lesbain take it from me.

Miyagi says:

@ama, Wobεtumi ayε me mboa? Firi meso kɔ and what are you India mama 

dan says:

@ wendy you fool waaaaaaah hw may of our up coming actress do donate to the need in the country think about it hw much is she been payed to have save money and even give out guys plssss think when you say things you have know idea about she , a lady who command respect did u not see that from her interview. nana akua adoo God bless u and keep the good work up.

nick says:

@ wendy don’t say Wat you don’t know it J-LO live our star alone she is the ishh mennh deal with it ok. do you know her boy lover uh? this gal is a DIVA on her on with a swag you fill me. nana akua you are the next big thing ok we love you here. and i love your panties too it s*xyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Miyagi says:

@nick, are you her family member?

wendy says:

ishhhh it true she is a super lesbo with Yvonne nelson they fly to dubai together chale them be bad gal waaaaaah why not she they follow yvonne i dont knw why all these gal allow them self to be used.

Miyagi says:

@wendy, come again 

kay bee says:

her panties are V.C you catch? live the gal alone pull me down people why she is a beautiful lady with a brain and a heart. you and i know very well who the lesbians are in the movie industry so stop using her as a scape goat ok.

Miyagi says:

@kay bee,And who is using her as a scape goat?

abena says:

dats my girl for u,dis is called watch nd learn.go girl

Miyagi says:

@abena, what was there too learn after watching it

B.B says:

@Miyagi,ask that again Miyagi. what is really there to learn?

Miyagi says:

@B.B, lol maybe we should order some GC drink and popcorn sit relax and learn how to give an interview 

osei says:

Who cares?

miyagi says:

@osei, don’t comment than idiot

ghallday says:

Is it her panties I see in the 3rd b/w  picture?    She don’t look lesbo to me. Maybe she did a little supi-supi here and there.

B.B says:

@ghallday, eiiii wani y3 papaapa. i had to check it very well again. i believe its her panties

William Abaka-Wilson says:

have u seen her in the act?

billy Graham says:

what re u talking about William…re u related to her…or u dont watch her movies?
wake up cos there is no doubt that she is a lesbian.

William Abaka-Wilson says:

Its very for anyone to think that Nana Akua is a lesbian…its actually crazy. When i first heard this i was amazed….she is a straight lady who is very much attractive to men and boys.i know her to have a dated really big boys in town..the ones you cant even imagine,as a matter of fact i should not say this i know few of the very rich big boys in accra she dated and dumped them…not to say more…i do not know about her being a lesbian…she is so straight….

B.B says:

@William Abaka-Wilson, You sound like you know everything she does behind closed doors. 

William Abaka-Wilson says:

Almsgiving leaves a person where he/she was before.Aid restores him/her to society as an individual worty of all respect and not as a person with a grievance…i think we should apploud our stars for the love the show to the needy…recently Nana Akua’s donation say it all…its obvious she is a kind lady and thinks not only for her self and what we give to her she gives it back to where it belong….voice of the people is always voice of GOD…big ups to Nana Akua…i hope all her mates in the industry will do the same…

Eben couldn’t go for the kiss? Massa, you should have jumped for the kiss, she offered, all you had to do is accept! 

Miyagi says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,Hahahah I so agree with you on that 

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