Nana Akua Addo & Funny Face Join Nana Aba Anamoah To Celebrate Her Birthday With The Children At SOS Village, Tema!

During her induction as an ambassador to the SOS Children’s Village, TV3 leading female news anchor Nana Aba Anamoah promised to celebrate her birthdays with the children. Last Sunday-Father’s Day was her birthday and she honoured her promise.

She celebrated her first birthday after taking the ambassadorial role with the children at the SOS Village in Tema.

Joining her to celebrate her birthday with the children were budding Ghanaian actress Nana Akua Addo and comedian Funny Face, the swag on papa. As part of her ambassadorial duties, Nana Aba made some donations to the home.

Actress Nana Akua Addo who recently donated some few items to the Teshie Orphanage Home also donated items to the home. They were treated to some performances by the children in the home. Also present was Nana Aba’s senior sister.

Nana Akua is currently on location shooting a movie titled ‘Rain’ produced by Hajia Meizongo of Silver Line Films. The movie also features Adjetey Anang [Pusher of ‘Things We Do For Love’ fame] and Nadia Buari.

In the movie, Nana Akua plays the husband of Adjetey Anang with Nadia Buari playing ‘Osofo Maame’ [Pastor’s Wife] tries to snatch him away from her. Details of the movie will be published later.

Check out the pictures below:

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.Com/Ghana


GC Staff

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candy says:

Nana aba of tv3 u are too short why?? geeeeeeeeeeeee nana akua ur dress is not nice get it twisterd ok! n if u be lesbo f*ck u to core u feel me .

Opanin says:

@candy, yeah we feel ur out of the world jealousy and stupidity… me, no word can qualify ur level of foolishness…..nana aba is short and she’s donating,wht have u done in ur life apart frm borrowin money to go to the internet cafe???…………who says ur opinion on wht dress is nice or not matters to anybody………

yaw says:

Fuck u all mother f*ckers nw i strongly believe that nana akua addo has also donate to ur mothers n fathers that why u guys can’t say it as it is she be big time lesbo with yvon neslson they move with big guys n f*ck them for money ooh i no them too well yvon is her master n she will kiss her ass lesbo gal.

Miyagi says:

@yaw, this ain’t your mothers house shit Shaka Zulu 

Opanin says:

@yaw, clap for urself……….dat outbust certainly will get u an Oscar….in one point u state dat she’s a big time lesbo wit Yvonne and in anoda u state dey move with big guys and f*ck dem for money, which is which????………u see where talkin trash can get u???? u sound stupid….we’re talkin abt her charity work not her s*xual preference…..are u so stupid and block headed not to notice????

ThickMama says:

Great…keep it up…wheder shes lesbo or nt…who f*ckin cares!!!…y cnt u leave her s*xuality alone…sum ppl jst alwys bliev unesary stuff too much…

ghallday says:

Woman with enough body.

Opanin says:

@ghallday, bebiaa so so…………….

cici says:

Good job guys..

evelyn says:

@ claude she did the hidden passion never again, believe me the wrath of a woman n breaking the rules and raj the dancer most of her movies are already out in 9ja n  U.S she is the nw kid on the block like her so much .

madam social says:

more of this what we need from our celebs. big ups guys!

Claude says:

Someone please mention a movie(s) this Nana akua has been in before,cause i seem not to know her.

B.B says:

God bless you guys. It feels good to know that ppl care for these children.

evelyn says:

Nana akua(NK) God bless u n keep u.

tolu says:

Owo go go galss love u nana aba of tv3 @ nana akua chale ur black berrytorch u get flex paaaaaa swagg be what I love ur movie believe me u were just on top?  

benny says:

Nana akua love u and nana aba 4 giving God bless u guys oh by the way love ur dress dont mind them jealousy ko say make u go jump into the sea ooh. she be the ishhhhh mennnnh

akosua says:

Guys! what’s the fass abt her dress have bertte one @ home ok! love u funy face.

Opanin says:

@akosua, wear it lets see……….jealousy…….

Miyagi says:

@akosua, your confused 

hassoun says:

If u aint her don’t heat her ok nana don’t mind them ok SLY is foolish God bless u 4 ur kindness. love ur dress n funy face.

ghallday says:

@hassoun,Umm I can’t really understand your find sentence. 

Miyagi says:

@ghallday,Say that again

sly says:

@adjoa what is there to appreciate tell me huh! lover nana akua addo’s dress but the turth stands she be lesbain ok.

Miyagi says:

@sly,sly have you witness that she is a lesbian did she sleep with your mother stupid uncle f*cker wise up 

Opanin says:

@sly, the truth stands, u be idiot ok………..she f*ck ur mother before???? lemme ask,are u not Osei’s gay partner?????? wabodam papa….

Adjoa nbaaso) says:

@sly, Shut that thing u call a mouth and stop asking silly questions.kwaasia, have u ever donated anything to the less fortunate?So then, why cant u apprecaite it when somebody does it.

Miyagi says:

@Adjoa nbaaso), woy3 me )soro bofo), please take it easy with that sly the Nwansena 

Adjoa nbaaso) says:

@Miyagi, mati odo.That guy was tryna piss me off.

Miyagi says:

@Adjoa nbaaso),Yeah I saw that yeah 

mary says:

@ adjoa she is the one in blue u have no idea of what no abt her she s a big lesbo! and it the truth on less u be part of them too!

Miyagi says:


Opanin says:

@mary, are u her partner??if not dem shut the hell up…….but any which ways, wht has bein a lesbian got to do wit her charity work?? u dat u’re not a lesbian, have u donated even 1pesewa to charity before…kwasiasem……………big lesbo ma black ass.

Adjoa nbaaso) says:

@mary, Yea, ever since u started it with ur mum.

Miyagi says:

@Adjoa nbaaso), ouch hahahahah 

mic says:

Nana akua love ur dress were did u get it?

Opanin says:

@mic, from a shop dummy…………….

bee says:

@Opanin, ….yh she knows itz from a shop…bt guess she wants to know which one, …or is dat bad to ask….

Miyagi says:

@mic, is your brains as small as an egg to be asking that dumb question Opuro

Adjoa nbaaso) says:

God bless u guys but which of them is nana akua Addo?

harriet says:

Nana that’s wat am talking about want to be seeing u in productions like that cos u so good n need to be part of such productions wait to see u in venus films n give yvonne okoro a run 4 her monye n  no u can do it. God bless u, u such a lady with a warm heart .I like funy face so much n nana aba of tv3 God bless u guys. 

mohamad says:

Allah bless u guys oooh ! nana akua still want to no if u have a boy lover or it ture that u are a lesbain? nana pls stop it ok love ur movies breaking the rules u were just too much.

Adjoa nbaaso) says:

@mohamad, hmm I thought we were all trying appreciate what they did, so where from the image tarnishing???

Miyagi says:

@mohamad,allah punish you or you stupid comment useless harlot if you really want to know who is a lesbian than ask the one that gave birth to you 

Opanin says:

@Miyagi, dats a gud one bro…….”ask the one who gave birth to u”…………………….

owusuah says:

Madam ur dress is out of this world habaah! u go kill me shy ooh to the two nana’s God bless u guys for reaching out.

martha says:

@mona! nana akua addo is a glamorizes actress love ur dress n ur zeal to help the needy.

monalisa says:

Ishhh nana akua addo is so glamours n has a good personality.

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