New Music Video: ‘Sexy Girls’ By ReeZon Featuring Blackup & Titi Lo’kei


New music video ‘Sexy Girls’ from ReeZon featuring Blackup & Titi Lo’kei.

Enjoy it.

For more information, check on ReeZon at

GC Staff

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sarah says:

its so funny that nowadays ghanaians are imitiating naija,jamaica and america music. wtf what happend to ghana style. BE yourself for christsake it shows that they are not creative

miyagi says:

@sarah, well spoken

RychEnt says:

@sarah, I thought music originated from Africa. what is Ghana style music? How will you grow if you stay in one genre? why is it difficult to appreciate good work? if the music is good why does it matter where it came from.  Are you saying Jamaicans shouldn’t sing pop, Americans should do techno, Africans can’t do reggae? I’m just asking, if the song and video isn’t creative i’m sorry you shouldn’t be writing comments on the hard work from artists trying to make a difference. You think this is imitation? 

adwoa yankee says:

love it

Reena says:

I like it.

hannah says:

what is this………………………..

Miyagi says:

@hannah, hahaha say that again 

kwasi says:

Hmm… Not sure how i feel about this 1. I’ll let it marinate for a while.

RychEnt says:

@kwasi, well 6000 views in a little over a week  i’m sure there’s
something good about it. watch again. I’m sure you appreciate good work

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