Photos + Nana Akua Addo Stars In A New Movie ‘Rain’ Alongside Adjetey ‘Pusher’ Anang, David Dontoh, Frank Artus, Nadia Buari & Others!


Husband [Adjetey Anang], wife [Nana Akua Addo] & husband snatcher [Nadia Buari]


Dreams are achievable if you put your mind at achieving them. The new shinning kid on the block, actress Nana Akua Addo is gradually warming herself into the make believe fraternity; Ghana Movie Industry to achieve her ultimate dream.

For Nana Akua, her dream of crossing the carpet from a beauty queen to a movie actress is on course and on the verge of being achieved. She told GhanaCelebrities.Com that, “… dreams are achievable if you work towards it”.

Nana, like many others yearns to be a movie star not only that, she also desires to make a great difference when she achieves that status. For someone who has already kick-started several projects to help the less privilege in Ghanaian society, she would be a great sight to behold when she finally achieves her ultimate desire.

Though most of her movies are yet to be released to the general public, she seems to be bombarded with scripts all the time. Currently on location shooting one of her numerous scripts is ‘Rain’ from the stables of Silver Line Productions under the able leadership of Hajia Meizongo.

‘Rain’ also stars Adjetey ‘Pusher’ Anang, David Dontoh, Juliet Ibrahim, Nadia Buari, Frank Artus, Ekow Smith and lots of new faces.

Some of her movies include ‘Raj The Dancer’, ‘Believe Me’, ‘Innocent Scenes’, ‘Breaking The Rules’, ‘Never Again’, ‘Hidden Passion’, ‘Crazy Scandal’, ‘Wrath Of A Woman’ amongst others.

Below are some pictures from the set…

Nana Akua Addo & Adjetey 'Pusher' Anang, husband and wife in the movie 1

Nana Akua Addo & Adjetey 'Pusher' Anang, husband and wife in the movie

Nana Akua Addo & Adjetey 'Pusher' Anang, husband and wife in the movie

Nana Akua Addo & Adjetey 'Pusher' Anang, husband and wife in the movie

Frank Artus, Juliet Ibrahim & David Dontoh

Frank Artus, Juliet Ibrahim & David Dontoh

David Dontoh

David Dontoh

Adjetey 'Pusher' Anang

Adjetey 'Pusher' Anang

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo reading through their lines

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo reading through their lines

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo reading through their lines

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo reading through their lines

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo in a scene 3

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo in a scene

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo in a scene

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo in a scene

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo in a scene

Adjetey Anang, Nadia and Nana Akua Addo in a scene

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  • iamsassychic

    Pusher is chillin surrounded by all d laydeez! 😉

    • Miyagi

      @iamsassychic, say that again I’m jealous 

  • Yaanom

    Nana Akua , this is your time to shine so go for it. And what is that bitch ass Nadia doing her face in the first photo as if she is being forced to take the photo.

    Your shine is over Nadia, others have taken over BITCH!

    • @Yaanom, what are the insults for you swine.

    • looking forward to the movie, cant wait.

    • Miyagi

      @Yaanom, your an idiot adwi 

  • candy

    Go go goooooo! nana akua the sky is ur limite all the best ghana is ready 4 u.

    • Miyagi


  • twumasi

    Ooo naaa na what her name! she is nana akua addo is her name! gal am proud of u can’t wait to see RAIN n God bless u 4 all the Good works u have been doing.

  • linda

    Nana u and pusher look good don’t let nadia take him away 4m u oooo! lol good work n well done.

  • jon

    Nana u look shy! why do u like pusher?? am so happy 4 u nana u look good can’t wait to see u act with yvon okoro. all the best u are loved.

  • nik

    Nana u go 4 it. wanna noh did u guy kiss mean u n pusher?

  • kr

    I just love Anang. He is the best Ghanaian actor

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    Well, I think I saw a movie She(Nana A kua) featured and wasnt please with her acting skills.Perhaps it was one of her old movies.

    • @Adjoa Nbaaso), i agree ..she is not talented as an actress …she was bad in raj ..hopefully she has improved …

      • Miyagi

        @mother,Lol mother watch your Tongue before her alien army attacks you 

      • Adjoa Nbaaso)

        @mother, Thank u soo much.All I needed was just one person who could read and understand my point.Exactly! that movie was really bad, yet some fools wouldn’t stop displaying their ignorance on here.

        • @Adjoa Nbaaso), my dear thats the truth ..dont knw why people refuse to tell the truth ..they should rather telll her to improve cos not being honest with her and praising her blindly for b ad acting would rather not her go far in the industry as her blind f ans are doing here now …..

          @Brian …dont worry cos am tthru with those unreasonable ill mannered people here who insult and attack people just like that …so wouldnt waste my time anymore on them cos it wont change their manners ….

      • bee

        @mother, nope she hasnt…i hope they say the truth so she rather improves than the fake praise

  • bismark

    @ adjoa jealousy go kill u nana akua addo is just too good stop heating if u c act show ur face bitch

    • Miyagi

      @bismark,John and Diana are all three of you stupid or just retarded Did you guys read her comment well fools all thre of you sound like villagers read it well before you comment and insult someone Gyimi fo 

      Bismark you are nothing but a goatish assload of tottering waffle-house grits.
      John you are nothing but a spongy plate of rump-fed urine samples as for you Diana As for you your nothing but a unoriginal, uninspiring, weasel-smelling, wretched, spam-sucking, egg-sucking, decayed, halfbaked, infected bitch 

      • Adjoa Nbaaso)

        @Miyagi, Thanks!They r just some desperate fools who read without understanding.

  • john

    @ adjoa if u aint laying c u mention the name of the movie u so claim  she was in it?? huh whyyyyy are u trying to pull her down? go heat on ur mom n fada ok maybe they are bad actors.

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @john, Shut up u fool.laying u said?Do u even get my point?Damnnn! dnt ‘ve to waste my time on u.Keep changing ur name on here just to make ur foolish comments.

  • diana

    @ adjoa! try show ur urgly face on tv and let see wat will happen?foolish gal like u.ur urgly face guess wat knw director will cast u 4 a movie

    • Miyagi

      @diana, she is more beautifull than you can ever be trust me Acting is not her thing lizard 

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @diana, And u diana, am sure whoever gave birth to u might be tapping their fingers as to why they didnt abort u.Kwaaasiaba, do u even know anything about me.Useless animal, cum back and spill that nonesense again.Ur mother is the one, not me.aboaaa ba.Who could be more foolish than u who quickly jump into conclusion.Idiot.

  • nathaniel

    Adjoa!! pls stop this heating haa bahh…. this gal is a good actress watch believe me one of her movie n u will knw wat am talking abt. well done nana akua u look great with pusher ooooo

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @nathaniel, R u people insane or something?How could u be that stupid?Cant I express my opinion?Wegyime anaa?And which one too is heating?U have a hard time with ur spellings, yet u wanna talk shit.She might be a good actress in ur eyes but not mine.Next time, try to respect other peoples opimion.

      • Adjoa Nbaaso)

        @Adjoa Nbaaso), *opinion*

  • yaw

    Nana akua u looking s*xyyyyyyyyyyyy do u have a boy lover??? cos am in love with u and the good work u have been doing God bless u and as 4 adjoa God punish ur mouth.

  • parker10

    I will only watch it if it’s a p*rn movie!

  • beautiful

    i guess this is a site for evry1 to comment  n say wat dey feel abt every article but pls the insults are getting too much…………….de insult r pulling people back not to comment on GC……pls is not fair….
    @MR MIYAGI….pls  pls pls kindly pls stop this insult….pls …tnx alot

    • Miyagi

      @beautiful,Yess boss your wish is my command 

  • beautiful

    @MIYAGI…gud gud…

  • cici

    Nadia is looking gud as always..let’s all wait n c what silverline has for us..

  • Akosua Addai

    who saids Nadia is not a gud actress, pls let her be, if u don’t like her dats yr own headache n stop making those unnecessary comparison, @Miyagi, Mother n Adjoa Nbaaso), well said guys

  • nazam

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! am in love with Nadia she is the BEST.  come on, why is juliet still want to act 4! she shld go and take care of her child n hubby. nadia all the way u my star!

  • tommy

    What  ever ur name is am  with u on this one juliet have to go n take care of her baby.  i love nadia she is the reason watch gh movies my starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .

  • mandy

    Juliet is a true beauty but her acting skills is not up to her beauty am ssorry nadia is so much a pro! hey new kid on the block welcome love ur swag already keep up the good work.

  • shiran

    Who is a beauty?? juliet huh! 4 where not to my NADiA plsssssSsssssssssssssss! nadia hw are u my dear miss u. who is nana akua???

  • i think chris says Nadia is not getting any roles ,and if imay ask what is this date ?chris stop hating on some actresses it will not end well for you.