Tish’s Corner: Is Nadia Buari Engaged?

Confidence Haugen And Nadia Buari
Confidence Haugen And Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari was recently spotted wearing some serious ‘bling bling’ on her ring finger….

But is she engaged? Well we have not heard of any dating whatsoever after the Michael Essien jilt except the Dede Ayew and Fally Ipupa dating rumour which she denied.

Is she preparing to tie the knot any time soon? Who is the lucky girl dude and why is it on the down-low or is it the usual publicity stunt?

Lots and lots of questions have been running through my mind, well probably, it’s a surprise package to knock Michael Essien and the media down… Go Gurl!!

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I am a Ghanaian based in the United States, a blog enthusiast with fanatical interest in celebrity lifestyle, battle of the sexes and general lifestyle issues of black women. You can understand my personality more through my writings so take the ride with me as I pour out my sentiments... E-mail: Leticia@ghanacelebrities.com

@ opanin, its good you said association,to say you are in association with someone does not mean the same as saying the person is ur best friend.in this case the saying here is my BEST FRIEND;thats the difference, and yes a believer can be friends with an unbeliever with the aim of transforming the unbeliever,but in this case who is the believer here?and who is tranforming who?my oppinion is my opinion and you have every right to disagree with me but its still my opinion.i have said this before and i will say it again,when you make friends with a thief,automatically people will see u to be a thief too, even if u are not and thats why i say darkness have nothing in common with light.

@opanin,your answer is no,but it will be an honor to be a friend to a president or a real man of GOD since we have fake ones,but it certainly not going to be an honor to be called a friend of a lesbian or a prostitute so to say.

@maame, is dat ur opinion or the fact?? in dis case, wht happens to family members of “dese” people cos i don’t think dey were carved……..how do u think christians win souls for God? it’s by their association with non-christians…..so lemme ask, when a christian befriends a non believer wit the intention of transforming dem, do dey also become non-believers??? as u can see, ur analogy is as weightless as Modekes brain…………..

@AKUA,If you are a liar,well good for you but as for me, when it comes to my man,yes i tell the truth all the time because he is truthful to me.i can afford to lie to people like you,cos from the way you speak tells me that you see nothing wrong with lies so why should i tell you the truth?with people like you,i can easily lie.I have lived and worked here in EUROPE for years now and what i have noticed is,tell a white person 1 lie,just 1 and you are finished.They will never trust you again but in AFRICA,who cares lies are the order of the day and that is why we will always lack behind because of dishonesty.

akua,no need to get insultive here with jessy,you can simply say you disagree with her,not to call her a fool,lets assume that its true she has kids,how will you feel when after months of being in a relationship with a man you love,and you find out that he has kids or a kid and he never told you?the issue here is not the kids,but truth.Relationships are maily based on absolute trust,so dont insult.Sua kasa,learn how to talk and it will help you in the future ok.

@maame, what thruth ?we do worse in our hidings ,its unfortunate they are in the public eye ,be sincere, do you always say the thruth?

bobby,nadia has a child or two already,it was speculated that its one of the reasons why Essien broke up with her,and also for the fact that she never told Essien that she has dated steven appiah before,Essien had to hear it from steven himself.

akosua,did you say confidence and nadia hangs out one time?Confidence has come out to say they are best of friends,now when one is a best friend to a lesbian,then what do u think?show me your friend and i will tell you who you are .My dear akosua,darkness and light has nothing in common,when u make friend with a thief,you will be called a thief too simple.About the rings,lets not deceive ourselves a woman can enter a shop and buy her self a ring and put it on her finger,without any man having anything to do with that,i see that happening all the time.

@maame, if u’re a friend to a Pastor, does dat make u a Pastor???? or if ‘re the Presidents friend, does it make u too a President????

@Miyagi,yea exactly Brian i meant Kr´sone and not what Dela meant ..though what he or she said is right too ..but i meant not the people who insults this time but concenrning KR comment s…

I think it’s more of a finger decoration than anything else. Well a girl like her can get some guy to buy her a ring for many reasons. ..

@akua, 1$ bitch u r. Your mama didn’t bring u up well at all. U lack proper home training. Nadia is only wearing that cheap ring for decoration. Which sensible man will propose marriage to a  prostitute like Nadia with old lady boobs. Those extremely flabby boobs look so weak  and scary on her chest. Grannies have firmer boobs than Nadia and it has been confirmed that she has a daughter with a Holland -based Ghanaian and the poor thing just like her mother was born out of web-lock, and she is still hiding her identity. Hope that child doesn’t disown her one day since she isn’t proud of her own daughter. What kind of a woman is Nadia, ur child should be ur pride as a woman but u keep hiding her identity cos u r ashamed of her.

@Naesto, owula, onukpa b3 oshia ona??? how can u speak such lies….it has been confirmed by who?? useless twart

@Naesto, old lady’s boobs, flabby boobs Stop confusing your self w’bodam stupid harlot reading your comment makes me think that you sound so jealous and a hater kwasia how dare you speak about someone like that Like where, where you before you ended wherever you are 

@akua, I can’t say much but just laugh my heart out. I don’t know if this was meant for Nadia or for me. But well..we will find out. 

wow ,this site is getting messy now since it looks like some commentators are intimitadating tthe bloggers and they blocking their comments …SMH whats this turning into now???

@mother, Some people who come to GC are very stupid. They come here and say FUCK GC and all that nonsense. People behave on here as if they owe this site or are paying anything to the writers. These guys work around to write things for us, even if nothing at all, they spend time typing, one thing I ask myself is, why do they keep coming here if they hate the site?

This blog belong to people and the owners can say whatever they want. This is like their dairy. That is why it is called WEB LOG. We come here to read their dairy and what they have to say in their dairy.

We comment and if they like it, they will allow the comments, if they don’t they will not allow the comment to show. This is not by force.

Anytime I visit here, I read people talking on here as if Chris and the other writers here owe them some money or they have paid they to write. There are websites I don’t like what they write, so I do not go there. I can’t go there and be writing stupid comment, because they will even ban you.

Here, GC has allowed things for long time, they should have been moderating their comments since. Even Big websites like Huffington Post moderates comments and delete comments they do not find appropriate and the commentator can’t do nothing. After all it is their website, they did not force you to come there.

I have always said on this blog that, GC should start moderating and deleting and if necessary ban people who can’t comment without insulting or talking rubbish. My 2 cents!

@Dela, thank you for your long useless comment you hypocrite weren’t you the one that was insulting people as well before you started kissing asses because people where giving it to you this is a blog and so what aren’t people allowed to express there mind did “KR” insulted anybody here did you read what was going on before commenting damn hypocrite hate people like you that carry’s so many faces check your self before you drop some idiotic comment All this insult and other kind of stuff is being going on for years on this website that’s what keeps this site going on that’s what makes people enjoy because it’s part of our culture when you go to chop bars that’s same thing happens so who are you to come here to chat nonsense 

@Miyagi, yea exactly Brian i meant Kr´s one and not what Dela meant ..though what he or she said is right too ..but i meant not the people who insults this time but concenrning KR comment s…

@Miyagi, now i  know u r mentally retarded and it isn’t funny at all. So u know people have the right to express their opinion yet u keep fooling urself. Get a life and grow up. U r such a contradictory junk. What a brainwashed fella. Hope u r not a confused fag! U r such a hypocrite, here u r advocating for freedom of expression but when someone disagrees with Nadia, u go waco. Hope she is paying u enough as in feeding ur entire family in addition to urself. keep it p!

@Modeke, I knew you would bring yourself again dumb fool, who is paying who, that’s the most childish statement. Stupid clown what fantasy do you hold that you would believe that your tiny-fisted tantrums would have more weight than that of a leprous desert rat spinning rabidly in a circle waiting for the bite of the snake You are a waste of flesh 

@Modeke, u’re such a big fool…if Miyagi wants to contradict himself, whts your own?????are u his father or guardian angel…..wano a 3so nsuo wati…….

@Dela, “This is like their dairy. That is why it is called WEB LOG. We come here to read their dairy and what they have to say in their dairy.”

i guess u work in this dairy? two jugs of fresh cow milk please…..

y wuld u say “girl dude” does da fact dat nadia hung out wit confidence one time make her a lesbian

Speculations? Hmmm. Get something substantial about the significance of the ring or leave Nadia and her jewel collection alone.

This is a Gossip site and we live on speculations, if it bothers you, find the X button!

@Miyagi, Thx. Kr has been trying to respond all day. They keep removing the post and blocking them. Chris_Vincent, A supposedly educated man cannot respect other peoples views that is not in agreement with him or his team. GC are bullies. directly from Kr.

We have the right to moderate our comments and we will do so any time someone does not respect the bloggers and fellow commenters on here or if we think certain comments are not appropriate for our blog, we determine what is appropriate to show up here.If an opinion is insulting, we surely cannot take away your right to hold them, but we reserve the right not to allow these insults to show up here as part of out work! Thank You

@Posted By: Gossip Mama, ΰ are too arrogant…mind you, the people who come hear to comment might be even older than you plus WE make this SITE more intresting so think about that anytime you use your nyamanyama fingers to exhibit ur arrogance!

@pershia, my dear this is what they have been doing all day. Blocking my posts like that can stop someone who is more intelligent than they are. GC is arrogant and ignorant. Blocking people for their opinion but when they share their opinion it should be tolerated no matter how offensive. Kr

Will b great for her to find a decent responsible handsome dude like ma brother..lol..good luck girl 

@Claude, Hahahahahahaha…. i couldn’t agree with u more. The passion they exuded in the pic alone makes them a perfect couple. lol.

@Opanin, u r such a useless piece of shit. U must have been conceived with shit all over u. Indeed Nadia is looking old already and has no boyfriend or hubby. Has luck eluded her or she is simply a lesbobo. Since Confidence is her best friend and she is bi, may be they r partners. Hope they will be the first lesbobos to marry publicly …lol. Seriously, Nadia wished she is engaged and or married but sek of her sl*tty nature, no decent and educated man wants her as a wife. She may always succeed as the mistress she has always been.

@Ellis-Jay, are u Bobby or his P.R.O??? u’re a disgrace to ur family.
who says every lady must get married??? trust me,
with her money, she can buy herself a husband. with a name like yours, ders nothing sensible that can come out of you. if she’s a lesbo, is she your sista or your faily member.
u lack certain nutrients.i guess u don’t have enaf money to eat a balanced diet.
that has realli affected ur barin. kwasia, gyimifuo…….

@Opanin, u lowlife d*ckhead.” With her money, she can buy a husband” mschewwwwwwwwwww!! Which money?Trust me, she can only buy a gutter-bred commie like u : dirty, ugly ,stuck-up, sadistic, ****-eating, ***********, big nose midget. Even the pic above says it all that Nadia is a big time lesbian, and if u can’t take the truth, kiss the ground. Keep trying harder in defense , your salary might be increased by Nadia. She isn’t my sis and God forbid me having a lesbian sister. I’m only concerned for her cos she is a  lot confused. Confidence was asked if Nadia is her partner for claiming she has been with a woman and that Nadia is her best friend and all she could say was ” leave the lady out of this, she is a celebrity and i can’t toy with her reputation”. It is so obvious they r lesbians so she cannot simply answer  no. If Nadia isn’t, she would have come out to clear her name or clear her image as she cannot pretend she isn’t aware of the interview. They should just come out of the closet. R u sure u r not a butt-f*cking ,horse faced pervert? Opanyin. Keep tying to impress me, u mindless, midget-munching baby brain.

@Ellis-Jay, wow, and dat took u 5 days to come out wit……i can jst imagine the reserch u did to come up wit those words…i applaud u for havin the courage to post such a long, senseless, useless and meaningless comment.i guess when u look in the mirror, wht u see is wht u wrote.i don’t blame u.u’re so used to ur image dat u think everybody looks like dat.sorry dear, i’m not and can neva be a midget like u………….with all the noise u’re makin,lemme ask u, if Nadia is a lesbian, how does dat concern u?????

i’ll wait for ma response in anoda 5 days time..i guess dats when u’ll get money to visit the cafe……….

@Ellis-Jay, my dear forget this opanin guy its useless to argue with him,lets continue to speak our mind until this girl comes out to clear her name,that is if she can.silence they means concern,

@Maame, continue speakin ur mind bein being such ignorant idiots……..i’m not surprised u guys relate quite well…….brainless and clueless individuals who feel dey knw too much…..