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Readers’ Mail: Let Me Set The Record Straight, Nadia Buari Is Not Engaged To Anyone, Can’t A Sister Wear An Expensive Ring Without Any One Thinking Otherwise?



Dear Chris-Vincent,

After I read a write-up on your blog about a ring that was spotted on Nadia Buari’s ring-finger which asked the question whether the talented beautiful Actress was secretly engaged or not, as a friend to Nadia Buari, I could not bother much as the article did not firmly mention that the Actress has been engaged.

However, following your publication, other low-life newspapers which do not have any news to feed their readers in Ghana are riding on your speculation and the latest publication I read stated that, Nadia Buari has secretly been engaged by an American billionaire based in Ghana. This is a complete nonsense.

As a close pal to Nadia Buari, I am writing to let your readers know that the amazing and pretty Actress is not secretly engaged to anyone.

Nadia Buari is living a happy life, having fun and as a woman who can afford it, she has every right to buy whatever diamond ring she wants and wear it on whatever finger she pleases.

I hope this settles the rumour!


I cannot say for a fact that the above message sent by a reader settles the rumour but if  it is coming from a close friend of Nadia Buari, then I guess we have to buy what she is saying. The sender wanted to remain anonymous.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • TiffanyBabe

    American Billionaire based in Ghana? In her dreams. This Nadia girl and her friends are also jokers. Who puts an engagement ring on engagement finger for fun or just because she can afford it?

    This makes me think Nadia Buari is very desperate for a man or to get engage. The fact still remains that, this chick can’t find a man for herself and that is why she seems to be going into Lesbo activities

    • Miyagi

      @TiffanyBabe,Are you jealous 

    • @TiffanyBabe, think of yourself.

    • Opanin

      @TiffanyBabe, jealous, lonely, fakeass girl……… jealousy go kill u……..

  • saa

    seriously???that’s the best u could come up with?its damn fyi just because someone wears an engagement ring doesnt mean they r desperate to get married n stuff…maybe u r her lesbo partner cos how do u kno shes a lesbo????

    • @saa, wise up

      • saa

        @akua, excuse me???i wasnt talking to u incase u didnt realise that

  • B.B

    whatever……………….. :p

  • akosuaghana

    Nadia is a big time joker. She is hitting 30 soon and she still thinks it is fun to go about wearing engagement rings that she has purchased her self. What a fool!

    • Miyagi

      @akosuaghana, what makes nadia a big joker, Are you living her life for her, what makes you think she purchase the ring herself you always seem to go negative on each story why is a question Mark, you or no one knows neither does the person who wrote to GC know where she got the ring from stop being judgemental for once and wait for her or anybody in her team to confirm it I haven’t seen peacefm or or any other website blogging about where she got her ring from by the way how old are you and are you married if I may ask hope to get a feedback from you 

      Many thanks 

      • KOKO

        @Miyagi, Shut up. Must you reply to everybody here. Mind ur bizness and get off people’s d*ck u ugly homo!

        • Miyagi

          I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in publicyou are just the perfect example of the need for retroactive abortion Idiot your mother’s c*nt smells like carpet cleaner 
          Your calling me ugly lmao funny ass you really got jokes by the way the zoo called the baboons want their butts back so you’ll have to find a new face

          • Opanin

            @Miyagi, i love that last line…..dats gangster……….hahahahahahahahaa………
            anyways, Koko don’t wori, ma dog has a very cute face, i spare u dat until u get urself anoda baboon face………..holla at me…..

            • Miyagi

              @Opanin,Hahahahaha lol 

        • B.B

          @KOKO, is he one your d*ck? i even wonder if you have one.

          • B.B


          • Miyagi

            @B.B, ask again, that baba monkey person 

  • Miyagi

    Well… I think that everybody must have the chance to develop his own character, career, travel, have fun and live alone some time before getting into a marriage… it also should be a mature decision. Because getting married is not a game… it is as you said a big responsibility you take for another person as well and for the children you will have… People who marry without having lived before marriage always have the thinking that there are so many things they have been missing in life… and then they start to do stupid things and fool around, as if they could turn back the time… Live your youth before you get serious, then you don´t need to regret afterwards her time will come when she will shut everyone down 

  • osei

    What sensible man would take nadia buari as a wife?this dirty whore was created to service everyman so far as there is little cash…No wonder,she is full of STD’s.

    • Opanin

      @osei, den i guess she’s infected u wit some….being a straight whore is better than being a gay whore….odwae

  • madam social

    geez pple! y r some of us acting like nadia is turning 50. she is only 30. gone r the days women got married at 16 and 18. tyms have change and she can choose to get marry at 60, thats her business. her tym go come

    • Miyagi

      @madam social, I totally agree with you 

  • mackie5667

    Every ring no matter how cheap or expensive can be an engagement. A ring is only called an engagement ring when it denotes a formal proposal of marriage.

    So all you mongs calling nadia names for wearing a ring regardless of the finger its on should get lives. She’s getting her money, get yours.

    • Miyagi

      @mackie5667, well spoken

  • hannnah

    ok its not a problem to you know treat urself whatever, ok yeah she has soome sort of money in her account to do so, but if she truly is not engaged to anybody and she flaunting the ring on that finger its abit sad really, its very sad indeed, she not ugly or nothing she can find a guy so she dnt need to do no publicity stunt to get the audience attention.

  • maame

    this miyagi and Akua girl,is this site for you two?is Nadia paying you two?if she is clean and innocent as you two are trying to let us believe,then let her come out herself and clear the smelling air aroung her,i dont think nadia has make you two her spokepersons,you 2 should give us a break here.

    • Miyagi

      @maame,What you need to do is drop your opinion
      And move on don’t start with me 

      • maame

        @Miyagi, yes madam or should i say sir?

        • Miyagi

          @maame, it’s sir but thank you for your understanding I guess your a different maame and nit the one that I know 

  • maame

    I have nothing against the Nadia lady,but i had a lot disregard for her the day confidence came out and said she is her best friend, and since that time,she has not been able to come out to deny or confirm this to the people of Ghana,so i guess silence means concern.Some of us that knows confidence here in EUROPE and knows what she can do,will not even dream of greeting her not to talk of being her best friend.if my husband becomes a best friend to a Gay,there is no way in hell will he be able to convince me that he is also not a Gay.being a public figure puts you in the lime light all the time,and thats why you should always be careful what you do and the sort of people you mingle with because you will be judged based on that.

    • mackie5667

      @maame, “if my husband becomes a best friend to a Gay,there is no way in hell will he be able to convince me that he is also not a Gay.”

      I’ll gladly turn gay rather than wife a close minded person like u.

      • maame

        @mackie5667, good for you

  • aha ayer derooooo bebia ewu lool

  • Akosua Addai

    u guys knw marriage is not something that u can toy with, so pls let her be, her tym will come very soon u all will be witnesses, some of these celebrities who r married now wish they neva got married @ all, pls let gurlfriend be.