Tish’s Corner: Should Abortion Be Accepted As A Method Of Birth Control?

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Abortion in its simplest form is terminating a pregnancy. According to the American heritage dictionary, it is the “Termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a foetus that is incapable of survival”.

When it comes to abortion, we have the well known Suction aspiration, where a powerful suction tube with a sharp cutting edge is inserted in the womb through the cervix. This suction destroys the body of the developing baby and tears the placenta from the wall of the uterus, sucking blood and other tissues into a bottle.

Abortion has become the norm of life, yet most anti-abortionist says it is killing and killing is a crime. They are fighting so hard to prevent its legalization in many part of the world.

Others see it from a different perspective and thinks legalizing abortion would go a long way to exonerate us all from certain situations, since the penalty for producing an unwanted child outweighs the aborting of a foetus. What are some of these situations they are so much concern about ?

Abortion is frowned upon in the Ghanaian society. Several women who get entangled in pregnancy mess do end up in the hands of quack doctors or use potion, sharp objects, coat hangers, clamps and other instruments that come in handy. This does not put only the baby’s life at risk, but also the mother.

Secondly, birth control and family planning contributes immensely to the success of our economy, the school systems and even the health of the mother.

Again, the increase in birth rate affects family economy, which hampers the social strata of society and has negative impact on the child’s psyche.

Abortion prevents women from repeating mistakes and being forced to raise unwanted babies which in most cases lead to child abuse and a generation full of abusers, murderers, serial killers, rapists, criminals etc.

At this point, you may have be wondering, what about contraceptives? Believe it or not, the use of contraceptives are not very dependable or a 100% guarantee. There are so many contraceptive pills, patches and shots that are not reliable, which makes some women see abortion as a convenient way of controlling birth.

Moreover, there are many instances where fathers do not step forward or take full responsibilities, in such situations, what will the woman opt for?

However, let’s not get comfy with “ almighty abortion”, since it has its disadvantages. Abortion is a sticky and controversial subject to touch, yet it is important to educate the public.

Therefore, you might want to consider the following disadvantages before throwing in your two cents or even deciding the fate of your unborn child.

1. Death- According to World Health Organization, every year in the world, an estimated 40-50 million women faced with an unplanned pregnancy decide to have an abortion. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. Legal abortion does not mean safe abortion. Abortion is abortion. Death is obviously the most immediate, drastic “complication”, says Randall O’Bannon. According to the voice of revolution, “annually, 46 million babies die from abortion worldwide. That’s approximately one baby being aborted every two seconds” , not to talk about the mothers who bleed to death. Abortion can be brutal and fatal for both the baby and woman.

2. Infertility- Abortion damages the womb, scars up the uterus that hinders implantation. This reduces ones chance of having children in the future. Some end up having their womb completely removed. Seeking “refuge” in abortion can lead to a slim chance of getting pregnant again. Mind you, most marriages collapse due to infertility.

3. Psychological impairment- Depression, living with the guilt and all sorts of disorders destroy women who had had an abortion. They are emotionally, physically and socially traumatized.

Despite all the disadvantages of abortion, many will still deduce that, abortion should be the sole and primary means of birth control, because the right to do with one’s body should be up to the woman and not others to decide whether or not a woman can deem abortion as a reliable form of birth control. ….

What are your views on this issue? Should people rely on abortion as a form of birth control? If yes, why and if no, what are your reasons……

Before writing this post, I did a bit of opinion poll and here’s what the street had to say:

RACHAEL: I don’t believe abortion should be used as birth control. It should only be used for emergency situations, like rape, incest or if the person is very young but otherwise, women should use other forms of BC and be smarter. I am borderline pro choice though. But it can’t be abused just when girls feel it.

LYDIA: If a woman decides to have an abortion, it’s her right, ain’t nobody’s business. What happened to “RIGHTS AND FREEDOM IN THE COUNTRY”? Gush, people should have a life. Talk about anti-abortionist my a**.
JUNIOR (was with Lydia)- There are simpler and less evasive forms people can rely on. Abortion should not be a choice. Everyone should have the right to live, just as every woman has the right to abort a baby.

STEPHANIE: Abortion should be discouraged all over the world except on medical grounds.

ISAAC: Abortion is a cold blooded murder. I totally agree, however, giving birth to an unwanted child, refusing him the best care, abusing him from birth to 18yrs. Or over is the same as aborting it. Child abuse is the worst crime. They turn to the criminals and killers on our streets. It consequences is too great. I support and favour abortion.

Now, what is your take on abortion?



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  1. In modern times there are far too many contraception methods to find it an acceptable excuse that you are having an abortion because of a ‘mistake’ or that a person’s contraception ‘failed’….BS!!!
    Women who use abortion like a contraception method are cold and callous animals with no regard or even feeling towards the innocent life of such a tiny being nor the responsibility THEY have for creating it it doesn’t matter how everyone spouts pro-choice or even pro-abortion..it is still classed as a ‘taboo’ subject ..Because it is taboo..we ALL know that abortion is morally wrong regardless of our outward expressed opinions

    Having an abortion is wrong in the first place The Lord has said, “You shall not murder,” (Exodus 20:13). The life that is growing within the mother is a child, a baby. The Bible looks at the life in the womb as a child.  Exodus 21:22 says “And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she has a miscarriage yet there is no further injury 
    Miyagi has spoken 

    1. @Miyagi, Rev. Miyagi, where ur church @? would like to visit.lol. in some way that Isaac dude is right. child abuse is the worst crime. why born the child for him to suffer. Miyagi, what have u got to say abt. this too? osofo M.

      1. @kwabena edusei,Lol i don’t have a church but back to your question it depends in which direction the child is being abuse for example Women don’t ask to be raped either and both scenarios leave the person feeling contempt for himself/herself and feeling powerless It’s not OK to put anyone in those types of situations rape leaves just as avid scars as child abuse because both crimes are more often committed by close relations of the victims reason some kids get abuse by their parents 
        because when they were younger they were probably abused and this has mark them resulting them to do the same to their kids sometimes these people who were abused were not given aid or assistant and their case could have gotten worse.they have problem especially psychologically sometimes they also do due to pressure of life they release their anger on the child probably the dad is gone and she is a single mother but still it doesn’t justify that
        That’s mine opinion you could agree/disagree with me on that but love the way you threw that question Kwabena Thumps up

  2. yes its true contraceptives are not 100% safe but in most cases do work. its far betta and safer than abortion. there are so many ways to control birth rate and in my opinion i think abortion should be the last thing to be considered,well i guess its individual preferences.

  3. abortion is a no no……….it shouldn’t be used in anyway as a birth control process……lemme stress on that phrase,”BIRTH CONTROL”.to control means to keep in check, therefore in ma lamest of understanding, birth control means putting child birth in check, which means preventing childbirth, which also means precautions to prevent childbirth.therefore birth control means preventing pregnancy.if u are not able to do dat and u get pregnant den u have moved from the prevention and control stage..Abortion only come after pregnancy,which means it is not a birthcontrol process…when u use a condom or a woman goes to tie her tubes or a man gets a vasectomy or even the injections, is it supposed to prevent a woman from getting pregnant or it’s supposed to clear the womb of any pregnancy?these should be our guiding principles.

  4. Easy for all you men to say abortion is a no no no,after all you don’t carry anything in your bodies,when it happens.your life goes on.and the woman has to change her plans of both your mistakes…I agree with the point so far that abortion should not be used as a form of birth control. Birth control is to prevent pregnancy ,in the case of abortion,the pregnancy has already happened,why use abortion as prevention. However,there are unique and although rare cases,i’d say it may be warranted if it is the woman’s choice. I am not talking about two lovers who go and frolic around and girl gets pregnant case.i am talking about woman gets raped by a gang of men and gets pregnant,i am talking about cases that girl gets raped by some relative and gets pregnant, rare medical cases to mention a few. in such cases,as much as i hate to go against what the bible says,it should be the woman’s choice. It would be a nice ending story ,if they all decided that they would have the baby and give it up for adoption but that is always not the case.

    1. @Unknown, i don’t think anyone can dispute dat fact but the story is talkin about abortion bein onsidered a form of birth control……dat for me is a no no……yes it is accepted (legally) for a lady who’s been raped and gotten pregnant to have an abortion.it’s also legal for an abortion to be performed if it comes out that the pregnancy puts the life of the woman in jeopardy….dese and more are acceptable but i don’t think we can say dat wht is bein done in dese instances is birth control……so u see, the two are very different…….

    2. @Unknown, easy on us. we know u women got problems. with menopause and menstrual pains, you sure have problems. pregnancy compounds it all. sorry women. i feel for you.

  5. it is an individual’s choice. nonetheless  i wouldn’t advise or encourage anybody  to do that. contraception  may be the best option.

    1. @Sasha, exactly. an individual’s choice. if she’s choosen to die or remain infertile, then so be it.

  6. NO not acceptable in anyways. For me there is no such thing as “mistake”. Before you got some action you knew the implications (without contraception) so that is not a mistake. 
    The body goes through a lot of stress during that abortion period and you waste an innocent life at no fault of theirs ( fetus).

    So why go through this potentially fatal “birth control” process when you can even prevent it from happening in the first place? ..ah..

  7. The WORLD Health Oranization’s approved abortion technologies are 99% safe, contraceptives are not100% safe and yes sh!t happens, mistakes happens, people will keep having unprotected s*x for a long time to come and so unwanted pregnancies will keep occuring, it is only left to Governments to make safe abortion procedures accessible to women who want it. This is one way to SAVE THE LIVES OF THE MANY WOMEN WHO DIE DAILY. Abortion should not be used as a family planning method however!