Readers’ Mail: Why I Am Stuck With White Women, Ghana & Nigeria Women Have No Identity, ‘Fakeness’ Is Their Hallmark…

Empress Njamah

Empress Njamah

Hello Vincent,

Spare me a space on your blog to share something special with the world and also educate our African women especially those fromGhanaandNigeriaon what they seem to have left behind as they grow up.

I wake up each day to face some sort of discrimination, rejection and ill treatment from my own black people especially those from the above mentioned countries purely because I have decided to stick to a white man, a real woman without any adulteration in her appearance and accent.

Anytime I walk down the street with my partner, I am guaranteed that a follow black sister or brother will give me a funny look or pass a silly comment as to why young men out here in Belgium like myself have snubbed the ‘beautiful’ African women for the white European ones.

To many, it is matter of pure preference but to people like me, it is a matter of seeing nothing real, unique, beautiful or natural with the African women of today.

Our women are engulfed in competition as to who can win the ‘FAKE MAMA’ of the year. From the head to toe of almost all the young African women out in the world is ‘FAKE’ ‘FAKE’ ‘FAKE’.

Do I have to list the things our black women are adulterating their appearances with, thereby making them loose the uniqueness and beauty in them?

Fake wigs/weaves have become an accepted way of life among black African women. Extensive make-ups plastered over their faces as if they are aliens who have wrongly landed on planet earth need not to be mentioned.

Does this not bother any man out there? Why should an intelligent young man waste his time with a woman who dislikes her appearance, undergoing self surgery to have a long silky hair when the person can get a white woman with this that appearance as part of her nature?

When was the last time any of your readers went out to an African party? Did you not spot how many alien women that landed? Blue hair, pink hair, long fake hair that stretches to their thighs, enhanced boobs ready to burst out and worse of all, accents that cannot be traced to any origin.

African women have lost their identity and the beauty in how God created them. Forcing yourself to look like another race says it all in one sentence. “I hate me and that woman born with long smooth hair is better than me”.

Why should men like me waste time with you when we can go for the one you are striving and fighting day and night to be like?

Whose duty is it to educate our African women on the need to keep what they have and how they look? You see, life is more comfortable, beautiful and adorable being with the real one and not the counterfeit. This is why I am forever stuck with white women.

Thank You.

Julius Osei Nimako


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