Readers’ Mail: Why I Am Stuck With White Women, Ghana & Nigeria Women Have No Identity, ‘Fakeness’ Is Their Hallmark…

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Empress Njamah
Empress Njamah

Hello Vincent,

Spare me a space on your blog to share something special with the world and also educate our African women especially those fromGhanaandNigeriaon what they seem to have left behind as they grow up.

I wake up each day to face some sort of discrimination, rejection and ill treatment from my own black people especially those from the above mentioned countries purely because I have decided to stick to a white man, a real woman without any adulteration in her appearance and accent.

Anytime I walk down the street with my partner, I am guaranteed that a follow black sister or brother will give me a funny look or pass a silly comment as to why young men out here in Belgium like myself have snubbed the ‘beautiful’ African women for the white European ones.

To many, it is matter of pure preference but to people like me, it is a matter of seeing nothing real, unique, beautiful or natural with the African women of today.

Our women are engulfed in competition as to who can win the ‘FAKE MAMA’ of the year. From the head to toe of almost all the young African women out in the world is ‘FAKE’ ‘FAKE’ ‘FAKE’.

Do I have to list the things our black women are adulterating their appearances with, thereby making them loose the uniqueness and beauty in them?

Fake wigs/weaves have become an accepted way of life among black African women. Extensive make-ups plastered over their faces as if they are aliens who have wrongly landed on planet earth need not to be mentioned.

Does this not bother any man out there? Why should an intelligent young man waste his time with a woman who dislikes her appearance, undergoing self surgery to have a long silky hair when the person can get a white woman with this that appearance as part of her nature?

When was the last time any of your readers went out to an African party? Did you not spot how many alien women that landed? Blue hair, pink hair, long fake hair that stretches to their thighs, enhanced boobs ready to burst out and worse of all, accents that cannot be traced to any origin.

African women have lost their identity and the beauty in how God created them. Forcing yourself to look like another race says it all in one sentence. “I hate me and that woman born with long smooth hair is better than me”.

Why should men like me waste time with you when we can go for the one you are striving and fighting day and night to be like?

Whose duty is it to educate our African women on the need to keep what they have and how they look? You see, life is more comfortable, beautiful and adorable being with the real one and not the counterfeit. This is why I am forever stuck with white women.

Thank You.

Julius Osei Nimako


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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  1. i dnt really noe y i read dis article buh it was out of curiousity. first n foremost if u prefer a white lady to an african woman y waste ur tyme telling us..smdh i have no pralem with u wanting a white woman to an african woman cus they r also human too buh wat pisses me off is ur lame excuse. i mean yea some african ladies have surgery buh i’ll say 15% of them do that, n the remainin 85% are natural from head to toe n dnt tell me white girls dnt have surgery cus abt 95% of em are all fake..Africans are naturally endowed so we dnt need no botox or lipo to make us look gud u jst can white women also wear makeups k its not jst africans some even wear weaves. african women sometimes wear their weaves cos of the weather so if u prefer a white woman to a black woman dats ur choice buh pls its nt necessary for u to bash black women cus u prefer a white woman with a natural long her(krasi ni).. black men with the kind of mentality as urs are a disgrace to the black society mmmmtchhhewww kwasiasem

    1. @hey, exactly! i couldn’t have said any betta. i’ve white friends who r in their twenties and yet can’t o out without make-ups. i go out almost every day without make up so i don’t knw where this guy is coming from. from all i knw nobody wear more make up and all the fake things he said than white women.

      1. @madam social, hmm ma dear jst leave him h’s confused cus he dnt have no african lady to make him fufu so he’s pissed off. he jst had hotdogs..lmbao

  2. ridiculous! i dont know what kinda planet you live on. but some white women are fake too. hellooooo! white women also wear weaves, extensions, contacts and what have you. better yet this practice exists in most societies from asia to timbuktu. some cultures even paint their faces with colors and pierce boby parts as a sign of beauty . next time do your research and come out with better arguments. i dont care who you date. thats your businesss, just dont put it out there to diss people. dont nobody need to hear this crap!

  3. LOL, Julius tell me this is a JOKE. If you are happy with your white woman, then good for you but leave us alone (GH WOMEN). 

    I agree with you that we do put on weave/wig, its nothing to be ashamed of. About the make up, i know for sure that majority of us do put on a minimum make up which is cool. I guess the ladies you have been meeting are the very few ones who over do it. Too bad. And anyone who has ever been close to A white woman will tell you that they put on too much make up than “blacks”

    So Mr…………. if you are happy there, just stay and  PLEASE LET US BE!

  4. 1) Your on GhanaCelebrities so obviously we celebrate Ghanaian beauty so you won’t influence what we view as beautiful if you want go on TMZ and stop complaining.
    2) I doubt if you were to survey black women none of them would say they want to look white, we like our backsides, breasts and lips. Let’s be honest white women have far more plastic surgery than black women.
    3) We live in a world of many options I wear my hair in an afro at times and wear a weave the next date, I just like changing my appearance; that’s the same with my friends. The same way you may want banku one day then fufu another.
    4) You live in Belgium so you see a limited amount of black women.
    5) You’re the self hater so stop coming on the website.

    Sorry for the long post but people like this piss me off, you don’t need to validate your preference for white women by insulting us black women which make it seem as if  you’re insecure or intimidated,

    1. @Akua, there are alot of  African ladies in Belguim and i think he has a different reason why he like white women

  5. Julius where do u live in Belguim Antwerp,Gent , Brussel or one of the small cities.the white women wear make up more than African.And from my knowlegde most Ghanaian men in Belguim goes for the whiite just for papiers and has nothing to do with fake hair and more makeup

  6. Interesting but even though I hate it when my black sisters wear extremely long and obviously looking fake hair, boobs and make up, this is only the minority and mostly the non educated young black women.

    Every woman of today enhances her looks by adding either lip gloss, make up, wearing a push bra or weave. There is nothing wrong with that and even white people wear these enhancement. I do not see white people wearing weaves but they wear wig a lot and do all that the black sisters do so what arr you talking about?

  7. poor Empress …her pic was rather shown cos of what julis described our african women lol. but to u julius ur asumption abt all african women is completely false ..not all of them dress like that and dont forget is Europe thats why they wear a lot of weave cos of the winter and the chemiclas use on our hair . it cant stand winter naturally ..and there nothing wrong with a woman wearing extension cos it seems u ignorant that the white man first brought extensions and all these ,make ups and the sugery u talking abt they do it more than we blacks do ..its abt character julius and stop being shallow ….cos there are bad white women too ..Look for personality and charater and not lame excuse based on looks only like u describe here ..

  8. if you go the caucasian hair salons you will see the hair extensions and weaves being applied. most ppl dont realize that caucasians wear weaves but they do. its not only in hollywood with the likes of paris hiton. its prevalent in everyday caucasian society . i see it everyday right in my face.

    1. @AA, thank u.The funny thing is most African men do not know white women also have fake hair.Well, Julius , dont be surprise if ur so called “white woman” has some fake extensions beneath her hair.The only reason why u dont know about this is because those extexnsions usually blends with her hair.White women are huge fans of makeups,plastic surgeries and fake hair.If u dating this girl because of her hair then I guess that isn’t “love”

      1. @Adjoa nbaaso), exactly! you took the words right out of my mouth. white womens weave tends to blend in well with their own hair so most ppl dont notice. you,re welcome sistah . young white girls including some teens even enhance their bodies with plastic surgeries.

  9. dis guy is a jackass no offense tho!!!u just dont assume based on a few speculations or a few women u have dated…as far they dont take makeup to the extreme,then is all good n to the issue of plastic surgery,i assure u the number of black women who have done plastic surgery are not even a quater of white women who have gone under the knife so just look out for the right ones

  10. what about those white women who tan? they spend ridiculous amounts of money on sun beds and sun tan lotion just to look half black. what about those white women who curly perm their hair to look mixed race? and what about those white women who get bum implants and silicone injected into their bum just to have a big ass that beautiful black women naturally have. so Julius Osei Nimako, think brother think, you are just a weak brother who sounds like he has been rejected so many times by beautiful african women so you have so much hate and anger towards them.
    there’s a saying that white women are easy and will have any man but black woman have standards. if you want to go for white women, that’s your business, why do you feel the need to justify yourself to nigerian and ghanaian woman? you just wanted a platform and an audience to disrespect african women. A MESSAGE TO AFRICAN WOMEN, don’t allow any sell out black man like Julius make you feel inferior to white women. if you want to have a fresh new hair do every month and you take pride in your appearance by wearing make-up, it’s not a crime so go ahead, don’t pay no attention to the sell outs, carry on doing what your doing because their are billions of black men out there like me who love black women.

    1. @pacs, thank God we’ve some black men like u. they r always disrespecting black women, and is even more painful when our own men who r to protect us also come out and talk crap.

  11. my dear bro.i understand ur anger towards how some of our pweolple choose to change who they are or how they llok but pls not all of us has that nature cos i myself have never use makeup an all that sort of things in my life before so if you have chosen to stick to a white chick is becos u never met a real beauty and although they say it comes from the heart so das appearances speaks pls enjoy but next time remeber to give some respect to others not all black women(Ghanaian/Nigerian) are the same.

    please to ma dear black sisters this is something that is getting to extreme lets embrace how we look,,,black beauty u dnt nreed all those “PAINTS” …

  12. Dear Mr Nimako,

    I am sooooo glad there are true brothers like you out there, who actually care for us, African queens. I truly feel your frustration and understand what you are saying. You are seriously right about our sisters and their guest to be what they are not and can never ever be, no matter, the amount of make up they plaster on their faces, the length of their weaves( which cost a ridiculous amount by the way) or the chemicals they use to bleach themselves to become white.
    The truth is, these ladies are what I call lost souls, unconscious and need, awakening. Being a young woman myself, I know exactly what you are saying and it saddens me knowing how beautiful African woman are, for us to adapt such a SCARY way of living. The irony though is, women of other races, admire and envy the African woman and wants to be like us, but we are busy changing the very thing that makes us who we are, it’s really sad, isn’t it?

    I am so glad I stumbled across your article as this is a topic I am very passionate about, because I think our sisters need to wake up!!!

    I strongly believe these African ladies are mentally enslaved and as well as hate themselves. Furthermore,these ladies are not even aware of how far away the are from home, their culture.

    I would love to read more of your articles or keep in contact with you, to help me on my journey to wake up the African woman from this heavy sleep that she’s in(, as you are an African man

    I have a magazine coming out very soon that is purposely aimed at lost sisters like the ALIENS you stated in your article. I am an African woman living in London,UK, and I can assure you, African women here are getting worse by the day.
    I visited Ghana early this year and could not believe there are even more Alien looking ladies than in the Western world. The horrible thing about the Ghanian ladies were, it’s really hot in Ghana, and they looked hideous.

    Thank you so much for enlightening us on your views on the modern day African woman and the way they look now.

    1. @shanti, hmmm so wack … dont sound like that educated fool . …cos u knw the are so many african women rocking their natural beauty and hair in London ..cos Londonm is one of the best places in europe for afican to themselves without fear or any intimidation cos of the the way they look …

  13. Julius Osei Nimako your totally confused and lost Let me ask you this question hope you will be reading all these comment and answer or write another letter to GC again 

    1. Why are whitegirls trying to be black 
    2. How many black girls use mack up apart from the ones that always like to paint there faces like clowns
    3. What makes you think a White girl can offer you and a black girls can’t 

    I do agree with you on some part that some black girls think they all that and like to show off but judging you on what you wrote seems like you have been dating or nearing the wrong ones or your looks just scares them unless you married this White girl for documents and your stuck to her 

  14. @ Julius, cut the crap !!! The reasons you have provided for your preference of white women are not only lame, but are also offensive. And the reason I say offensive is because you appear to be saying that all Ghanaian and Nigerian women are like that which you have desribed – alien, fake and with no identity. I for one am a 100% proud Ghanaian woman, who embraces the natural beauty God has given me. And I know several other African woman who are the same. The type of woman you have described is in the minority, so please do not use an anomaly to condemn the majority !! If you prefer a white woman over an African woman, that is your choice, and I cannot hate on you for having a preference. But own it, and stop trying to attack African women, as though they are the cause of your personal choice. You talk about the women having self hatred – but from all I have read it appears to me that rather it is you who is suffering from self-hatred !!! – And the fact that you feel the need to come on GC and write about this, is even more infuriating!!!! Such nonsense.

  15. I am going to add to this…here only because like hey I was just curious to read this article. You know what this Julius Osei Nimako have you tried dating an African woman?…whether Nigerian, or Ghanian….it seems you did not read what you wrote since you claim to be an educated man..I will assume that you did some critical thinking before you wrote this (I highly doubt it) the fact that you claim to date a white woman because African women are trying to be like them with the fake hair and breasts etc etc….I will have you know that hair extensions were created by white people…as well as every other makeup that the African woman would put on…since you are rambling on about African women forgetting their self worth…how is the fact that you are dating a white woman not perpetuating that fact….I suggest that instead of you rambling on about how an educated black man like yourself would not date a girl with a weave or makeup put your money where your mouth is and date a black woman with her natural hair who does not wear makeup….PS its not every African woman out there who wears weaves and puts on makeup all the time a good 80-90% of us do not put on makeup and wear weaves we deal with our own natural hair…… Another point just the fact that you felt the need to defend why you are dating a white woman instead of a black one points to your own insecurities about who you are…if you are dating the girl for her character not her looks then you would not have felt the need to defend it on a public blog 

  16. This is really dumb juluis for the most part, people date people because they like them Not because they pick their color then pick their personality! I think you where hurt by black girl who you once loved and so there for like most people you are judging all black girls Which is a shame Never let one person make you not want to be around everyone
    I know you are not racist i understand what you are saying All I can say is that just be with who you want to be with and that is all that matters What others do with their life is non of our business or yours Just smile and be nice to who you meet You never know what will happen in the future what will you do when this White girl leaves you would you judge them to and box all of them in one corner and jump to yellow people 

  17. Well, Well, Well, U make a lot of sense,but then my question is who has been the cause of this?Isnt it our same men who cherish these things u call “fake”.Well, its about time our African men appreciate the african looks so women can also stick to it.At the end of the day, every woman tries to please a man.

  18. after reading the whole article i came to the conclusion that the writer was just looking for an excuse to justify why he preferes white women because the whole point he put up in the article are just lame, talk of too much make up and plastic surgery and i can tell u that white women wins the trophy.

  19. why does it matter what they were? i meanits there money and everything so if they have the money to buy what they want i think they should be able to wear what ever they want to wear. i maean if they bought it its theres. and whos gonna tell them what to wear. girl yall can wear whatever yall want!!!!!!!!

  20. why does it matter what they wear? i mean they bought it with there money so they can wear what ever the f***k they want. i mean who the hell is gonna tell them that they cant wear this or that? girls yall can wear what ever the f* yall want. its ur money if u bought it than its urs

  21. who ever wrotw this article, “OHH NO THEY DIDNT’ u kno wht fuck u ass niggar out there who sayin we r fake, u pasta homo person who da hell r u. we anit fake n im in U.S. right now n if u wanna kno how many white bitches been doing surgey 95%. fuck uuu one person will have 20 surgey a fuckin piss

  22. Julius come out and say something …cos honestly ur reasons u gave are very ridiculous to some extend unless hey u dating a white girl ,who i mean typical white girl in a villiage or outskirt town of Belgium ,those are not much expirence in life ..let alone in looking good and also dont have expirence with foreigners and blacks and looks very natural in all things since they not much develope when it comes to look much so if uits such one u have then ur comparism with african ladies is right that angle ..But would still say look for a character and dont choose base on looks or skin colour ..cos i have never seen and its never possible that all black women who wear weaves and make up are adulterous ..gosh does it make sense to u at all??? u must have been cheated by a african woman in belgium before thats why u sound bitter … but get over it and make a good choice of a woman than just going for a white …

  23. The person ,who made this statement is fucking loaded insane.
    Many Africans mght be fake but do not pretend as WhITES are not.You say we do plastic surgery and put wigs/weave on?But white  people do plastic surgery ,this has nothing to do with with RACE!!! You say we do not accept as the way we are and want to be like whites?! Maybe that is true and so what is your business.Out there are many Blacks(Africans,Carribeans….e.g)going out with their natural hair.Do not pretend as if white people accept themselves.They do lip ,breast and ass surgery and lift their face with botox.LISTEN AND LISTEN WELL:BEEING FAKE OR NOT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE ,IN EVERY RACE IS FAKENESS .You are black but sound like a white person.Anyway this is my view on this topic.Next time think b4 you do a statement.Just because you have an white dude ,does not mean you are better than all blacks out there !!!!

    1. @La De Costa, exactly there are fakness in every race as i said the character matters …he didnt honestly think abt it before submitting this bullshit ..was he thinking people gonna support him with this nonsense ?? lot of black girls are rocking their natural hair and no make ups .. certainly also not breast implants and beauty enhancment like lposuctinon etc ..but he just refuse to be ignroant on that …and just poor his emotions out here that has no value …

      am dam pissed …he sound racist tooo ..smh ..

  24. @ truth thank you  u sed it all. I live in holland but a year ago i moved to belgium to study. believe me there are so many beautiful africans women here. and the truth is that they don’t take crap from any man. i know a guy who told me he would date white girls just coz they are easier to handle. And most of his friends do that as well. So when they are ready to get married then they go for their own black women which in most cases they get rejected by them. So it seems to me that julius got rejected by a black woman or the women just don’t find him attractive enough so he is stuck to white women and has no other choice than to come and talk crap here.

    1. @ama, that is soo true, he probably got rejected by a beautiful african babe. so he dates the insecure FAT WHITE CHICKS



  26. ghanain women are the reason why the guy said he hate black women ,ghanain women dont look attractive at for naija women am sure they are cutter.

  27. julius,
    3. DUDE WHAT PLANET DO U LIVE ON, white women wear extensions,makeup, contacts and have fake boobs ( if u watch tv, u would see makeup commercials using white girls.)
    4.U SHOULD ACCESS URSELF bECAUSE i think this issue is serious than u think, u r trying to deny urself(as an african ) and u think u look good with a white chick on ur arm.
    5. i dont have a problem with u preferring white chicks but PLEASEEEEEEE DONT GIVE US THIS IGNORANT EXCUSE.

  28. the girls who are chantting bla bla bla ,when it comes to choose between a black guy and a white guy majority of the girls here will choose a white guys ,the truth has been known..

        1. @kobe, don’t include me into this I don’t want any insult from nobody today I’m in a good mood so let’s keep it sweet you do have some point but I don’t think non of the girls here are into white dudes you can tell about their anger towards this idiot that wrote that letter so please my brother stick to the topic and try not to create any storm in here feel me

      1. come on,a very beautiful girl ,who is prettier than the whites will prefer to date white guy ….the girls here need to ask themselves why ,and why do you take your beauty to the white man ,whiles we black and ctrong guys dont get even a chance for example ,how many whites guys have naomi campbell,date to now and how many black guys ?secondly operah winfrey or what ever her name is why did’t he date a black guy with thats money she got?

        the same applys to our rich women here 

      2. come on,a very beautiful girl ,who is prettier than the whites will prefer to date white guy ….the girls here need to ask themselves why ,and why do you take your beauty to the white man ,whiles we black and strong guys dont get even a chance for example ,how many whites guys have naomi campbell,date to now and how many black guys ?secondly operah winfrey or what ever her name is why did’t he date a black guy with thats money she got?the same applys to our rich women here 

    1. @kobe,There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dating outside ur race, except his excuse is lame. like he’s ashamed of dating white women so he feel the need to justify it. Look if thats what rocks ur boat, go for it just dont make lame exqss by belittling the other race. It’s all in the header ” why i am STUCK with white women” u dont get stuck with ppl u love, u choice to be with them.

  29. i guess i come  from both side of the world and i will love to say  so much to this so called julius but, iam so pissed that  i have just little to say to hear  the rubish you have to say  in your article makes me think that you are not really educated at all.first of all , scientific invetigation shows that black women are the only  one  among all races, who accepts themseves the  way they are .they respect  the way  they are ,and carry themselves with grace and the other hand ,white women are so unsure about themselves,feel always that they are not good enough,they use weave more than black women b/c  most have very light hair,and b/c of the nature of their hair ,you can hardly notice for cosmestic,more than 95% of them use it.more than 70% of white ladies have had one form of cusmestic sugery or the other.many think that white ladies do not bleach ,but the truth is  they do it ,even in their anus.facial make-up,let us not even go there  b/c they cannot live without it.i work in the medical sector ,so i know what we see every day.emotionally,black women are stone solid ,and have more chances of surviving traumas more than their counterparts .is just that many investigation are not being done ,about black-folks in general,,that  is why our potentials remains hidden to some but not to me.but ,i believe that we do not need any research to know who we are,so right now julius ,you are the one that is lost  and not our black women.go and get yourself well informed and when you do ,come back to reason with all the beautiful and  wonderful black women that  saw and read  your brainless article on this for sticking with white woman forever -more greese to your elbow,time will tell if you will remain a yes man or not.please do not use the word educate , b/c it is such an insult to p/p who are really do not worth any black woman anyway.

  30. Oh please spare us ur sanctimonious bullshit, who gives a damn if u prefer a white woman to a black women? it’s ur choice and u r entitled to that choice, but if u feel the need to justify ur actions to the world, then step back and examine urself cos obviously u r not satisfied with ur choice thats why u feel the need to insult a whole race of ur so called ppl due to the actions of a few. Like some white women don’t wear wigs/ extensions, fake nails, implants, hair color, colorful contacts, make-up etc. shld i go on?….. Niger please…, if ur article was to educate or send a msg, u failed big time with a capital F! Seriously look at how u phrased ur header “why i am STUCK with white women” operative word being stuck, u dont get stuck with ppl u love, u choice to be with them. I have a natural long hair (credit to my mom who claims to have chewed mostly sugar cane while pregnant with me,lol hence long good hair) and i like to wear it bushy, straightened, braided and also weaves cos i like to change my appearance once in a while plus weaves do grow my hair a lot and i’m not ashamed to wear them. Black women can have long natural hair too u know, if we stop messing with them, using my own hair as an example, when not straightened my hair reaches the top bra line and past when straightened. As i stated earlier, don’t justify ur shame or insecurities by belittling a whole race of beautiful women. Mtchewwwww….

  31. Stupid man you talk just like that, go and ask among black and white women those who like being fake the most? breast implant ,surgeries and extension where did they come from. You are just a lazy man who out of desperation has married a white woman for green card to get you ass well rooted where you are. idiot do you even have any traditional cloth in your wardrobe. we are all copying one thing or the other from the whites. so please come again… and don’t write just because you think you can put one or two words together to make a sentence. I am a proud African with A natural Long hair.

  32. Why did u even give this alien himself this attention??? This fool better realize that its only the folks he encounters are like that and most women wear makeup of some sort either the foundation or others (lipstick, liners and whatever….) And speaking of the wigs/weaves his women may be wearing one as well……..this blog is a waste!!!!!! Come out of ur hole into reality my BROTHER!!!!!!

  33. WASTE OF TIME….i read only the first three lines and i knwe what this person was chatting about..KMT…who cares if you wana go out with Oyibo..lool

  34. My dear, u know what, last time i went to an african shop to retouch my hair… surprisingly i met 3 white ladies waiting to weave thier hair.. one white girl said her is not voluminous and that is why she needs it… even i will accompany my white girl friend to my african beauty shop on saturday to have her dreadlocks.. so u seeee?

  35. my dear,, its me again… who told u an african lady cannot have long hair… they just need to protect their hair, treat it well, moisturize it everyday,, deep condition it at least once in a week, wear protective hair styles…. and i bet u , their hair will grow long like a white lady.. me myself i am on that journey, i wonna grow my hair so since some months now,, i hv been treatn my hair very good and my hair is growing paaaaa….. so my ladies try it and prove this guy worng,,

      1. sister dont worry about ur hair ok , all will be well… u knw colouring will not do ur hair any good so as u wonna grow ur hair long, try to aviod the colouring ok..well try this deep conditioning process with olive oil.. thz natural , warm the olive oil in a microwave,it should be warm n not hot cos u r going to put it in ur hair if possible for the hole day,, wash it the next day n dont blow dry,,if possible leave ur hair to dry under normal room temperature u knw cos too much of heat on the hair breaks it and avoid flat ironing …You can also try this oil, shima oil,,, challe this oil do wonders , i used it just once and i saw imporvement paaaa but i cant order it now cos i am in germany its hard for me to order cos of security reason since its made in USA,, try if u can order one for urself,,its really goooooood, tht oil hmmm,, anyways dont wonna talk too much,,,, but u need to eat well, avoid junk foods n soft drinks,, its really not gud for ur hair growth journey,,, add green vege n fruits to ur daily dish n execise ur body ,u knw ,,if u need more tipps,, just lemme know,,,,,,, tk ker

        1. @sisy,Thank you very much sister.I will do exactly what you have told me.I have been trying many products and they didn´t change anything

  36. hey boy its me biooum.. guys i know his problem u knw this is not the first time i am hearing this… try and understand him.. ia m a lady and i hate stinking hair.. cos of that i hate to wear weave or do rastas……. cos i hate it when the hair smells… u knw my good friend conplained about his girl having a stinky hair.. he said he cannt go close to her ears cos her her sktinksssss. so ladies plsssssssssssssss try and keep ur hair clean…thnx

  37. Can give me tipps to grow my hair longer ?I got brockeache after colouring my hair 5 times.In summer it used to get red so I use to colour them black

  38. lol dis guy is rite on sum line but the whole article is jst a disrespect to the black women community.he crack me up whn he said some “accents cant be trace to it origins”cos trust me i see tht a lot in Dallas TX n other part of the states.But now back to dis whole article thing as sum of u said this brother base all his “lame xcuses” on his inability to find or refusing to search for dis beauty he was referring to in his article in “African women”.There is a lot to say but ull hve said enough.But one thing tht i will say to my lovely readers are to give a constructive comments instead of giving way to insult cos our “lost brother”here needs comments tht can make him think psychologically.thank you

  39. okay whos talkin?????? african girls are original. they have yhier tham right to wear whateva the hell they wana wear, so if u got a dam problem with that then dont go out with them or hang with them. i meam who the hell is gonna tell them what to wear and what not to wear?????. i mean its thier monney, if they can buy whatever thier heart desires, than they can damm wear whateva they want. if u out there haten on them than go suck something!!!!

  40. the pains i feel for this guy is many cause he is dealing with rejection by his own race due to his preference for white people followed by his confusion in not finding the ideal african woman wth natural everything, in fact this Julius Nimako is very sad in his life that is why i feel pains for him.
    instead of him to bring to bare the real issue at hand HIS preference for white women, he is merking the waters even more by showcasing his insecurities. i will venture to say he is part of the problem of all these fake ghana nigeria women he is meeting because he is not showing them patience and being an example of a man who genuinly appreciate all things natural in a woman.

    even after you wrote this article with your real name, people still won’t resist talking about what an odd couple you are with your white girlfriend, sorry but this world is still very unaccepting of interracial dating.
    if you really want a natural ghana or nigeria woman, then go to Jamaica or London or even look on the internet for such women since you claim they are scares in Belgium because this I highly doubt. i think you just dont want it enough that is why you are not patient to search for it and settle with this white lady.

    Julius why are you settling, dont you deserve to be with the best?
    If you take this white lady to Kumasi or
    Delta state, can she survive and still love you the way you want to be loved? Are you getting your fufu or eba from a african woman still, what will she think if she knows you conceal all this hatred towards her fellow ghana nigeria sisters? Hate is a terrible thing to have in your heart my friend, be careful that it does not eat you up because no matter what you shall one day give birth (_to black babies even if mixed they still african_)to these very women you insult today.

  41. @ BB that’s it my bb have said and is all all over ok live sweetie africa woman alone for us ok BB thanks for that