Recent Photos Of The So Called Miss Universe Ghana 2011-Yayra Nego…

Miss Universe Ghana 2011

Miss Universe Ghana 2011

If you have been reading GhanaCelebrities.Com regularly, you should by now know my stand when it comes to the chick  ‘Yayra Nego’ who was recently selected to represent Ghana as Miss Universe Ghana 2011. What else is there to say? As someone rightly said, this chick should better be called ‘Not Miss Universe Ghana 2011 rep‘…

If you care to know Ms. Yayra Nego won Miss Minnesota 2009 to enable her go to Miss USA and then proceed to Miss Universe International on behalf of USA since the winner of Miss USA is chosen for Miss Universe…

She was not able to win the Miss USA as a Minnesota representative, hence could not make it Miss Universe International. Few years down the line, same chick finds herself in Ghana to be crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2011. This is the state of some beauty pageants in Ghana, I wonder why people even bother with them.

I did not want to bother posting these recent photos ,but then probably you guys will appreciate seeing them  so here they are! Take note of how she looks in the African print? LOL

Thank God Miss Universe International will not be based on votes,we would have seen how many votes this chick would have fetched…

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana

Photo Credit: Nana Kofi Acquah


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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bouchaib says:


sara says:

I see a GOLD DIGGER here. GH grow up and go for a real 100% Ghanaians

Extremely well written piece!!

Walker says:

Everybody who hates Yayra Nego. Writer of the article inclusive.





That is all.

I saw her runners up. You should be grateful she won.

This girl has more class than ALL your past three Miss Ghanas combined.

GoldenGurl says:

toooooo skinny! 

akos says:

ghanaians man soooooo dissapointing sometimes this si a shame so there no homeland beautys to rep us than this chick that dont even live in the country? kaie!

Her name “Yayra” means “we are lost” . The poor lady is lost and trying to find her way back to her roots but u guys giving her a hard time.

Kin says:

@Joseph Midnight, in fact Midnight you can say funny things paaaa hehe. asem oh. Her name is Ewe and it means blessing/benediction, eish please dont mislead our ppl

Kin says:

The vigor with which we support Jackie Appiah (who i might add was not born in Ghana but born an raised Canad but chose to come back home marry and work) is the same we should use to support this Yayra Nego, makaa maka. Nyame shra me wai.

Kin says:

fefe ne efe, why do Ghanaians fear the beauty we have even if its not 100% made in ghana?

i think Africans as a whole seem damned if you do damned if you dont, we regularly insult our own just for the simple fact they not 100% this or that, that needs to stop, we need to start contratulating instead of hating

what kind of society are we trying to have, a tolerant one or a one that is gripped by fear?

ghallday says:

@Kin,Beauty is beauty. Well said.

Kin says:

@ghallday, so true sis for real

Afia says:

nko yie koraa

Celebrity says:

She aint all dat

Kin says:

well should it turn out that it is just a matter of(DNA) tribal affilitation to Ghana, then im cool with her reping for Ghana. last i check a lebanese girl born and living in Ghana tried to contest in ghana for Ms Ghana world i think and was blocked from competing(I fink jon germain covered this issue on Allo tigo)

so just goes to show the criteria is so unclear that it gives an impression of corruption much like some of these Ghana Blackstar internationals who dont even step one foot in Ghana soil yet want to rep Ghana in football(the new norway/ghana goal keeper Kwaresey, even kevinprinceBoateng hadn’t stepped foot in Ghana untill the actual world cup)

things are changing and the people are slow in keeping up

merel says:

@Kin, yeah i so agree with u. kevin and the norway based keeper has never been to ghana until they started playing for ghana. thats ghana’s obsession with halfcatse people for u

Kin says:

@merel, hm, well I think love is blind my dear merel I genuinely in the believe possibility that her Voltaic pops fell in love with a American lady.

Lets just say this Yayra competes and actually gets Ms Universe title, will that be an indictment on a world that is obsessed with halfcaste as well?

If that is the case, the then we can no longer say its as simple as this and that. What i know of Ghanaians to be true is that, ifyou posses a skill, they want you, case in point that jarhead of ghana descent who choose Italy rather than ghana….now if this lady choose Ghana what is the wahala…sorry but i dont think its that simple

Akuaba says:

@Kin, The Kwarasey guy has been in Ghana and has shown loyalty by rejecting Norway requests and waiting for 3 years to be able to play for Ghana. The hole in the “this chick vs foreign born footballers” argument is that the footballers are not required to showcase Gh’s culture and represent the fundamental nature of GH. They’re just supposed to play ball. That’s why this chick is being held to different standards.

Kin says:

@Akuaba, lolz i like that “Foreign Born Pageant Queens vs Foreign Born Footballers” argument 🙂

Well it will be interesting to see if Miss Universe Intl. Ltd (which is run by Donald Trump) bylaws permit this because FIFA(run by Sept Blatter) regularly approves cases of switched nationality.

Look Im just gonna put this situation on blasst, the only reason people dont want Yayra Nego is this unfounded but very possible fear that her genes will negatively influence the enrroads made in the issue of Self Love of Black Africa to our already uneducated population. I get that, I see the implications also of what ou say about the erosion of our culture. No disrespect but when I go to Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast today everything from the architetual structure that is used to build the houses to the manner of which we speak our indigenous language is heavily inundated with non-Ghanaian influence. Our culture has evolved on so many levels that the average Ghanaian is not aware that we only had influence of Africans only(Im talking like 1200’s going backwards). Sweetheart there is no going back that!

But i hear you though, perhaps these pageants should start being done using local vernacular like Ewe, Hausa, Ga, Frafra, Akwapim-Twi and Dagbamba that way we can see the 100% Ghanaian culture standard that you talk about. Also I think perhaps this pageant should make it so that all contestants only do their hair to reflect na real Ghana culture: hair threading similar to Elivava’s style, the Krobo royal head gear women wear, cornrows stylyzed like the Sahelian Ghanaians, maybe even fanciful hijabs of some of our Muslim contestants, short-cut yomo infuced royal-like stylings. Additionally perhaps in an effort to hold these contestants to Ghana cultural standards, the judging panel should not be society big wigs and hot shots but rather our enstooled chiefs, queen mothers, Naa’s, Nii’s, Nana’s, Mallam’s, Komfo’s, Togbe’s, Osagyfo’s, Osofo’s and traditional african healers cause they truely are the only one’s left aspiring to the Ghana cultural ways 100% of the time. ……..I can go on, and on but all this just to say, I understand where you are coming from.

While the rest of us move on and evolve you will still be clinging to this Ghana Culture Utopia for us all, and we thank you for that wai.

Akuaba says:

@Kin,You completely missed my point. She’s not being held to higher standards of cultural knowledge by adamant, archaic ghana culture utopia advocates like myself but rather, the inherent nature of how she’s representing Ghana- through the Miss Universe pageant itself. The footballers are not going to be talking about Ghana and its current affairs. I understand culture and society evolves. It would be quite absurd to argue against that. 

Akuaba says:

@Kin,Case illustrated: If this same girl participated in a pageant like Miss Malaika and won, no one would doubt her ability to represent Ghana because she would have demonstrated it. There would be no danger of stereotyping or treating her unfairly due to her appearance. However, in a closed pageant like the one she won, people are just experiencing a natural reaction. 

Kin says:

@Kin, Akuaba thank you for bring up Miss Malaika, that is an excellent pageant which the Miss Universe Ghana could possibly learn from…..I get tired of us even doing beauty pageant thing with the rest of the world cause I honestly do not remember the last time an African won Miss Universe. Hmph. rich peoples money, thats what all this and now I finally get what you mean about the footballers, at least with them we all can agree much like with the Miss Malaika pageant we see the projections of us, yeah you right Akuaba.
sorry for not getting you in the first

Opanin says:

i’m still not clear as to the criteria for this pageant……is it open to anyone who comes out and says i’m a Ghanaian or i have some kind of link to Ghana????? all dese should be abolished…silly money making organisations…..

ameyaw says:

i would have been disappointed if GC didnt do something like that to my cool

Opanin says:

@ameyaw, somethin like wht?????

Kin says:

eish GHana, ghana. Will someone please explain to me her connection to Ghana(like is it her mum or dad that is Ghanaian?

Cause what is wrong with her reping ghana, men do it all the time in the Blackstars(several of those guys repd’ the western nation they were born in at the youth level before deciding to be Ghana international)

merel says:

@Kin, her mum american and her dad is from volta region, ghana so she is half ghanaian

Kin says:

@merel, Oh in fact this wahala diyeeee. Hm. Why we africans want to deny our own blood is a shame. In fact Im high disappointed in Chris for this, in fact. This very website was praising jumping for Kevin Prince Boateng knowing that he too repd Germany in the under 17 but want to deny Yayra Nego for doing the same thing of repn her consituency in USA……if that is the case, im gonna be one woman supporter of Yayra Nego cause it seems this Ghanaians are very chauvinistic and seems to only want to support SONS OF GHANA whilst neglecting DAUGHTERS OF GHANA

Yayra Nego sis, you go there and show them how its done okay, you are a Ghanaian, kojoTo)

Joh says:

@GC and Co, what is soo wrong about her looks in the African print. You guys are soo judgemental. Doesn’t she look better in the African print than that of your soo called miss Ghanas and Malikas? Allow her to live her dream life please…

Opanin says:

@Joh, At least our so called Miss Malaikas and Miss Ghanas live her and have paid their dues to the motherland not dis foreigner……….nonsense

ThickMama says:

Well..she luks hot in afro print shld hve been one of those exotic styles dat luk gud on models nt dis thing..wonder who sewn it…

E.knock says:

Evri1, stop h8in on ma baby mama. She fine pass…….

maame says:

@E.knock, lol im saying

ka says:

yes ooo, we always want someone that speaks like a westerner. Maybe it will benefit me because i have an american accent, I have to go back ooo hmmm.

On a second thought, she bamboozled ghana courtesy of our weak structures and our ladies not having the experience she had but will not get ANYWHERE in the competition so no worries.

Akosua says:

why is she called by different names? ….
This is just a chance for her to attend the Miss Universe competition, only reason and since USA don’t want her and well Africans are always asking for anything not African.

ghallday says:

@Akosua,Oh she’s American huh. She just came for the sake of the competition. 
That’s the sad thing… when some Ghanaians pride themselves in the fact that they have a foreign accent. *smh*… some are even so happy to quickly admit that they can’t speak nor write their own language. lol. Funny but pathetic. 

sheila nyantekyi says:

Are u serious, is she really miss universe nawaaaa oh

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