GC Exclusive: A-List Actors In Ghana Flopped At ‘The Spirited Actor’ – The Search For Africa’s Next Hollywood Star Auditions, Whiles New Super Talents Revealed!

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This photo is just for publication and means nothing more than that
This photo is just for the publication of this post. It means nothing more than that...

Credible information reaching GhanaCelebrities.Com indicates that some A-list actors in Ghana have flopped at the ongoing auditions for the ‘The Spirited Actor’ – The Search For Africa’s Next Hollywood Star project at the National Theatre in Accra.

The names of the A-list actors will not be revealed now until the excerpts of the auditions start airing on Viasat1, the official TV station for the project.

According to our source at the audition, the flopped actors/actresses quickly had to approach the local representatives of the project to give them a second chance.

When refused, they then begged their auditions recordings not to be shown when the excerpts start showing on TV soon. Most of the flopped-so-called-established-actors are known faces in the movie industry. Some have featured in various series aired some years back, whiles some are also in series currently showing on TV.

Others too have a chuck of movies to their credit. Our source reiterated that, the flopped actors wished earth had broken loose and swallowed them instantly as they couldn’t find their way out of the venue.

Auditions were held in presence of every registered candidate, so it was a sight to behold as the new talents watched their ‘role models’ flop.

As the known faces flopped, new super talents were discovered. Only 30 out of the over thousand candidates managed to score a star on the judge’s cards. The 30 will be trimmed down to final 10.

The selected 10 will be made to go through some tasks and exercises, after which they will be on TV for 2 weeks, where the public can help in deciding the final 5.

‘The Spirited Actor’ – The Search For Africa’s Next Hollywood Star is a new reality show in Africa [Ghana and Nigeria] to recruit acting talents for the fame and glitz in Hollywood.

Hollywood actor Rockmond Dunbar is part of the audition judges. Auditions will be held in Nigeria to pick another 5 talents to join the 5 from Ghana to be flown to New York for the commencement of the reality show.

For now, you can go ahead and guess which of the actors/actresses flopped.

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  1. ooooh Gosssip Mama! thought u had the names lined up already. Anyway, i will be waiting for the long list. I have one actress in mind though, I know she will flop basaaaaa

      1. @JohnJohn, well i do agree in a way cos even tho Juliet has the body n the face,but girlfriend cant do S**t.no offense tho cos she seems like a nice person with a charming personality

  2. Gossip Mama, publish the list………if dey indeed went for the audition,which is not a private thing den u have every right to publish it witout us waitin for the TV broadcast……….football di3 3noaa ni at once……

  3. Oh woow that must b very embarassing..just 5 people will b chosen out of de 1000s that went??dats somethg I wouldn’t even bother goin..anyway we’ll b waiting for de list n some clips..lol..its def these same ppl we c in movies n read abt here..

  4. I dont think this should be a big deal if you are not chosen, it does not mean that you are less of an actor or actress, I just think they are looking for one particular thing which maybe you dont have…to all who went and not chosen congratulation…you are still a star in your own way…

    1. @Akata, if u go to school and write an exams and u fail, are u considered as bein part of those who passed????definately no……..

  5. Loool, why don’t you guys ever do auditions in London too??? I would love to audition, but I ain’t even in GH right now… damn what a missed opportunity! 🙁 

      1. @Opanin, I don’t understand what you are trying to say Opanin, do you mean that Londoners would disgrace Ghanians? or that Ghanians would disgrace Londoners? Only reason I wrote this is because I think these auditions are a great opportunity, and I missed my chance by not going back to my homeland to spend the summer. Anyway, whoever auditioned and went through, Congrats!!! I hope you go far!!!

        1. @Dee, masa even wit the so called professionals, we’re havin problems how much more u…pls, don’t give us any more headache ok.Thank you…

  6. Come on Gossip Mama, when did Gc become scared of this? I love you guys for your frankness so just mention the names and list catch some laughter ooo

  7. Uuoooh juicy…Where to start. I’m trying to picture who would loose pride and be begging….hmmmm 

  8. I was there masef and to be honest wiv u guys da audition wasn’t easy as many people thought. I was down wen Tracey told me to come next year buh seeing those popular actors flopped gave me soo much courage and hope to keep my dreams alive lol.. and oh dat half-cast lady who starred in Believe Me featuring John Dumelo, Frank Artus, Nana Akua Addo and co messed up badly dat she cudn’t even used the main exit to go home loool… For more names contact me

  9. u didn’t give any name so which other more names are u talkin about?????? hw3, don’t waste our tym ok………..if under the anonimity of the internet, u can’t gather courage to say wht u knw, where else can u say it???? coward…

  10. and wat makes u fink am a coward? I dnt kno her name buh I kno da face.. anybody who has watched dah movie will kno da lady am talkin abt

  11. @Nana, and when u watched the movie, u didn’t see her name???find somethin else to do and don’t waste ma tym

  12. pls let’s have a view of the so called list “A” actors who flopped on tv. pllllllllllllssssssssss!!!!

  13. I just read it on ghanaweb that two of the A-list actors that flopped at the auditions are Ekow Smith and Kweku T, [when did he become an actor]. hmmm eye asem oo

  14. simply Majid,john,Nadia,Yvone,juliet etc and all those with with  forged american accent like kweku T sorry for u lolllllllll