Video: Ghana Black Stars & Sunderland FC Striker Asamoah Gyan Doing The Azonto Dance!

Asamoah Gyan

It has been reported that, Sunderland FC and Ghana’s Black Stars striker-Asamoah Gyan has mentioned he will be putting his musical career on hold. Hurray! This is a welcome news because I feel homeboy needs to focus and get his act of playing right. His jack-of-all-trade mind-set is becoming so annoying.

The microphone is always there after he hangs out his boots. So if indeed homeboy will be shunning music to concentrate on his field activities, I say kudos. However, below is a short video of the striker doing what is known now in Ghana as the ‘azonto’ dance.

The ‘azonto’ dance goes with any song, even gospel. Here, the striker does the dance to Edu Wodzi featuring Stay Jay’s ‘Yenko Nkoa’.

After watching the video, you will understand why those Sunderland confused players always follow him to dance whenever he scores. Such a crazy dance indeed.


Watch Azonto Dance In Senior High Schools

GC Staff

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madam social says:

this dance is cool. i m learning it

B.B says:

watching the SHS students brings back memories of my days in SSS. I miss those days & SSS.

mother says:

@B.B, eeissh ,then u no be small girl …u finished SSs in ghana …lol heard its one of the most fun days of one life …i wish i had mine there tooo …lol

B.B says:

@mother, yes oo my dear, am OLD. And i know you would have loved your days in SSS.

maame says:

Is it just me that thinks the video was repeating itself and the song was just added to the video and it was not playing during the dance??

cici says:

@maame,lol..i thot so vid was repeated de whole tym..

Claude says:

@maame, u got that right!

Pampro says:

Why is this news?

Claude says:

@Pampro, helloooooo its entertainment! check ur brains.

Pampro says:

@Claude,lol@check ur brains.yes its entertainment but is this the first time we are seeing asamoah gyan or people do the azonto dance?its not like we’ve never seen him dance. hence, the question why is this news?

B.B says:

@Pampro, and why are you asking that question? you could have easily skipped it when you read the topic. remember there are lot of ppl outside GH that don’t know the dance.

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