Dear GC Readers, My Boyfriend Of 2 Months Has Asked Me To Move With Him To Spain Where His Company Is Relocating Him To…Should I Say Yes & Go With Him Or Not?

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Dear GC,

I think I’m about to make a crazy decision and I need advice about whether I might be making a huge mistake or not. I met my man two months ago and we really love and adore each other. I know it’s so early days but he has been given a once in a life opportunity to open a new branch of his company in Spain and he’s asked me to come.

I have told him I will think about it but I already want to say yes. I have so much to think about but really I just want to start packing! My man works for successful IT Company so money won’t be a problem and he has family there who he says we can stay with until we sort ourselves out.

I’m a nurse here so I know eventually I can get a job there also. I know I can’t speak Spanish but he was offered the opportunity because he speaks the language fluently so that isn’t an issue either.

I haven’t told any of my family or friends but if I decide to follow him there we should be moving by the end of the month. I know people will think I’m crazy but I feel like if I say no I’ll always regret this.

I really want to be with him and the very fact that he has asked me makes me know how much our relationship means to him also.

What should I do, should I say yes and go with him or is it too early?

From Nana Akua, Belgium.



Dear Nana Akua,

As I’m sure you will hear from all those who know and care about you, in the beginning relationships can be amazing and full of happiness. However as you settle and get to know much more about each other it stops being so much about always looking cute for your man so he can take you out for numerous dinners and on holidays and more about responsibility and learning each other through the bad times as well as the good.

My concern is you don’t know enough about your man nor do you know enough about what situation you are going there to meet. Even if you have been spending everyday with him since the day you met this still not enough time to gage if this is the right decision.

You are right in giving yourself time to think about it before telling family and friends as you will just sound a little crazy should you decide to go, you need space to really think about the pros and cons through.

Let’s See What Our Readers Have To Say Too! Guys, Please Chip In Your Advice To Help A Sister Out…

All The Best


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  1. Two month and your both love each other woman aba what kind of live has he be giving you that you live him so much that it’s driving you crazy it’s not down to us to advice you because reading your letter tells me how blind you are already I guess the advice sassy chic gave you is good enough already so take it or leave it 

  2. i mean its kind of ur choice. do u love him that much and trust him that much to move in with him just after two months? anyways i fit was me, and if i really loved him i would move in with him. i mean its ur decition. ur an adult. just follow ur heart. 🙂

  3. Dont go with him now let him go first and you will join him later when hes got his own apartment and not staying with family members.
    remember even married women dont traval with their husbands on the first time when transfered.
    please let him go & follow after one or two months. thats more decent thing to do than to rush

  4. you know that saying,love is blind.i think that is what is working dear girl please wake up if you are asleep.listen,if you love him and want to go with him,then tell him to come home and marry you properly before running away with you.if he cannot take that risk then he is not worth it.let me tell you blood they say is thicker than water,it is true that parents expect their children to live on their own one day but in your case you are running away from them and that is very not allow that man to take you for were brought up by family before he saw you fully never appeared from the if he loves you he should not be a thief and steal what do not belong to him.he should do things the proper way or he would be charged for kidnapping.

  5. Two months is not enough to raise such a proposal to a partner even if u are madly in-love. Let it be this way: 1).- If you are sure he loves you let him go first, settle everything in Spain; 2).-After everything is set in Spain, I mean everything when he comes back 4 u let him know your family; 3).-Let him make that proposal to your family, if they are agreed you can start packing up, if they don’t agree then he should propose a wedding after the wedding u can move freely to Spain; Punto 

  6. My dear even If u were dating him 4 100yrs; so long as he is not ur husband. U can´t relocate with him just like dat all in the name of love. U r lucky, u r based in europe nt in a remote place. Frm belgium to spain is not far. If u like go wit him bt dnt stay there. U cn visit him as often as u wnt. Dnt be blind by love sit down and think twice. Move in with him when u think it is appropriate. Every one has her own concept though bt If u wld ask me. I wldn´t. 

  7. It all depends on how much u love him or trusted him, my advice is that, if by any chance u are going with him, make sure both parent of strong member of ur family knows about this disition. my sister, men have there dety habbit, they are like butterfly ,they look for new roses avery day.