YFM Sammy Forson Stars In An Upcoming Movie ‘Destiny’s Child’ Alongside Nana Akua Addo, Roselyn Ngissah, Helen Asante, Eddie Watsons, Kalsoume Sinare, Mimi, Ephraim, Rough & Smooth!5 Comments

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Posted on 08 Aug 2011 at 6:08pm

Host of the Mid Morning show on YFM, Sammy Forson is gradually joining the few already established media professionals to have hit the movie industry. He will soon be seen in an upcoming movie titled ‘Destiny’s Child’.

The former Citi FM presenter cum TV presenter makes a cameo appearance in the movie as an MC.

‘Destiny’s Child’ tells a story of three poor sisters whose father committed suicide, hence rendering them orphans.

The three sisters; Chalyne [Helen Asante], Nana Akua [Nana Akua Addo] and Denise [Roselyn Ngissah] loved music and at their young ages, they danced at various venues in Accra to make ends meet. Eventually they got their break – they became music stars after taking part in a musical competition.

Achieving stardom – from grass to grace, the devil sets in as they totally forgot about their mother and where they came from – the slums.

‘Destiny Child’ – from grass to grace talks about the personal choices people make that either grows or brings them down. It addresses various life problems as well as finding answers to these problems. It also tackles many issues that is ignored by newly-rich-people.

Good technical experts have been employed to work on ‘Destiny’s Child’. It’s being directed by Nollywood movie director Willie Ajenge and produced by Hause of Kadewe Productions.

The movie features experience as well as upcoming movie such as Nana Akua Addo, Roselyn Ngissah, Helen Asante, Eddie Watsons, Sammy Forson, Kalsoume Sinare, Chi-chi Neblett, Ciara Zita Galega, Mimi, Ephraim and Rough & Smooth!

Video: Preparation for the ‘Destiny’s Child’ 

Destiny’s Child movie teaser

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