Kofi Adjorlolo Takes The Film Producers Associations Of Ghana & The Ghana Actors Guild To The Cleaners. He Says “I’m Pissed & Peeved”!


Kofi Adjorlolo at the launch of Ghana Movie Awards 2011

Though his infamous ‘ban’ by the Film Producers Associations of Ghana [FIPAG] has been lifted, talented and creative Ghanaian actor Kofi Adjorlolo is not a happy person at all.

The versatile actor was among three movie stars banned for fouling the directives of the Film Producers Association. The actor still finds the ‘supposed’ reason for his ban laughable.

I was banned for two years though that didn’t actually stopped me from doing what I know how to do best. When I was banned, I kept asking myself what have I done and they said I was trying to protect the Nigerians working in Ghana – so I should not have even talked on their behave which was very ridiculous though.”

“But all of a sudden, they started taking action against me. I didn’t retort. I didn’t talk back. They went on and on and later came back to say, they have lifted the ban after we had sat down to talk.” He said surprisingly.

Even though the ban has been lifted, Kofi remains an unhappy man because he wasn’t served with a letter stating reasons for his ban.

I was not served with any letter. I don’t even know why I was banned. Until today, there have been nothing like meeting me to tell me the reason why I was banned. I’m not happy though about. I’m not happy at all.”

In all indication Kofi has not forgiven the people that masterminded his ban. It looks like the actor still holds some grudges with some officials of the Producers’ Association as well as the Executives of the Ghana Actors Guild [GAG], the body set aside to regulate activities of actors/actresses inGhanaheaded by the President Samuel Odoi Mensah.

In an interview with GhanaCelebrities.Com, the actor who picked the ‘Favourite Actor’ of the Year at the last year’s Ghana Movie Awards revealed why he is pissed and peeved in the movie industry.

Explaining his problem with Actors Guild to GhanaCelebrities.Com, Kofi said, he didn’t feel the impact of the Guild when the news of his ban broke out. He felt the Ghana Actors Guild should have intervened. “I’m a member of the Ghana Actors Guild but unfortunately the Guild didn’t do anything to help me when I was banned”.

Kofi Adjorlolo and Nana Ama at the launch of Ghana Movie Awards 2011

As a member of the Guild, GhanaCelebrities.Com asked if he consulted the Executives about his plight. He said, he didn’t have to necessarily petition the Guild, instead he expected the Guild to intervene just for the fact that he is a member in good standing.

“I’m a member of the Guild. As a member of the Guild if something happens – the Executives of the Guild – they were aware. They should have called me – administratively. We all have worked in offices. If a complain comes from somewhere that one of your workers [actors] did something and that we [FIPAG] have banned him. You call me – I don’t have to call you as an Executive of the association.”

Kofi reiterated that he felt ignored by his own association. He continued that, he didn’t receive any letter from either FIPAG or GAG prior to his ban and after the ban was lifted hence why he’s pissed and peeved.

“I’m very judicious in my things. I’m very meticulous because I have worked as a broadcaster – as a media man. Nobody has written to me that they have lifted the ban”, adding that, “As I’m talking to you now, I’m not happy at all. I’m so pissed and peeved.”

Talking about other issues, Kofi Adjorlolo commended the organisers of the Ghana Movie Awards.

He said “I’m so elated about the Ghana Movie Awards. In fact, for a very long time, we never had any good movie awards in this country but when it started last year – knowing the people [organizers] involved, seeing them, I realize this people are serious”.

“And true to it, I know this people have something up their sleeves and they will go very far. So my expectation is very positive. It has a future. I believe in the organizers.”

Kofi Adjorlolo and movie editor Afra Marley at the launch of Ghana Movie Awards

Talking about the ‘needless’ controversy that erupted in the country when four actresses were asked to share one car acquired from sponsors to promote the awards. Kofi said he foresaw the problem especially when the ‘4Play’ movie was submitted to the awards.

He said:  “That was a problem. When you involve yourself in something for the first time, there is bound to be problems and that particular problem, I foresaw it coming being that a lot of movies were forwarded for nominations.

With all these girls [Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Okoro and Roselyn Ngissah] performing, I knew ‘4Play’ was one strong movie that could cause sensation as well as controversy and that was exactly what happened. Because the four girls did play very well in that movie and apparently I foresaw that controversy. However, I think they are working to iron out things.”

When asked if it’s okay for two people to win one award. Kofi said, “This is my personal view; I don’t think its okay. It’s not right but don’t forget it depends on how the citation goes so far as the award is concerned because I know award like Noble Peace Prize – two people can share it.”

Asked if he shares the sentiment that, Nigerians who come to Ghana to work should be sideline. Kofi said “No, I don’t share that opinion at all, adding that “We can’t sideline anybody from working. Here is an industry that we all share ourselves.

We collaborate all the time. We should you [FIPAG] say you sideline Nigerians? If there are some regulations that you put across or forward, let the people know. If there are things that they must do to keep working – let them know.”

“It’s not just like you get up and say you ban Nigerians from working in Ghana. No. If you have laid down some rules and regulations relating to foreigners working in this country – let them know.” Kofi schooled FIPAG.

Kofi Adjorlolo said his advice to FIPAG was that their modus operandi was incorrect.  “It was a simple advice I gave them because their modus operandi was wrong. How they did the whole thing was not right. It was wrong.”

He ended the interview with “Even I’m not a member of the FIPAG yet I was banned. How?”

Story By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./Ghanacelebrities.Com/Ghana

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