GC Exclusive: Actress Juliet Ibrahim Looking Fabulously Hot In New Photo Shoot

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim


Award-winning Actress Juliet Ibrahim  is looking super HOT in her recent promo photos received by GhanaCelebrities.Com…

Whether you like it or not, Juliet is got a fabulously GREAT body considering the fact that she just had baby less than a year ago. All I can say is, Girlfriend has really worked the body out!

Check out the photos below…Your Thoughts?..Click on photos to enlarge for proper viewing






Juliet Ibrahim




GC Staff

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yehni says:

Beautiful pictures showing that she got her lovely shape back ! But like some people said above, the open-legs part is a bit too much!

body says:

please next time close your legs lady, got it all wrong on that one!

ghallday says:

She lost the baby fat. She’s looking great.

naa asheley says:

these pics are really muaaahh………………… I’m I the only person, but picture 7 caught my attention,lol.

Nasty Nate says:

I love that pic of her sitting on the stairs with her legs open, I like how you can see the curvature of her booty.

jay says:

wooooooooow, gul, u’re lukin flyyyyyyyyyyyyy
go, babay, the sky aint ur limit


dis lady’s husband is really LUCKY

Pampro says:

My baby moms is too fine sha.Juliet is on fire.Let it be known that I love her so much

kantanka says:


madam social says:

s*xy! s*xy! s*xy!

kweku p says:

Epitome of beauty.

cici says:

very beautiful!!!

zuby says:

juju on point,s*xiiiiiiiiiiiiiii be wat?banging hawt:)))))))))))))))))))))))))

prettybabie says:

Nyc pics απϑ T’s but ǻ lil variety wud hav been nyc. *wink*

27calibre says:

wooow did she realy open her legs ,sorry just wondering ,she looks cute tho..

hey says:

Abeg Abeg sis julie U ARE ON POINT!

Kin says:

Work it diva! You r blessed.

Opanin says:

i’m not a Juliet Ibrahim fan when it comes to acting but these pics are banging…..homegirl looks suave….childbirth aint got nothing on her….

Chalupa says:

Wow Juliet is GORGEOUS!! Idk if its due to her recently giving birth but to me she has become so much prettier and she has a gorgeous voluptuous hourglass body! work it girl and keep it up!

Miyagi says:

Swag on deck She might have 99 haters but her swagger ain’t one hahaha 

frempomah says:

@Miyagi, i think my comment worked, do u remember that i commented  that GC never say anything good about Nadia, Yvonne Nelson, and Juliet. they come out with good news about one of my favorable actress Juliet hahahaha. Mrs Juliet u are really indeed the Face of Ghana. u got the body, the face, height, hansom husband, beautiful son. what else this girl wants which she has not have it already?

Alikeyion says:

wow wow wow u rock dis realy bad

JonJon says:

Her body is fabulous(TOP3 in the actress category).. the folks who diss her body are just jealous. She’s HOT and I’m proud she wants to relate more to her Ghanaian roots since some people always try to denounce her nationality . She should do more photo shoots. Next time in Kente cloth.

akua says:

indeed you are on point. pretty


beauty is really yours.

opoku says:

very beautiful lightskinned woman and she has an hour glass figure. thats nice

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