Out Of Box News: Terrorism In Nigeria, Bomb Blast At UN building In Abuja Today-Why Now?

Bomb Blast At Un Building In Nigeria

Bomb Blast At Un Building In Nigeria

Is West Africa the next Terroism destination? Hell No, God Forbid oooo! It has been confirmed that, the UN building in Abuja, Nigeria was bombed today with several injuries and casualties.According to the BBC, at least 18 people have been killed and several others injured. This was a suicide car bombing…

Reports say, the powerful bomb blast damaged the lower floors of the UN building. And guess who claims to have done it? A spokesman for the Islamist group Boko Haram told the BBC in a phone conversation that it had carried out the attack. STUPID…Bombing your own people?

The UN is pissed I guess as the chief Ban Ki-moon said the attack was “an assault on those who devote their lives to helping others”. People are in your country trying to help and make your lives better, then you go about bombing and killing them including your very own people?

The recent trend of Bombing in Nigeria is getting out of hand and the early they do something about it, the better…Ah aba, this is getting too stupid and scary! Sky News says, because of the UN building bombing in Nigeria, the UN will now re-evaluate its operations in the whole of Africa. You see, now because of these stupid bombers, we all in Africa go suffer ooo!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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aida says:

just like someone said already ,that the problems   and crimes in ghana are mostly commited by outsiders.from my own little investigation,i came to realize that  the problem in northern nigeria is a bit complex.now hausas are the majority ethnic group in the north. but,there you still have the fulanis,kanuris and so many other smaller tribes.the last two and the other smaller tribes,hardly go to circular school or education as we all know it ,not b/c they could not but they are banned from doing it from their imams and their chieftans.p/p like this are easily persuaded,b/c they do not know      much of the world they live in except what they are being told.these p/p live really up north and are being bothered by their  kins in chad and  niger and b/c of these the border along ther e has never been checked,while the govt. try so hard to take control,the natives always betray them .this is why up there,you can find p/p from various nationalities even camerounians mostly muslims.the worst is that they allow  them to vote in nigeria election from these countries even when they are not nigerian.the bother there is just a free way,one  can easily have a joy ride there if you wish.if one remembers the supporters and militias of libyan president they are all from niger and chad.as for boko haram,this is not the first time such a group surfaced and later was crushed,one i read about was the maitasins.,but the difference is that boko haram is extremely violent just like their kin in niger.when you check  the background of most of these groups ,80% are outsiders and 20% northerners.now ghanians and nigerians maybe hating each other but ,one thing is clear here ,and that is  no african country is safe especially those countries that have muslims. if the extremist are able to get   one country ,they will definitely try to get into the  other.,and instead of speating fire on each other ,try to push your govts to work together  to bring  peace  to  that lovely continent that has suffered for so long.it will be an easy sweep for extemist in africa, if nothing is done.they love  countries  where there are disagreement.chaos,it may not be easy for them b/c there may be  makes them strong.i hope that nigeria has to fight back just like they have always done ,so that this virus cannot spread.

ghallday says:

Surprisingly I have not seen much of this on CNN (US) but all talk about Hurricane Irene and Libya. 
Naija’s getting more radical.

Kin says:

What else is new…..thank god for aljezeera n bbc @ghallday,

mackie5667 says:

So a bomb has gone off in Nigeria. I hope the prince that e-mailed me hasn’t been hurt, his family has been through enough already.

Kin says:

See idle hands cuz of lack of jobs written all over this…what if predominatly Christian african nations continue to elect Muslim leaders, plus have each have great policies like the late YarAdua or even Limann……i think this has to do with them having mistrust in democracy….lack of education makes our people perish

marion says:

the world is no longer safe it is the recent trend and all the post i’ve read so far has been really great.let him that thinketh he standeth take hid lest he falls.every country must be on the alert it may spread across put an eye on the northern muslims so many wrong doctrines.i’ll share a little story in no time.r.i.p my fellow countrymen.i rep 9ja

Nesta says:

I just see oil written all over this 

ghallday says:

@Nesta,How’s that?

madam social says:

hmmmm…asem oo

Miyagi says:

The bomb blast tells more of their security porousity how on earth did this happened to the Nigerian Force Headquarters, it is really a shame but one thing i want to add is that i do not believe Boko Haram claiming responsibility it is a way of misdirection let police investigate thoroughly to bring the perpetrators to book Nigeria Police should not be distracted by confusionists like Boko haram

may Almighty creator protect any innocent person in this problem. thanks and Godbless

RR says:

Here they go again hating on Nigerians. Low lives!!!. Mr blogger why don’t you stick to your shallow Ghana celebrities’ news and leave naija alone to solve their problems. You guys obviously have no meaningful thing to say other than pure sarcasm so back off. Intimidated, insecure bunch of idiots.

nanayaa says:

@RR, you are so hateful and way too sensitive for ur own goood.What GC posted here is not what’s necessary, the ppl that lost their lives and families left behind are those you need to worry about. There’s ghana news on every naija site I visited today and we aint even tripping..Jackie Appiah s*x scandal is on NFC but are Ghanaians tripping? No..GROW UP hun, too much HATE will take u to an early grave..

MYOB says:

Why don’t you guys stick to your Ghana celebrities’ shallow news and leave naija to solve their own problems. You guys have no meaningful contribution except to hate on naijas so back off. Desperate much????, intimidated insecure IDIOTS.

nanayaa says:

@MYOB, who is hating Nigerians? why do u nigerians like u feed off negativity so much. did u come across the positive comments? I bet u did, but u chose to ignore it.
People lives are perishing and here you are still stuck on and GH and naija beef..Not all GH ppl think the same u know..just GROW UP already..There’s too much hate in ur heart when it comes to Ghanaians and u have just proven it..CNN and some other channels and website are talking about this barbaric act too so i think your hate and anger should be directed at them..lol change oo, there’s too much HATE in u and it’s not good for ur heart.

27calibre says:

those foolish thing is not a news in nigeria ,it normal like iraq and afghanistan ,

and  they will say their country is peacefull than ghana ..jokers

Iris says:

ghanaian poiticians better take a cue from this and help develop the northern part of the country….

kwame says:

@Iris, ghanaian muslims arnt like the nigerian ones.. and truth be told foreigners do more crime in ghana then our own citizens, fulani, togolese, nigerian, etc… but i do agree, our government shouldnt take all ghanaians hospitality for granted, because they see ghana as a peaceful place, but truth be told anything can happen, if the wrong thing occurs. government needs to do more to secure our safety from the robbers

blick says:

@kwame, @27calibre, God bless you, hold to your gun. Leave Nigeria alone and enjoy your peace in Ghana.

blick says:

@27calibre, God bless you, hold to your gun. Leave Nigeria alone and enjoy your peace in Ghana.

miss dior says:

Smh there’s always something, we in the NY, NJ, Maryland n Virginia areas now, have to deal with earthquakes, hurricanes, its getting crazy everyday.

hey says:

@miss dior, hmm my sista it is gettn crazy everywhereoo

nanayaa says:

My heart goes out to the victims, sincerely..hmm It’s not safe anywhere anymore. How we’ll survive is between us and God.

constace says:

What do u expect?
They make the most noise but they are brainless

Boatemaa says:

@constace, Wow…u really are scum. We are talking about terrorism and people dying and u are here spewing your hate. Idiot.

JJ says:


JJ says:

Takes one without brain to know another. RETARD!!

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