Photos Of Miss Malaika 2011 Final 16 Delegates! Who Are You Feeling?


Below are pictures of the 16 finalist of the Miss Malaika 2011 beauty pageant. They were picked out of over 400 eligible ladies.

Check the 16 delegates out. Who are you feeling? Click on photos to enlarge for proper viewing!






Esi Doe



Maame Esi



Nana Konadu



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  • PRAR

    Whoever took that last girl’s picture needs to get fired. Are you seriously telling me that’s the best picture they took of her? KMT.

    • @PRAR, Whats your beef with the pictures?

      • PRAR

        @Posted By: GC Staff, The picture is terrible. It looks like they accidentally shot her whilst she was unprepared. He looks uncomfortable or scared. Maybe its just me.

        • Miyagi

          @PRAR,Your right about that saw sane pictures on face book last picture looks too horrible 

          • Miyagi

            @Miyagi,Correction same 

            • PRAR

              Am glad someone else sees what i see. I was preparing myself for for a tongue lashing from the CG readers. lol.

    • B.B

      @PRAR, i agree with you. plus that picture makes her smile seems so fake.

      • saa

        @B.B,even her muscles say she was faking the smile…it is way too obvious odee lol n she def looks like she was caught off guard or something

      • @B.B, So which of the pictures are you also talking about?

        • B.B

          @Posted By: GC Staff, Viola’s.

  • Adwoa Ofori Afriyie(First Picture) for Miss Malaika 2011

    support Page- >

  • Roland kams osei

    Am feelin Felicia gyapong….she’s going faaaaaar !

    • @Roland kams osei, I know you are not only feeling her, support her with your votes too!

  • Miyagi

    Magdalene all the way girl you got a nice smile nice smooth skin natural look After that Mikafui but your hip hops are huge for a model 

  • miyagi

    Am glad someone else sees what i see. I was preparing myself for for a tongue lashing from the CG readers. lol.


  • B.B

    hmmmmm, I couldnt pick one out, agya GH mmaa ho 3f3.
    May the best person win.

  • nikki dee

    @ Miyagi… I agree Magdalene is very pretty.

  • watzup

    who cares

  • Afia

    I feel nana Konadu, She´s got da natural beauty.

  • zulu

    the malaika pageant scout can do better….not a good look,the truth gotta be told,i dnt find none of em attractive,but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

  • marion

    i’ll go for mikafua.i love her twin tower.nice tits.i luv 9ja.

  • marion

    i’ll go for mikafua.i love her twin tower.i luv 9ja.

  • naa asheley

    the first girl is very beautiful-- Afriyie .. Gerry is also pretty..

  • Betty Boop

    Weave city! Not one of the girls is in their own hair (natural or relaxed). Na wa oo. 

  • Killian A-Williams

    Waow!felicia is the best among the best.infact she deserve my votes nd i will do exactly dat.but wat happen to the last seems she wasn’t aware of the snap.hmmm!any way felicia,u the best.

  • sheila

    i’ll go for nana konadu, she is cute

  • Akosua Addai

    Makafui, Magdalene n Gerry girls u pretty

  • Mimi

    Seriously…. Das a mean comment word……..

  • Liz

    i dey feel gerry ,afriyie and nana konadu(hope she’s not a rawlings),they are cute. i’m only expecting them to be intelligent.

  • miss dior

    Gerry and Nana konadu, the others am not sure.

  • lily

    i think gerry is the prettiest…u can check her out on fb…i kno her cuz she’s friends with my friend….she’s the most natural…but none of these girls represent miss malaika for me…these r some rich kids who obviously hve no discipline in them…the show is a sham…smh

  • ghallday

    picture 14. she looks gorgeous. Don’t seem like the arrogant type either.

  • skiny


  • Naa

    Wen is the show gonna start aring and on which station………………….Naa Amanuah Ankrah all da way!

    • lily

      @Naa,its gonna be on gtv

  • stel

    pic 14 is de best so far. she is de best nd will win
    watch out for her. prisy!

  • versaemerge

    Am sure all of these gals r pretty in their own ways. who they r however, adds a whole lot. thats why gerry wont go far. in person, she has really bad people skills. stuck up n arrogant. people, vote someone with inner beauty as well, like we did with laurie lawson.

  • versaemerge


  • Roland kams osei

    I always do. Shes ma mate so i do vote. We want a car on campus…lol