Dear GC Readers, Women Are After My Handsome & Successful Man, I Am Worried He Will Cheat, He Flirts A Lot…What Should I Do?

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Dear GC,

I’m letting my paranoia and nerves get the best of me and don’t know the way forward. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year now and we are happy. In fact we are very happy and I really don’t have much reason to complain.

We spend a lot of time together and he never lets me go without the things that I need whether that be emotional or material things. My only issue is that due to the job he does as an events manager he comes into contact with many women. The thing is, this would not be a problem but he being really handsome and successful I worry he will cheat.

Woman are forever chasing him and calling him and though I don’t let such worry me I can’t help but think he is a man and is only a matter of time before he falls into temptation.

We recently went out for a meal together and bumped into a woman he did some work with to arrange her concert here in theUK. She was stunning, with everything in the right place and worst of all she flirted so much with my man and being the job he does I guess he feels he has to flirt back and tells me it’s no big deal.

I felt so insignificant and deflated that night. My paranoia is just getting worse and made the mistake of looking in his phone and she has been messaging him saying he looked good and they should meet.

I was so upset but said nothing. I love him and aside from being flirtatious with woman he comes in contact with, he is a good man.

Recently I have been thinking of just saying to him that if he does stray he should promise to wear protection as we do not use condoms and I’m so scared he will give me an STD if he cheats and does not use protection with another girl. I wish I did not have to think this way but I don’t know what else to do, I love him so much but I don’t know if I can trust him.

From:  Cassie/London


Dear Cassie,

The one thing we as woman should know is that falling in love and sticking by your man is one of the biggest emotional risks you will take. The trick is to strike a balance between using your heart and using your head.

I would say that the fact your man has not deleted this message is likely to mean he has nothing to hide. Having the talk about him using contraception could be pushing him in the wrong direction and so I would not advise such. It is definitely a case of trust.

Hope This Helps!

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All The Best


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  1. You have to try to access the situation so that you do not get hurt. If you are just being a jealous woman as a result of women coming close to your man, then remember that is unavoidable but if your man is going after women, then you have to think of leaving. Other women will always chase or come for your man, that is not a prob, if your man is the one chasing them, then that is a big prob

  2. the key word here is can engage your fiance in a discussion about how he feels about meeting other women on this job.ask him if he is tempted.if he says no,tell him you love him too much to loose him to any other woman so he should be very professional with them and he should not allow any of them to sway him.make him aware that you love him completely and would be so hurt if he ever cheats on you.i would also advise you to give him every thing a man needs so that he refuses to notice the other can have him frame the picture of the two of you and put it on his table in the office.this would scare some women away.also when he goes to a function and you can go with him then go,dress to take his breath away,if you cannot be there send him love messages to remind him he is hooked.when a person has his tummy filled he eats no more.all am saying is give him excitement that no woman can dare compete.