WTF: Kwabena Kwabena Charges Fans £1 Per Picture At Ghana Vs Brazil Football Match

Kwabena Kwabena

Kwabena Kwabena

Most celebrities will happily pose with their fans or allow them to take pictures but I was shocked to find out that Kwabena Kwabena wanted £1 before he will take a picture with a fan.

After the Ghana vs Brazil game I was informed that Kwabena Kwabena was outside the stadium, as a seasonal writer for GhanaCelebrities.Com, I rushed by to try and have a chat and also get some pictures with the talented singer for publication.

To my horror two Macho men who were with Kwabena Kwabena demanded that I pay £1 before I can take a picture with him. I tried to take a picture of just him but one of the Macho men blocked the lens of the camera and repeatedly told me £1 per picture.

I did not hear Kwabena Kwabena say so himself but he didn’t stop the macho men he was with either. A lot of artists will love to have a huge fan base as he has but to treat your fans like that is appalling and should not be encouraged by anyone. After all the fans are the people that do buy your albums.

Several Ghanaian celebrities were all seen being very friendly and taking photos with their fans but Kwabena Kwabena who probably wanted to make some money even at the stadium had his macho men at work.

This is not the first time a Ghanaian celebrity is doing this… GhanaCelebrities.Com is reliably informed that, some few years ago, Van Vicker was also reported to have charged fans in USA 5 and 10 dollars to snap photos with them.

Do you think fans should pay to take photos with these celebrities? Gosh! Some Ghanaian Celebrities have a lot to learn…Is Kwabena Kwabena that BROKE to result to charging fans for a photo?  Kwabena Kwabena should better put an album out there and make money instead of this…

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