Readers’ Mail: Do These Local Champions Really Think They Are Celebrities?

Confidence Haugen

Confidence Haugen

Hello Chris-Vincent,

I know your blog is called GhanaCelebrities.Com but please give me a space as a loyal reader to call a spade a spade.

You cannot imagine how livid I am after reading your post titled ‘Treat Us Like Celebrities…What About Behave Like Celebrities?

To be frank, until I came across this blog, I did not know any celebrity existed in Ghana. Even if any existed, I certainly did not think the person will come from our low-key entertainment industry.

It is annoying to see the likes of Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro, John Dumelo, Majid Michel and others flaunting around as celebrities with no achievement to their names. It gets even more annoying when these talentless and no-achievers come out demanding to be treated as celebrities.

And guess the sort of treatment they are demanding? They do not want to join queues at Banks and other public places. They think they should be allowed to jump queues because they are LOCAL CHAMPIONS…

Do these so called Ghanaian Celebrities know who a celebrity is at all? Let me do some coaching here and they better pay me after this…LOL

A celebrity is a person who has a prominent profile in the media and is easily recognized. Some careers are associated with celebrity status, eg. the top tier of the modelling, acting and sports.

While people may gain celebrity status as a result of a successful career, in other cases, people become celebrities due to media attention for their extravagant lifestyle or wealth (as in the case of a socialite); for their connection to famous people.

Back to our local champions who are forcefully demanding to be treated like Celebrities, which of them have any of the above status? How many GREAT movies have they starred in? What is their state of wealth or connections?

Probably, some people are confusing ‘Ashawobrity’ with Celebrity in Ghana. It is only in Ghana that after starring in single movie or Tv commercial, you automatically become a celebrity and have the audacity to DEMAND that you should be allow to jump queues at public places.

Over the years, I have questioned the celebrity status of so many of these local champions. So people like Confidence Haugen, Delay, Beverly Afaglo, Roselyn Ngissah and others really think they are celebrities huh?

Thank You.

Doreen Ntiamoah/ Chicago/USA


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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rose23 says:

@Oleku, I absolutely agree with you! And Doreen although you make a reasonable point, you are kind of bashing the Ghana Entertainment industry. Why do we continue to treat our own like they are less than the American’s because they are not up to that caliber of celebriality? I really don’t get it! Yes we have a long way to go but it’s not like we are not trying. Celebrities in America are not famous because they just are…..people had to admire, respect or love them for them to be where they are. If Oprah didn’t have her show no one will know about her. If the Beyonces, Halle Berrys, and Brad Pitts of America’s didn’t have supporters then no one will give a s**t about them. If the reality TV stars didn’t have people who watched their shows then no one will pay them any attention, considering the fact that most do not have the wealth, talent, or connections yet they are to some extent celebrities. So we really need to stop putting our people down, especially the prominent ones who are trying. I’m not saying they have a right to skip the queue at Banks or gas stations, i just think they deserve some level of appreciation for their work. The Ghanaian Entertainment industry is trying to give people opportunities, albeit some have been very bad. But regardless we need to cheer for the CELEBRITIES (yes i mean Celebrities and not LOCAL CHAMPIONS) who are doing good….and give the others their 15 minutes of fame.

Oleku says:

@rose23, i Iike that!

Oleku says:

@ Yaya, thanks for understanding me, Kwabena Kwabena has just lowered himself.

Oleku says:

At least some of them are making an effort, yes they haven’t gotten there yet but i believe it should also start with us. So are we saying that Nadia, Majid, Jackie and the likes are not easily recognized in town. Yes i agree some pple who just started and have done less in the entertainment industry have a lot more to do, but i also think we need to start from somewhere, even if its with one person. Go to Nigeria and see how they celebrate Genevieve and Omotola. Yes we have not been on the scene for that long, but don’t you think we will always remain local when we always think of those making the effort as too local. At least some of them need to be acknowledge, cos i know that some about 6 yrs ago the entertainment industry was very unatractive in Ghana. We need to push these pple, at least those who are doin better.

Yaya says:

@Oleku, You are right Oleku. Some of them are trying and really represent Ghana well, and thus should be acknowledged and at least respected. There are some who are just local champions or local entertainers for REAL. Charity begins at home, we have to learn to appreciate ours, and help them to grow internationally. I didn’t like the article”Treat us like celebrities.” You don’t expect to jump queues just because you are known over Ghana. Look at Kwabena Kwabena and Van Vicker charging for pictures with their fans! Are these celebrities? No way, these are shameless entertainers hungry for money.

naa asheley says:

then we have to start calling them ghana entertainers………………………lol.

Qwabena says:

OMG!!!!…I luv dis writer..THUMBS UP Doreen.i have been asking myself this question about who a Celebrity is.Thanks to Doreen for this esteem explanation.This reminds me of Mzbel been called a Celebrity or a Superstar by the media.One thing these So Called Celebs”as claimed by themselves” should know they are just LOCAL SCREEN ENTERTAINERS…cos they are only recognize in ghana n nigeria n some few west african countries”eno krooa no enye hu saa”,Look they were not even recognize at the cannes film festival in france.Is about time they stop calling themselves Celebrities.Why should i demand an autograph from Mzbel,Madjid n the rest..”mtchewwww”….Is about time Chris should stop calling them Celebs cos they are not…..i better find some coffee to drink cos the winter dey come waaa…..@Doreen Ntiamoah…thx for the post..i dey feel u waaaaa..

miss dior says:

lmao..people needs to ask ms.winfrey, the meaning of a celeb n what it takes to be one.

ThickMama says:

local champs?…hmm..anyway local or not we like am so…its better than waitin for beyonce who will never come….i agree they r somhow low standard but miss.. we like am so..

jessy says:

@ThickMama, say you like am so,dont speak for all of us,celebrities being bounced visas at the Embassy?now thats something to think about dont you think?it takes hard work to be a celebrity,not just because you showed your face in 1 or 2 movies and so you see yourself as a celebrity its goes deeper than that.

PRAR says:

Aaahahahaha, LOCAL CHAMPIONS. That is too funny.

B.B says:

@PRAR, i agree with you. that “local champions” is very funny.

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