The Battle Of The Sexes: Who Is Best At Keeping Secrets: Men Or Women?

I live in an area where I frequently see women quarrel and fight each other because the other person has revealed certain secrets to others. These women fight both verbally and physically on normal basis.

Do the above tell you about the inability of women to keep secrets?

A story was told of a white man and a black man who were business partners. The former resides in Europe whiles the latter operates from Africa. The white man didn’t trust the African, so he went through several means to find out how genuine and honest the black man was to the work.

He needed to find out how committed and honest the black man is to his work before he commits himself fully to the business. After several tries, he was told that, one of the ways to find out vital information from a man is when he’s drunk.

As a man, I believe the above to a little extent. The white man arranged for a meeting with his opposite man at a nearby bar and made sure the black man had enough drink. The rest they say is history.

This also tells us that, men too sometimes can’t hold their mouth when alcohol gets into their system.

Women are quick to defend themselves and attack men for not keeping secrets when in actual fact anytime women gather around, all they do is to open people’s secrets and share among themselves.

Men on the other hand, will talk about varied things; such as alcohol, girls and sports. However, I still believe women are best at keeping secrets.

You can go ahead and doubt me but don’t forget it’s possible the man you have known and been calling ‘dad’ perhaps might not be your real dad and your mum is the best person to tell you why.

So the question is; Who Is Best At Keeping Secrets: Men Or Women?


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