Not Again: Vodafone Discriminates Against Ghanaian Artistes

The privileged few (Amber, Trey, Uche and D'banj) enjoying the red carpet as Lazy of VIP tries to eat into their glory

The privileged few (Amber, Trey, Uche and D'banj) enjoying the red carpet as Lazy of VIP tries to eat into their glory

When will this stop? This is utterly disgusting and the earlier something is done about it, the better. It seems these corporate giants are not only taking the ordinary Ghanaian for granted, they are also stretching their ill treatments to the media and the various local artistes in Ghana…

Sometimes, I do not understand some of these media men in Ghana, if event organizers cannot accord you guys with the minimal respect deserved, why bother and help them to promote and sell their shows?

It is time our local artistes start to also add value to themselves and DEMAND that, at least certain fundamental respect and honor be given to their talents…

From the photos above & below, how come Amber Rose is ‘poshly’ sitting on some Red carpet with Trey Songz and D’banj whiles our Ghanaian talented and much respected musicians like V.I.P and co have been pushed to the back as if they are some goddam rotten groundnuts.

If the show was all about the stripper Amber Rose, Trey Songz and D’banj, why then did Vodafone bother to bill the local artistes?I am beginning to get tired of how disrespectful these concert organizers treat our Ghanaian celebrities…

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Mobile Telecommunication Giant, Vodafone, left a sour taste in the mouth of some journalists when it openly discriminated against Ghanaian artistes billed to perform at the 020 Live Concert alongside International acts Trey Songz and “Kokomaster” D’banj from Nigeria.

Vodafone deliberately treated Ghanaian local stars as though they were nobody and worshiped the foreign artistes like thin gods.

At the pre-event launch on Tuesday September 20, 2011, at the Golden Tulip Hotel ahead of tonight’s big show, Vodafone officials clearly exhibited their disregard for Ghanaian musicians. The sitting arrangement at Golden Tulip’s Upper Terrace said it all, with the three foreign stars -Trey Songz, Dbanj, Amber Rose- and a Vodafone official fully decorated and branded with Vodafone colours. The four sat on confortable red seats, with a 020 backdrop limited to just the four of them and a red carpet just for the four of them. 

The harsh sun burning Ghanaian artistes (VIP and 5Five) with their bare background making it difficult for journalists to get clear pictures

The harsh sun burning Ghanaian artistes (VIP and 5Five) with their bare background making it difficult for journalists to get clear pictures

The Ghanaian hip-life stars; VIP and 5Five, sat on ordinary seats, bare background (no Vodafone branding or decoration whatsoever) and no carpet for them.

When’s Entertainment Reporter, Eugene Osafo-Nkansah asked for some explanation (If was any), as to why the organizers decided to make such an “arrangement” during the Q and A section, Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Uche Ofodile, (who was one of the four enjoying the red carpet treatment), curtly dismissed the question.

“I don’t understand your question… I don’t know, I don’t really understand what you are talking about,” she said.

Eddy Blay, who was the MC at the press conference, asked Ms. Uche if Eugene can be allowed to re-phrase the question, but a clearly riled Uche Ofodile insisted that they should “forget about Eugene and move on”.

The press conference which was the only platform for the media to have access to the artistes billed to perform at the 020 Live concert, lasted for less than 30 minutes and the organisers permitted the asking of only five questions from the over 20 media houses invited to the function.

Furthermore, the MC stated emphatically that nobody was to be allowed the opportunity of a one-on-one interview with the artistes. Vodafone has also banned any media person from videoing the event or taking pictures as stated in a media brief circulated by the organizers.

Meanwhile, other Ghanaian artistes including D-Cryme, Stay Jay, R2Bees and Vodafone Icon winners RnM expected to perform tonight (Tuesday), were absent at the press conference.

After the press conference, the same media practitioners who publicized the event were seen virtually struggling for media accreditation to cover the program.

A similar incident happened during last year’s maiden edition of the event, when fastest rapper Sarkodie complained about how organizers pay Ghanaian artistes peanuts but pull every financial string to bring down foreign-based artistes to perform on the show.

Sarkodie even described the money Vodafone paid to him as “coins”.

Well, having recently taken over the sponsorship of major musical events in Ghana such as the 4Syte Music Video Awards, Ghana Music Awards among other major events and entertainment programs on Television and Radio, it is only prudent on the part of Vodafone to respect the country’s stars and the media who also play a significant role in the same entertainment industry they are trying to support.

Source: Peacefmonline.Com 

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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ghallday says:

I’ve honestly not even listened to a full track from this Trey Songz guy. I could care less. But Gh artistes should have seen this coming that because he is well know in the US they would treat him better than any of them. They were there to sell the image (vodafone)  by way of that Trey. So there you have it. 

sarah says:

well the CEO of vodafone gh is a nigerian woman, and you think vodafone cares.vodafone is just like any corperate that wants to make theire money from the locals. ghanaians should stop being to nice in accepting these foreigh investments theyll start discriminating. the artist should respect themselves and stop pleasing these thieves

lily says:

hmmm…i guess now we understand our stars whn they say we should at least recognize them as celeb…i dnt kno why we r complaining now…its because we ghanaians dnt even acknowloedge our local stars…that’s why companies like vodafone keeps shitting on them…it all boils down to us also respecting our locals…if not for anything, but for the fact that they entertain us during our stressful moments…through laughter, dancing, etc., they entertain us…they dnt necesarrily hve to go to children school or they AGED to give them fanta and tampico to prove that they hve contributed to society, but the little that they do on our screens to entertain us should also grant them a little respect…amber rose hve not contribute anything to the society…but whn she came to gh, look at how ppl in ghana r jumping their asses off acknowledging her as if she’s some shit…mtchewwww…lastly, why am i not surprise, whn one of the organizers happen to be naija, who will do all they can to put their ppls on front seat…hmmm…GHANA RESPECT YOUR OWN EEHH (at least I do)…

Guest says:

So then let me ask why you slated 233Connect? Atleast they had all their acts on the same level and placed them in hotels. Before you write your articles, do you actually investigate your work? I am in 100% agreement that the local acts are just as important as the international ones, but certain local acts do not conform to the professionalism in their work. Act professional and you will be treated as such. Placing the locals on the same platform as our intenational is intended to give them exposure. You may also think they are fools to work with these so called organizers but how much exposure do they currently have?
Hmm what did Vodafone do to you to get this bad press, i do ot see anything about the show itself other than your negative comments about the locals acts, there at least musthave been some positives, let me confirm, there is just no pleasing you. lets who is next on your list to be slated.

27calibre says:

but GC i dont see this as any disrespect ,we have to give he visitors a warm welcome ,

ghanains are good heated people naturaly and we try to please our visitors ,i quiet remember when i went to ghana .

27calibre says:

this cannot happend to tema artistes ,voda oye yawa ,still ya wah

aba says:

All of these factors play into why Ghanaians dont see their own stars as celebs. Its the way they carry themselves thats why most ppl seems to forget that they are worth celebrating. Like the commentor above me said u will never see this happen to say kojo antwi. such ppl know their value.
On the other hand, i see no reason why vodafone couldnt have extended the platform for the other gh artistes to be able to sit on. instead of reserving it to just those 4
Ah well

B.B says:

i think it’s high time these artistes set high values for themselves. i understand they have to earn a living but that doesnt mean they should settle for anything that comes their way. 

Broyaw says:

Look here Mr. Writer, why do u have to waste ur time and write this article? Look are you the one to fight for them? Are these our so called artistes so dump that they go in for anythin becos they are that desperate to make it? Look no one will be willing to spend on you when u do not know how valuable you are. If they are so dump to the extent that they don’t know how much they are worth then plsssssss let it be.

endowed says:

respect the country’s stars and the media who also play a significant role in the same entertainment industry they are trying to support


Akosua says:

The Vodafone people, are they Ghanaians, Africans or… White? If they are Africans why are doing this to own people?

Semi-Cartermatcic says:

I jst lyk how Tema Boyz didnt show up..kwasia Vodafone.tht is jst a dis-respect n ri-damn-diculous!!Treat every1 equal wht bullshit is tht!!

madam social says:

well i guess the question is when will some of our ghanaian artistes start adding value to themselves. cos u’ll not see kojo antwi or amakye dede performing on this shows. it seems some of this new and young artistes r so hungry for money, that they will go for anytin. i remba the same tin happened tin last.

She-Meyor says:

WOW!!!! This is just wrong!! Such neglect and total disregard for our local musician causes a certain kind of stigma, which is not a good thing. I just pray that, our local artiste will be treated fairly and be given the respect they deserve.

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