Readers’ Mail: Let Me Coach Amber Rose & Put Some Sense About Ghana Into Her Baldhead…Who Told Her There Are No Middle Class People In Ghana or Africa?


Hello Chris-Vincent,

I will not waste my time bashing Vodafone Ghana for importing such a cheap person-Amber Rose into Ghana to host their concert. After all, I am not a shareholder and I do not or ever intend to become a Vodafone customer because of reasons like going to give the money they will make from me to folks like Amber Rose. But I think shareholders should thoroughly question whoever hired this ill informed Amber Rose.

What I will not accept as a Ghanaian/African is for uninformed Amber Rose with little or no knowledge about Ghanaians to come and put out false statements as made in the video interview below. At least Vodafone Ghana or whoever hired her could have educated her a bit on facts about Ghana.

Did I hear Amber Rose say there are no middle class people in Ghana? And it is either people are extremely rich or extremely poor? I am a living testimony and s true proof that, she is totally uninformed about Ghanaians.

I am not extremely rich and neither am I extremely poor to be living in gutters or dirt as she puts it. I am a middle class Ghanaian and my family has always been middle class. There are several middle class Ghanaians out there living comfortably and not in dirt.

It is absurd enough to bring Amber Rose to Ghana to headline a concert as the only decent credibility this chick carries around is ‘ex-girlfriend of Kanye West’. I therefore expected that she should at least be coached if she is dumb enough not to know that we have middle class Ghanaians.

Not only did Amber Rose parade her ignorance as far as the economic strata of Ghanaians/Africans are concerned, she also presented her view as if there are no poor people in America where she comes from.  There are people out there in America living in far disgusting conditions than those she spotted in Ghana.

If someone like Amber Rose wants to comment on Ghana, the best is for her to be informed on what she is saying…And why does she think Ghana is entirely Africa? Gosh! Africa is a continent, Ghana is a country and she just visited Ghana, we have 53 countries in Africa.

By: Daniella Nitiamoah/ Accra, Ghana

Watch the video interview Below…


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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Daone66 says:

Just read this and im not an amber rose fan but I think its ridiculous that you would write this piece. What did she say that was so wrong? Maybe the ghana people need to.realize that their country is poor…that most of africa is dont be mad that somebody showed the truth…there are no places in america that are like africa so try again

c-cool says:

Americans are misinformed about Africans.  Mostly on television we only see rich and poor, not middle class.  We’re also told that it’s so bad there, and that’s why people from there want to come here.  I assume it’s not true for everyone. 

lisa love says:

@lisa love, dont be myopic, Ghana DOES NOT NEED amber to bring to light the levels of poverty we have. she need not make us aware of something we are already aware of and she should not expect rich people to queue up giving out money in kejetia all day.

whatever dude she wasn’t out to get you so stop being so defensive

im done with you

you are the narrow minded negative person

you’re the one acting like its the end of the world what she did

and really it was all done from a good place

ur choice to see it how u want you aren’t worth my time if you are going to continue to be so negative

im done

lisa love says:


What the hell do you want from her man? She just wanted to help.

and how is you trashing the situation make anything better?

Regardless of how much you bash her the reality still remains … there are people who need help.
That hasn’t changed

I’m not wasting my time on you or your negative energy any longer

have a nice selfrighteous life

Rosebud says:

You are a pompous self righteous AHOLE

Who are you to judge her when you don’t even know her story?

You’re trying to go at her for claiming that there is no middle class … the interviewer lead her to say that.
If you were SMART enough you would be able to read between the lines!!

AMber Rose is referring to the GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR. It’s something that is really important to address because its an issue that is present ALL OVER THE WORLD and that includes GHANA.

Do you really have nothing better to do than to try to bash amber rose?
Get up and do something to help the people instead of complaining about the GOOD things that Amber Rose is trying to do.

The only person who looks STUPID in this situation is the dumbass that wrote this article.
If you are so WELL PLACED into society in middle-class with a great education, how about you do something MORE productive with your life??

How is bashing Amber Rose benefit you in anyway? All you’ve done is proven the point that she is constantly hated on just because of her past rather than her POSITIVE new actions.

What a Waste of an article

P.k says:

Did she commit a carime by saying what she said, Ghana has not been fair to this lady at all……..

misbnon says:

@degodfather u LIED! tell me an ngo which actually help in gh? tell me any government organisation that help? give me example of an artist or something that av any charity organisation in gh? facts with no back up!

dagodfather says:

@misbnon, are you having a laugh?…… come back here and ask information about NGO’s or celebs that help the needy in Ghana is downright silly. NGOs are not for profit entities and and there are hundreds of them in Ghana that help with ICT, health, education, empowerment, environment… and they enjoy tax reliefs and other benefits from the government in their quest to improve society. 

What planet are you on? and you said you have celeb friends who on a previous visit to Ghana wont go with an idea about a talk on HEALTH AND SAFETY REGARDING THE ENVIRONMENT? ive heard about health and safety at home or work, but not about the environment, what does that entail? how to catch grasscutters? lol 

who needs back up, when you got FACTS! get real

Junior says:

Give the lady a break!

Obiyaa says:

ei Ghana fuor mo kasa papa.

Naa Larteley says:

Ok, I haven’t been back home since ’07 so I can’t comment about conditions now. But there is a middle class from what I remember! Like any other country, Ghana has the rich and the impoverished. I think Amber might want to do some research on her next trip. Unrelated but I wonder if Wannabe Amber Rose (Mimi) came to the concert:).

lisa love says:

@Naa Larteley, have you heard about “the gap between the rich and the poor” ??

its all over the world

ghallday says:

So umm ” Joana Abigail Asante”  through her facebook reply don’t seem to find anything wrong with Amber’s n*ked pictures worldwide. So Joana if there’s nothing wrong with it why aren’t your n*ked pictures posted on your facebook page? How’s that? 

Obinim says:

@ghallday, it is totally Amber’s choice to do what she wants to do. she didn’t that in Ghana, so what’s the beef……….mchew!!

naa asheley says:

Woow….. I thought some comments on GC on the Amber article were ‘harsh’….But damn.. I was eating banku and tilapia while I read comments on 2 blogs about Amber’s visit to Ghana, I almost chocked from laughter …. The comments were either ‘extremely attacking or extremely friendly & positive’ no middle thoughts………………. Please don’t take this personally, but I think we have to take it easy on each other when replying on comments……

ghallday says:

@naa asheley, hehehehe that’s the fun part Naa. Some people come out swinging- full attack. Sometimes harsh but then this girl deserves it. With her pu**y/tits posted on millions of websites worldwide I don’t think she even comes close to being looked at as a “role model” or an inspirational speaker… maybe she could be an inspirational speaker for “playboy playmates”  and  not to  innocent 8-14 yr old girls in ghana. 

lisa love says:

@ghallday, you should read her blog … the school she went to is for girls who have dropped out to work adn help their families. its a school that gives them new opportunties.

zuby says:

yall need to get the fact right,she was paid to host an event,so its not like she went there for charity work,besides why didnt she donate her share to the poor and needy??She need not talk about economy PERIOD.cos thats wasnt why her bald ass was there.Here in the states there re so much homeless nd needy people,so before you talk about som1 country,make sure your own country is not lacking shit.I personally dont give a flying f*ck abt the pics,Its her interview i am mad about.Her dumb ass shudda kept her mouth shut.Trey Songz was there,why didnt he run his mouth like she did??smfh

B.B says:

so this “AMBER ROSE  STORY” has finally reached another blogger in the USA. Check it………..


Oh yeah, just saw it…thanks, Gc got a mention by Necole Bitchie….They sourced us…LOL

Aaron says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, so you are happy fo negetive publicity????

B.B says:

@ dagodfather, you need to leave Akosua alone. It’s obvious she doesnt come home often and she still want to argue about this issue.

Akosua please, you need to come home often (things keep on changing)…….LOL

Alikeyion says:

omg mmmmmmmmm no comment


this Ember Rose or whatever she call her self what does she think she is nusuuuuuuuuuuuuu,if she think she have no manners then vodafone GH should send this thing back 2 wherever they picked her from this is totally trash.

sahloxy says:

u no something thank you for all that u wrote because black Americans are sooo uneducated to the point that they think Africa is united like America. they have this perception that Africans are poor, and they dont have a house to sleep in, but when u come to some part of  America that these ppl lives it is soo sad. there are a lot of poor ppl in America.

madam social says:

@sahloxy, yep!

misbnon says:

this is terribly wrong!!!!!!!! too many uneducated people circulating the country …. soo ungrateful …. she could have chosen not to come .. i mean she isn’t broke. and yes everyone has a past … and is soooo true  what william said , you cant find much on the internet about Ghana .. am sorry i love Ghana to bits.. but i don’t see the rich helping the poor or the so called Ghana celebs ,doctors etc going to nima to speak to the kids., i am so bluddy sure if it was galaxy international or tema international they will jump at the offer …i quiet remember coming to Ghana this summer to gain some experiences and to work with the environmental health club in planting  trees for schools and around the communities, the people just stared like wat de hell ??? no one wanted to help clean their own environment ,,, i wont mention any celeb names but a couple of them happen to be my friends n i called them to come over to help speak to the school children about health and safety regarding the environment, dey all came up with excuses upon excuses but at night when i called and asked them to come CLUBBING dey all went yesssss babe why notttttttttttt..bluddy shameful .. Amber rose is a lil ignorance , even her current bf did state in a mag dat she is a lil duppy .awww bless…look at de interview , she was sincere and nothing shows she is taking the piss. it takes time for everyone to learn.. i dont even wanna talk about the bush things some Africans do or say when they travel to Europe ..LOL

dagodfather says:

@misbnon, its sad “enlightened” people like you who live in the states or europe continue to have such shallow minds. Amber rose was in Ghana to get paid for an event, please check out celebs who give their time for “proper” charities and give them credit….it was work for her and the reward was the money, spare us she could have chosen not to come wishwash! I dont have a problem with her as a person or with her past, i do have issues about her comments which was downright silly. 

lets get over the rich people are not helping tantrum and get real, people dont make a fortune by sitting on their asses in Ghana, they strive through the odds….but for people and yourself to suggest, the rich and celebs should drive around throwing money is just absurd.

There are many people who give the time, finances, knowledge to help the needy and they should do it from their own free will, there are institutions that help everyday with government tax reliefs and grants……………………………………………………..NGO’s!!!!!!

Its not a crime to be rich in Ghana, so after making a new thousands of cedis if you want to go clubbing, please do, and feel free.

lisa love says:

@dagodfather, SHE GOT PAID FOR THE SHOW! Not the charity work.

YOU should get YOUR facts straight

dagodfather says:

@lisa love, you just dont have to comment for the sake of commenting. People give their time, money, knowledge for worthy causes. they dont get paid for them and they dont expect to be paid…..thats what you call CHARITY. 

YOU should sort YOUR head out

lisa love says:

@dagodfather,SHE DIDN”T GET PAID FOOL not for the charity work. She got paid for the VODAPhone show THATS IT and she took the opportunity to go see the poverty stricken areas.

I’m not commenting just for the sake of commenting!
I just don’t see why there are so many self-righteous people hating on her when they probably do nothing to contribute positively to charity anyway?
and even if they did why are they wasting their time hating on Amber Rose when their time and energy could go to something positive?

Think about it, and reflect.

You hating on her contributes NOTHING POSITIVE to society

dagodfather says:

@lisa love, silly cow! do you even understand what charity is, cos if you did you will realise you are just spewing garbage. your grasp of swahili and nzema is perfect, but i doubt if you can really read and comprehend english too. if you read most of the posts and indeed mine very well, its not the personality I have an issue with, its with her comments; she didnt see rich people in the street helping the poor. total nonsense what is positive in that, there are worst poverty cases in america, italy, UK, Germany, Greece……. YOU DONT SEE RICH PEOPLE WALKING THE STREETS OF NEW YORK GIVING OUT MONEY TO THE POOR, NEITHER DO YOU SEE THAT SCENARIO IN LIVERPOOL, MILAN….. WHY SHE EXPECTS TO SEE THAT IN GHANA  BAFFLES SOME OF US and still baffles me you cant fathom this. 


akosuaghana says:

Amber Rose is nothing than a cheap p*rn star. It is sad that this whore was paid thousands of dollars (more than 100,000 dollars) to come n host this show and also to make silly unfounded statements about Ghana. This girl has no respect in her own country. She is a stripper/cheap whore who moves from one rapper to another just to make a living and yet, Ghanaians paid her thousands to come and grace their show. So stupid.

Now about the comment, Amber is dumb, uneducated and stupid so what did you expect? She just talks rubbish without thinking. I dont blame her as much as those who gave her the plaform. Nonsense

william says:

@akosuaghana,OOOOooooh Akosua as for this i must protest..AMBER ROSE DOES NOT DO PORN or EVER DONE PORN…never. And if you dont mind me saying, that was a cheap shot. Her Photos shoots are provocative because she is gorgeous and has a fantastic body but to say she is a cheap p*rn star just exposes your bias and ignorance….

Miyagi says:

@william,Why do you even bother replying her she always talk trash if she knew her than she wouldn’t be writing that trash you can clearly see that she us judging her by te above picture don’t even protest no need at all

ED says:

@akosuaghana, judge not oke, yes she moves from one rapper to another whereby u cant even find one rapper to hang around for good, in other words she is beautiful and luckier than u

jerry says:

@akosuaghana, do you really think so?

Efya says:

@akosuaghana, you are showing your breast even in your picture, how would you feel if someone called you a p*rn star by just seeing some parts of your body on the net. she was a stripper because she went through some hardships at a young age. Who knows what you would have done if you were in her shoes. Pls don’t judge.

lisa love says:


She did not get paid for doing hte charity work and she has done charity work in the states before.

She makes her own money and has her own sunglasses company. Who cares if she’s dated only 2 rappers. They are kissing her feet and it must be for a reason… THAT SHE”S A GREAT GIRLFRIEND

Why do you waste your time hating on her anyway???
Its probably because your ugly and jealous that she was lucky enough and blessed to have the opportunities she has … it comes down to one thing with your hateful words… JEALOUSYYY

naa asheley says:

I thought I was the only person who had a little problem with what she said…… Perhaps it’s true the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer …… But there are alot of middle class Ghanaians -- meaning, their living comfortably…..,…… I was one… …. Maybe she said that because of all the porsh cars she saw in town….Even in America, people have luxury cars, yet they don’t have a place to call their home………Besides she wasn’t gonna use the money Vodafone paid her to help the ‘poor’ kids she met.. Or was she???..

madam social says:

@naa asheley, exactly what i was thinking. she seems so worried about the poor yet its this poor pple’s money she is getting paid with cos that how vodafone made their money. from the units the poor buy from them. its always been like that everybody is trying to make money off the poor…. is it any wonder that there r more fast food joints in poor neighborhoods that rich neighborhoods in america.

madam social says:

some people are of the notion that, there r no middle class pple in ghana. so my question is what r pple like nurses,bankers, journalist, lawyers, teachers…etc?

Miyagi says:

@naa asheley,Well na I disagree with you on that one she did state the she will be back and see how the kids have improve you or neither us nonwhat she mention by that so let’s wait and see before we sit here and judge because even if she will be doing something for them it’s not going to be publish immediately Oprah build girl school and all in south Africa but news came out after they completed everything and went back to see where her money has gone so yeah wait and see some of you Ghanaians are just to fast and judgemental in life 

Abdul says:

@Miyagi, I like that.

cidy says:

its not only amber rose who thinks or calls ghana, africa, all americans do so u have a great work to do which is to educate all americans on that.

aishagurl says:

Give the gurl a break, she just got here and obviously she has a lot to learn.Obviously she knows next to nothing about Africa or Ghana for that matter. In time she will come to learn our ways..let her leave our shores with fond memories of a gracious and friendly people….who knows the next celeb who decides to come to Ghana could be someone Nicky Minaj…..



Amber Rose is right, there is no middle class in Ghana. Can Daniella tell us if her middle class status was attained thru genuine source of income? We can’t classify tax cheats, bribe takers and public officials who steal from the people and government thru illegitimate means to enrich themselves as middle class. In the west middle class status is attained by way of genuine income source. You can not call yourself middle class if the source of your income can’t be verified. The truth hurt, but what she said is a fact.

miss dior says:

@GHANAMAN, umm i strongly disagree with u, i know very rich people n okay people which i will classify them as the middle class, are u trying to say the okay people with say a hse in west legon, with 2 cars,, n doing their own business are what? I mean these people have their own business or have a profession but i wouldnt classify them as very rich, what class do u put them?. Let say i have my interior decorating business, which makes money, but not a whole lot of money like someone who manufactures building materials, what class would u put me in?

dagodfather says:

@miss dior, CONFUSEDMAN synonymous with his name is just confused. the class system is just how much disposable income one has. you could earn 500 pounds and be middle class in Ghana but not in the UK. Ghana is one of the fastest growing economies in the world behind the BRIC countries and as greater parts of our economy moves towards the formal sector, so does our middle class.

dagodfather says:

@GHANAMAN, amber rose is right indeed!, taking economic lessons from a socialite, you should be ashamed? for lack of knowledge my people perish. who said you cant state the source of income of most people in Ghana? and if you think there are no tax cheats or corruption in america or the uk, you must be smoking something dodgy. 

miss dior says:

@dagodfather, please shes not a socialite, she an ex-stripper, paris hilton, kimk are socialites, this girl shd forever thank kanye west, if it wasnt for him she would still be stripping,

Abdul says:

@miss dior, she is an ex stripper and so what?
Is she not a human being? Who the hell are you to judge?

Larissa says:

@miss dior, Ok you are bashing Amber for being an ex-stripper but u just said Kim kardashian is a socialite, Kim K got famous off of a s*x tape are you serious

miss dior says:

@Larissa, whats is ur point? Kim was born into money but choose to make a s*x tape like her bf at that time, paris hilton to become famous, AR on the hand is nothing but a hoodrat stripper who was rescued by kanye west, so why u mad, am just stating facts, its unfortunate but I commend Kim for turning that s*x tape into a business empire, unlike AR who continues to jump from rapper to rapper to stay relevant.

miss dior says:

This is what happens when u invite an ex-stripper, who got famous by sleeping with a well known rapper, this bish wasnt even allowed to talk or do interviews when dating kanye, now shes running her mouth about the rich n poor in ghana? Ye must be laughing his ass off somewhere, thinking what kind of people are these ghanaians, inviting this bish to headline a concert, this is absurd n am appalled. And the annoying part is when they think africa is a country, most white n blacks think africa is a country anyway so am not even mad at her, they are all ignorant.

Adwoa Benewaa says:

The author is talking rubbish… Ghana has no middle class and she clearly stated what she means. In Ghana, you are either rich or poor. The supposed middle class may be at the lower end of the rich class or the highest end of the poor class. Even in England, it is only recently that a significant number of people can be deemed as middle class and that happened after the 90’s. Read your sociology books and come again. She has made a poignant point about our country and it’s about time we listened to foreigners…

dagodfather says:

@Adwoa Benewaa, what do you mean by Ghana has no middle class? get your facts right, the definition of upper class is vague and UK upper class is not akin to USA upper class, so unless you have your own data regards, then dont compare Ghana’s middle class to UK’s or none others. sad you are taking class lessons from amber, makes me wonder what sociology books you have been reading.

Why every organisation wants these celebs to visit slums and show us a sob story is humiliating. She is in Ghana to hype an event, she clearly will and has, but she dont need to get onto all the rich poor talk.

B.B says:

@dagodfather, thank you. i couldnt have put it better.

lisa love says:

@dagodfather, at the end of the day … she was trying to help.

to reject that and try to deny that people need help is prideful and ignorant.

all you’re doing is pushing someone with good intentions from what is obviously a good cause.

dagodfather says:

@lisa love, dont be silly dear. her sole reason in Ghana was to work and get paid. no one is denying there is poverty in Ghana, even kindergarten kids know this. Ghana will overcome poverty not through handouts from the rich. There are a whole lot of factors, including western policy on Ghana, trade restrictions and red tape, fair trade, education of the people. she can began by lobbying the US to pay the real price for our cocoa and other exports.

lisa love says:

@dagodfather, I understand that handouts are not the ideal situation.
But there is nothing wrong with getting help or bringing awareness to the situation.

I’m chosing to look at the positive, and the fact is that a light has been shed on the situation so hopefully more people will want to work to make a positive change by whatever means that is even if its just political policy or help from the wealthy

lisa love says:

@dagodfather, she was given the opportunity to go and she tried to make the best of it by doing something positive.

why do you hate her for it? it just makes no sense

dagodfather says:

@lisa love, dont be myopic, Ghana DOES NOT NEED amber to bring to light the levels of poverty we have. she need not make us aware of something we are already aware of and she should not expect rich people to queue up giving out money in kejetia all day.  

Jim says:

@Adwoa Benewaa, i totally agree with you on this.

Ayele says:

Wow, it looks like you have something against the lady, why did she steal your boyfriend?

Miyagi says:

You guys are having a laugh the fact that she is not ghanaian your tarnishing her image so ungrateful everybody has a passed and I’m sure this writer as well all because they didn’t choose an Ghanaian so you going to keep on writing unnecessary things about her and I believe this letter was written by one of so called writers this us not making any Sense at all discusting pigs 

dagodfather says:

@Miyagi, no doubt GC has a problem with amber hosting the event….maybe they had a favourite to host the event who got snubbed and they sound bitter about amber and vodafone but she doesnt help herself with her utterances. Afterall she is not in Ghana to host adom praise and worship.there are very poor people in parts of the UK and america, her comments about rich people in Ghana not helping is very naive. 

Miyagi says:

@dagodfather,Well spoken brother 

ka says:


What dont you get from what william is saying? Ms Rose is speaking based on what she saw first hand…… poor people, and truefully, so poverty is not inconspicuous in ghana. let us work to eradicate it instead begging and shouting on people to PRETEND they didn’t see.

27calibre says:


Akosua says:

Common people…. yes she was wrong to start with, but what she’s saying on the above interview is right! The majority of people in Ghana and Africa are poor or rich!!!
I remember first time I travel back to Ghana (more then 20 years since last time) I was asking people if the extreme rich people do donate to the poor? And most people were looking at me as if I’ve asked something that was not to be asked!!!!

I know some people with money do help out, but people I remember in Ghana if a poor person comes across a rich person…. 🙂 hmmmm… the poor person wish he/she was never born!!!!

Ghana is doing well, but we all know only few people are benefitting… not good, we need every single Ghanaian to embark on this wagon of honey and sugar.

dagodfather says:

@Akosua, you are dead wrong, the majority of people in Ghana are not either rich or poor, they lie within that divide, the same for most countries, only thing is we have a huge rich-poor divide.  Why should the rich donate to the poor, we have a progressive tax system and through their own free will the rich do donate to the poor….if not personally, through corporate entities.,,,,and just to let you know there is a name for wealthy people that give back to others…a philanthropist. but lets not go hounding rich people to give when they have worked their way there, it dont come easy and they choose what to do with their money.

Akosua says:

say what ever you wanna say, but I don’t see anything wrong in the ABOVE video about what
Amber Rose said. It’s about time that Ghanaians opens up to the fat that there are deep
poverty in Ghana. No more talking!!!!!

dagodfather says:

@Akosua, you dont have to be a magician to acknowledge there is deep poverty in Ghana and you are living proof.  you’ve not been to Ghana for over 20 years and you still know this. The fact is Ghana’s economy has improved since the last time you went, you may want to get a ticket back to see yourself. But dont come here saying rich people have to share the wealth they have worked hard for with the poor. We are not a socialist state you know

Akosua says:

@dagodfather, HELLO….!!!! in my original comment I said the first time I want back to Ghana,
that dose not main that I’ve not travel back since, ok get it!!!!!

This Amber thing is stupid. The girl have the right to say what ever she feels like, ok.

dagodfather says:

@Akosua, I remember first time I travel back to Ghana (more then 20 years since last time)………………..this is from your original comment, what is that supposed to mean, you are confusing yourself here, just write in plain english then and stop the juggling of words. 

Do the reconciliation and tell me if you realised anything different when you went last year 1990-2010=20 years since you last went to Ghana. There is a game called spot the difference, let see how you fare.

B.B says:

I decided not to comment on the amber…………. thing but thanks to the writer of the above article.
some ppl are simply annoying and i sometimes ask myself if ppl do research/read at all.

i mean you know you’ve been asked to host a program in a country, cant you at least do a bit research about it? and if you dont want to research, why dont you talk about what you are really know about the country instead of just saying things.

Nkwaseasem aaaaakwa

ghallday says:

@B.B, Excellent.! Well said. Before I went to Netherlands and UK i read a LOT about the places because I didn’t want to sound dumb. But not this girl.. instead of seeking knowledge she was probably picking out the slacks that would give the best “cameltoes” instead. Well said..

akosuaghana says:

@ghallday, Say it again, if you are coming to host a show in Ghana which automatically means you will be interviewed, why can’t you just spend 30 mins googling and learning about the people?

Why come to make some stupid statement and claims that you do not know anything about? This tells you the sort of person Vodafone handed over thousands to.

JonJon says:

At the end of the day, the poor in Ghana still outweigh’s the rich, so we shouldnt be acting as if where like China. We still have a lot to do, and its always the ones in a good position, who are most likely abroad talking about Ghana being so great, and everyone living great lives. Dont get me wrong, Im Ghanaian and i know we’re a shinning spot in Africa but we still have a lot of struggle. All you people finding Amber as a easy target need to know that, when your parents came abroad, they had to learn the cultures in America or Canada or UK. This girl hasnt even been in Ghana for a week and you people are basing her, what makes you think others celebrities are going to want to come to Ghana???? We need more professional journalist, not ones who are just here to score points. Yes Amber has a lot of learn, but we need to still come to reality and see where struggling as a nation, but things are defintely going in the right direction. I HAVE SAID MY PEACE!!!

ghallday says:

@JonJon,This is besides the point. Of course its very obvious that the poor outweigh the rich and its the same in the US,UK,Germany and all other places. When you talk about wealthy people there aren’t many of them in any country. They are a tiny percentage. 
The POINT here is this girl don’t know what she is talking about. Her body is all she has got nothing more… the brains don’t seem to work well for her. 

Kate Ampong says:

@ghallday,If its the same in US, UK, Germany, then why all these Ghanaians going over there? lol huhhh, Stop trying to justify Ghana’s struggle. I know your not in Ghana helping the struggle, your over in one of these countries abroad. Just admit it, Amber has a valid point.

ghallday says:

@Kate Ampong,”Justify” Ghana’s struggles? Oh Kate. Read what I wrote well. I am not trying to justify anything.  Amber hasn’t any point if you look at my statement well. Tell me.. which country in the world today … name just one country where the rich people are much much more than poor people. Just one country. In (every) country the people who have much less in life are a majority and the very rich ones are a minority. That’s a fact and not a “justification”

Kate Ampong says:

@JonJon, I agree with your comment 100%. The ones who are most likely getting angry are the Ghanaians living abroad. They want there friends to only see the good side of Ghana. Some of these people haven’t even been to Ghana in 10+ years. I was there last year and i can confidently say, we have A LOT to do. And the middle class for Ghana are the ones who come form abroad and build homes in Ghana and own a store or something. Ghanaians dont like to hear the truth. Its a shame. Open your eyes, where still struggling.

Akosua says:

@Kate Ampong, Well said. THANK YOU. Indeed we need to know about the truth and stop
thinking that Ghana is like what you see on most of our English spoken movies locations.
What Amber Rose is saying in the video is so true.

People should go to Ghana and see for them self. Don’t just stay inside Accra. Just 20min
drive out of Accra and deep poverty just starts showing!!!!

dagodfather says:

@Kate, you are so 1980’s, do check the number of professionals returning to Ghana to settle. The grass is not always greener on the other side and so many live in object poverty in US, UK, Germany, they probably want to return, but dont even have the means. see the light!!!!!  The middle class is Ghana the returnees who own stores and build homes? lol middle class is not about that at all and you probably need to read more before you come commenting again.

The negative reportage about africa has to stop, no denying there is parts with serious poverty issues, but if you want worse pictures from America or the UK of kids with taawoto and kwashiokor, I can send them for free. Lets wake up and not condone such silly comments. Ghana is a middle income economy and the wealth of the country will trickle down, but manna still doesnt fall from heaven……dagodfather has said enuff!!!

ghallday says:

@dagodfather,Boosu. Well said said. Right on point. In every society the rich people naturally are a minority and the working class people far outnumber them. 

And If @Kate wants to look at it that way I’ve seen desperate to dangerous poverty in western countries.. some much far worse than Gh kraa. 

lisa love says:

People should be addressing the issue at hand which is poverty instead of bashing Amber Rose!
I would love to learn more about Ghana myself but I just find it ridiculous that instead of welcoming people to help they bash the person who has nothing but great things to say about the country.

She wants to help Ghana for the better, I don’t see why Ghanaians reject it. It makes no sense.

Sounds like prideful ignorance to be honest, because every where in the world the gap between the rich and poor exists.

dagodfather says:

well voda shareholders like any shareholders are only interested on the returns of their investment not who the institution is hiring for a social event, and if you will be never be a voda customer for hiring amber then you will probably live on the galapagos island if you knew where every pesewa of companies you buy from go to. control your emotions!

I do agree her comments are very naive and silly. yes there is extreme poverty in parts of Ghana, but to suggest there is nothing like that in america is scandalous. what planet is she from again. And her comments about not seeing rich people doing anything for the poor is laughable. Rich people dont have to support the poor, it is a prerogative and many rich people actually do help. and its not just about the well to do but also about the government….something her ex kanye(i guess he is smarter) pointed out on live tv in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. 

Our obsession with celebs and esp american celebs is out of this world.

william says:

Give the gurl a break, she just got here and obviously she has a lot to learn.Obviously she knows next to nothing about Africa or Ghana for that matter. In time she will come to learn our ways..let her leave our shores with fond memories of a gracious and friendly people….who knows the next celeb who decides to come to Ghana could be someone Nicky Minaj….. 

B.B says:

@william, did u think twice before commenting? so you are just like her type huh?

A PIECE OF ADVICE……. if you are invited somewhere new to you, always make sure you read about the place before going. thanks to the internet you can get the info you need, dont just pack yourself and go there to talk trash/ things you are even sure of. 

you and amber are two of a kind.

dagodfather says:

@B.B, well said! she could have googled and found most things there in 5 minutes. William she know next to nothings about Ghana or Africa and yet we know more about her than her boyfriend? its called the internet!

william says:

@dagodfather,..The only reason why you know her is because she’s cute and she used to be kanye west squeeze, admit it…

Miyagi says:

@william,Your totally writing rubbish if I could Desmond your comment than I would have Dislike it 200x and make you the weakest link on here 

william says:

@B.B,I didnt have to think twice before commenting…i utilize my brain cells for more complex problems. Do you know the kind of information you get when you google Ghana on the internet? Pictures of our beaches, Asantehene in full regalia, independence square, travel advise , our currency, 5 star hotels, visa requirements and maybe our weather and seasonal temperatures. So you see your point is Baseless, to say the least. She is a visitor to our country, she not writing a thesis paper on Ghana’s Class Structures.She most likely knows next to nothing about Ghana except what she sees in pictures and the INTERNET  which isnt much. In 5 minutes will will learn zero about Ghana exept see pictures of all the nice places. Years ago when i visited London i was appalled when i saw all the garbage and poverty on the streets in Brixton and Tootenham. i seriously doubt  that if i had sent a twitt  that “MY GOD LONDON IS FILTHY i would have gotten 100,000 people to agree with me . However i just happen to be walking thru a filthy area in london.  and observed what i observed. Simple !!…..
Yet before i arrived  i always thought everywhere in london looked like West End…..So if Amber Rose was unfortunate to have gone to NIMA a filthy slum, on her fist visit to Ghana  to talk to school girls naturally she will be struck by the conditions she sees, be they good or bad. Now the organisers could have well asked her to talk to girls at GHANA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL…or CHRIST THE KING SCHOOL…that would have made her perceptions a lot different and fortunately for all of us she would have sent back to America a nice twiitt about how the schools are posh and how the kids are well off than high school kids in America ….thats my point and that is what your simple mind cannot grasp…unfortunately !!!  

lily says:


B.B says:

@william, am not bothered about the slums (it’s almost in every country).  And i dont remember saying anything about areas she visited or did not.

what bothered me is what she said concerning “middle class” and that “rich and poor” thing. she should have been sure before talking about it.

ka says:


You are perfectly right!!!!! I have always said ghanaians think through things well. there is more abject poverty in ghana than prosperity and we need to work on that but not until we realize ghana is more than accra or kumasi.

lisa love says:

@B.B, What trash did she talk? She’s been saying she LOVES Ghana all along.

and besides its an obvious fact all around the world in any country there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. There is NO DENYING it. Wealth is unevenly held in the hands of a few

dagodfather says:

@lisa love, stop contradicting your self, read B.B’s post again and listen to the video, if you prefer I can send you a swahili or nzema translation……the rich-poor divide is not only prevalent to Ghana, why she wants to see rich people drive by and throw money to the poor but dont expect the same things in america proves either she or you must be on CRACK!

lisa love says:

@dagodfather, I am not contradicting myself.
I state the same thing over and over.

There is a gap between the rich and the poor. Amber was right about it.
and thats true even in America.

She also said she grew up poor. Which therefore means she already knows there is poverty in America.

You are choosing to be negative about the entire situation. That’s your prerogative.

I’m done with you because obviously all you want to do is hate and bicker.

I don’t care any more.

ghallday says:

@william, Lloyed too was in Gh and was making some silly comments about not being able to find music CDs to buy to burn some tracks.. in the whole of Ghana ! She  should have learnt just little bit before  going there. She obviously think  plastering her tits and v  worldwide is the “good life”. She was talking to some muslim kids? hehehe that was funny… I wonder what those moslem girls were able to learn from her.

Semi-Cartermatcic says:

@william,u r jst a joke..i did a project in my international Business class n ima tell u dis within 5 min i find a lot of info abt ghana tht i needed for my makes me wonder which part of the internet u were looking ur info frm..n did i read u saying Nicki Minaj maybe de biggest thing to happen to Ghana pls!

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