New Music Video: ‘Fante Love Song’ By M3nsa

Ghana’s legendary MC/Producer/Songwriter and 2010 MOBO Nominee-M3nsa, also a member of the infamous notorious  group FOKN Bois has released a video for his latest single ‘Fante Love Song’…

Fanti Love Song’  is from his latest album ‘No.1 Mango Street’  . In the video, M3NSA dreamingly skates around the streets of New York on an important mission.

Not feeling the tune that much, probably too slow for me but I guess that is what love songs are supposed to be right? For the video, it is a brilliant piece!

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Check out the video below…

Behind the scene video


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I really like the video, great style/look. In a way the video makes it seem like he is singing about his love of music. Two great videos now from the first album of the Mighty M3nsa. If you did not see his first video from this album go check out: " rel="nofollow">
Oh, and I just realized I can watch “Fanti Love Song” in 1080P HD, nice! Great stuff chale, hope this helps you go far!