Lydia Forson Talks About Marriage, Independence, Relationship With Shirley Frimpong Manso & Others…

Actress Lydia Forson
Actress Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson must be learning quick when it comes to building relationship with fans. She seems to relate very well with her fans and to some extent the media…

We all have our bad days right? I remember some years ago GhanaCelebrities.Com heavily bashed her for a comment she allegedly made about us that we did not find fair.

With all our differences, ups and downs, I find Lydia Forson an ‘open source’. She has a great personality and perfectly understands the importance of having good relationship with others.

Yesterday, the Actress took to twitter in a sort of ‘Question & Answer’ session where she invited questions from her fans. As absurd as some of the questions were, she patiently answered them all….

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And guess what? GhanaCelebrities.Com also had some questions for her which she answered. Below are some of the questions and answers!

Georgytte a fan on twitter asked her when she started acting

Lydia answered: Professionally in 2005,my first role was in Hotel St. James.

Gamelihamelo asked her what she thinks about Tattoos and if she has any.

She answered: I don’t have a tattoo, and I have nothing against it. But if you’re going to permanently mark ur body make sure it makes sense.

AbenaShabrey asked: I want 2 knw hw u do it…da zail u put in,da lav 4 it cos i appreciate da way u do it… da way a u maried or goin out.

Lydia Forson answered:  I guess when you have a passion for something it shows in everything u do. And the Grace of God also help.Not married.hmmm lol

Obrownenock asked: Lydia wat problem do u hav wit shirley frimpong manso? Pls i wanna knw cos i luv u wen u act. Im a big fan.

Lydia replied:  I don’t have a problem with her. Remember that I’m an actress and can work for other people too

GhanaCelebrities.Com asked if we can also send in our question and Lydia replied ‘as for your question di333 I’m But let hear u.’

So GC sent in this: Who is the lucky he/she & @ wat age wil u wana marry + @ wat age do u tink a young woman shd move out of parents hse (independence)

And she answered:  lol. Lots of question. Who is the lucky she?? I like my partners ‘male’ please. As per who he is…. You’ll be the first to know when I find out who he is*sealed lips*. As for marriage, it should be whenever u think ur ready

Marriage should never be forced cuz if u rush in you’ll rush out.Its sad how d society here forces people to make mistakes. Living alone gives u the opportunity to explore who u r and be a little independent or you’ll have no sense of independence…

It will be nice if the other celebrities get into doing this too. And to those with no social media presence (such as Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah and Majid Michel who seem not to know the importance of social media and have no REAL twitter or facebook accounts) better get one now because we live in a social media world!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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@gh hotest, my dear.. she has always been lyk dis.. if u see any slim pic of hers please send me the …

I follow her on twitter… I saw how the whole question and answer thing  went.. It was interesting……..Way to go Lydia, appreciating your fans…

I love Lydia Forson because she is so down to earth and a nice person even from far. See how she talk with her fans. A real celebrity indeed 

I love how she answered the questions. I think she is among the few celebs who really have time for their fans. 
I wish her the best in everything. God bless you Lydia.