Bringing Apartheid To Ghana: What’s Missing?

2 min

Amid the intense HOOPLA surrounding the so called “WHITES” who wouldn’t let a local join the “ALL WHITE” club in Ghana, I decided to inject my unsolicited two cents.  How DARE THEY! You come into our HUMBLE CASA, we welcome you with open arms, ingratiate yourself with the ever so loving locals and then have the balls of titanium to take over our house??

HOW DARE YOU?? My fellow Ghanaian citizens, bear in mind that there is a fine line between HOSPITALITY and STUPIDITY!  And most often than not, we tend to fall in the latter. Most of us have crossed that stupidity line.

People can only treat you only by how you want to be perceived as. LET’S STOP SELLING OURSELVES SHORT! For some weird reason, the mere whiff of a “foreigner” in our country will have some locals spinning like lost puppies, extol their foreign background and elevate them to highest status also known as KISSING ASS!!

It’s about time we stand TALL and PROUD and have others KISS OUR ASSES! I understand that we were raised to always wear smiles on our faces for all strangers but that doesn’t translate into allowing them to walk all over us.

Many times, we discriminate against our own people and act favorably towards foreigners in our country. Because of our indifferent display of emotions when locals are relegated to the background and foreigners are given the preferential treatment, these people are thinking it’s ok to come into our country and RUN OUR HOUSE!! We have got to step up and speak up!!!  ENOUGH!!!!

Back to my question… WHAT’S MISSING? STOP SELLING YOURSELVES SHORT TO FOREIGNERS IN YOUR COUNTRY!! We should be making the laws while they follow. The playing field is never LEVELLED!!

In the western world, as much as they throw it out there that there is an equal opportunity, I DEFINITELY BEG TO DIFFER! At the core of it, IMMIGRANTS ARE IMMIGRANTS ARE IMMIGRANTS!! PERIOD!! We obey the rules laid down by the citizens!


GC Staff